Government Positions, Journalists, Media, Critical Ex-Members, Opposition Groups

The Final Goal:
The Cleared (Scientology ) World

The Most Important Target Areas
Should make critics unbelievable, keep the all too "curious" at a distance, funnel staff into government positions. Should keep the path clear for the rest of the staff and silence every criticism. .Justice
("I have determined that a person cannot be trusted with justice/ legal obligations."[1])
("Democracy is only possible in a society of clears."[2])
("The takeover of the economy in the entire world through Scientology, in which L. Ron Hubbard's organization technology is installed in every business in the world."[3])
Development and Training
(" rehabilitate the entire area of training through the expansion of the ONLY functioning study technology: the study technology of L. Ron Hubbard."[4])
The Individual
("Scientology is the only functioning system that mankind has."[5] "It has been proven that the efforts of people to find other ways have led to naught."[6])
The End Product of the Sector
Voluntary Assistants -- Separation of users/ Scientologists, and staff with the result that neither Staff nor Scientologist has extensive data. Info can be filtered. Disinformation is more easily tracked down.
Informants - (also non- Scientologists. Prefers to use the enemies of their opponents to gain information)
Private Detectives

The Service Level

The reason for the existence of the service organizations -- To sell and deliver to the public "materials and services and to bring people in out of the public who will sell and deliver."[7]
Celebrity Centers. "Normal" churches must direct celebrities to these centers, wherever possible. In "normal" churches they receive repeated special handling, for example, they are not subject to the usual sales practices, etc. Individual CounselorsLegally self- sufficient business consultancy, which is licensed for the expansion of Hubbard's works, and to use special versions of the "church" writings.
WISE collects the license fees weekly on behalf of Author Services, Inc.
Development of teaching abilities in Hubbard's Study TechniquesSale of Books to Bookstores
GroupsPrivate Schools, which use Hubbard's Study TechniquesSale of Books, etc., to own Organizations
Uses Local offices in each larger organization. Sees to it, among other things, that Management gets its money.Missions Narconon - Drug Rehabilitation CenterNational and International Ad Campaigns
Local offices in every larger organization.Churches Commission on Human Rights. Fights Scientology Enemy Nr. 1 -- PsychiatryConcepts in Advertising, Magazines for Scientologists
Flag Command Offices as well as Subordinate Continental Liaison Offices
-- The Tactical Planning, Command and Surveillance Plane
C o m p u t e r B a n k s* Office of Special Affairs FinancesCelebrity CentersChurches and MissionsWISESocial ReformsMarketing, Publishing, Book and Recording Production

The Management Level

Flag Command Offices as well as Subordinate Continental Liaison Offices
The Tactical Planning, Command, and Supervision Level
Office for Special Affairs

Mission: "Handling of governments, critics, journalists, oppositions groups, former members, which go public, intelligence service activities; Legal Department; coordinates world-wide protest actions in order to simulate "public opinion."

Mission: Control, Increase, and Administration of Finances. Sees to it that monies flow to management.
Celebrity Centers

Mission: Expansion of Scientology with artists, politicians, and high-ranking captains of industry through their own organization. "... so that they are able to expand their own areas of influence, and through that, open new channels into society."[9]"
"Churches" and "Missions"

Mission: the sale and delivery of Scientology services to the normal citizen.

Mission: Introduction of Hubbard's writings into commerce & politics, because he "has developed the only fully functional ... administrative technology. ...It is the mission of WISE, to make this known on a wide basis and to bring it into use.[10]"
Social Reforms
Mission: Conversion of Hubbard's writings in the area of schools, drug rehabilitation. Attacks on psychologists/ psychiatrists (in coordination with the Office of Special Affairs). This sector has special significance in the PR-work of Scientology.
Marketing, Publishing, Book and Tape Production
Mission: Marketing concepts, preparation, managing the works of Hubbard. Manages in particular through Bridge Publications and New Era Publications, in order ..."to lead the people of the earth up the bridge to total freedom.[11]"

The Watchdog Committee

Strategic Planning, Command and Supervision Level

The International Scientology Management and along with that, the official "Leading Directors International" are also subordinate to the Committee. The Watchdog Committee and International Management form, finally, one unit. Mission: Central supervision of the individual Scientology sectors through the management organizations "Flag Command Offices" (see above), that controls central marketing and strategic planning, et al. Give orders and timelines, provides strategic programs. Purpose of the Watchdog Committee is "to establish competent and functioning management groups, which lead the various sectors of Scientology (presented on the next level), and to bring these sectors to attain their individual goals, so that the result is the continual expansion of Scientology.[12]"

The Fundamentals of Scientology & Dianetics

Author Services Inc.(an official profit oriented association)/L. Ron Hubbard Library:Controls copyrights of Hubbard's works and grants license for utilization to Scientology and others and grants the right to Flag Command Officer to confer sub-licenses. Feigns independence and self-sufficiency, must actually be taken as an integral part of Scientology. Most powerful person: Norman Starkey. He is, in person, also the Executor of L. Ron Hubbard's "Family Trust B".Religious Technology Center: Controls the trademarks of Scientology, Dianetics, Hubbard, etc. Has license contracts with each individual Scientology organization, i.e., grants the right to central Scientology organizations to confer sub-licenses, (e.g., to WISE business consultants). Most powerful person: David Miscavige.
Simplified Presentation
*Computer Banks: Stores statistics and reports of each individual organization. "...Purpose is the construction and the operation of a large computer system for international management, that fulfills the standard application of Scientology directives and technology, and, as a result, effects a quick planetary expansion.[8]"

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Organization Chart

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