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Scientology - and no end. The public debate lingers on. More and more people who have been recruited in the German-speaking countries have come to realize that the way to individual freedom is not found with Scientology, and that the declared claim of saving the world from destruction is absolutely not attained with the technology of L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology system. These people leave Scientology.

This book differentiates itself in vital areas from other published works of earlier members of the organization.

Besides the very personal element of his path in the organization and the critical discussion of the ideology which had already begun during his membership and finally led to his departure, Tom Voltz succintly relates previously unknown material.

Tom Voltz gives us insight into the realm of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) and points out with unmistakeable clarity that the Scientology system is anti-democratic.

At the least the segment about "ethics" makes clear the kind of humanly despicable ideology which is contained in Scientology. The picture which is drawn of L. Ron Hubbard is also new in this edition. His ideas of Scientology's recruitment strategy are dismantled.

His alleged philosophical background, his perceptions which were supposedly gained through extensive, educational travels, which today still belong to the fundamentals of the Scientology teachings, will not only be critically investigated in this book, but it will be proved that just about everything published about L. Ron Hubbard for PR purposes disagrees with reality and can be discounted.

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This book should be read by

Not to mention that those responsible for Scientology will be shocked to find out that many current members, once they read this book (and it is also recommended for them,) will feel that their own doubts have been confirmed and then choose the way which Tom Voltz and others have already gone:

Leave the Scientology organization, live self-determinedly once more, one less cog in a totalitarian, individually inscrutable power and money machine.

Ursula Caberta