2000Married to a Scientologist
by Ilse Hruby
(c) Guetersloher Verlagshaus GmbH, Guetersloh
1995Scientology with(out) an End (menu)
by Tom Voltz
June 26, 2000Life Today (48k)
1 hour Radio Show on
Psychic Dependency
September 13, 1999Austrian brochure (127k)
Knowledge Protects!
July 2, 1999Nat'l Council's GPK Report (157k)
"Sects" or Assimilative Movements in Switzerland
The Need for State Involvement or:
Route to Federal "Sect" Politics
October 12, 1998Interior Minister's Conference Report (menu)
by the Federal/State Work Group on Scientology of the Constitutional Security Agency
July, 1998Swiss Scientology Report (menu)
by the State Security Advisory Commission
June 1998Excerpt from Enquete Final Report (10k)
This is the part entitled "Scientology".
May 6, 1998The Scientology Intelligence Service (menu)
by the Hamburg Constitutional Security Agency
March, 1998Is Scientology a Religion? (20k)
Dr. Georg Schmid, Professor of Religious Studies, Zurich, Switzerland
1997 Helnwein and Scientology:
Lies and Treason

BOOK by Peter Reichelt
June 4, 1997Interview with Reverend Wolf (13k)
Reverend Bernhard Wolf from Rehau, representative of the Evangelical Church in Bavaria for new religious and spiritual trends.
1997Battlefield Germany (13k)
Scientology's alleged discrimination de-bunked
(excerpt from "Scientology: Labyrinth of Illusion"
by Martina Mueller, Christoph Minhoff
(c) 1997 by ECON Verlag)
1995Friends with a Judas (22k)
(excerpt from "Scientology: The Conspiracy & the Compañeros"
by Renate Hartwig
(c) 1995 by Metropolitan Verlag)
January 15, 1995 The Jaschke Report (menu)
1981 Rehabilitation of former members of youth sects (menu)
BOOK by Dr. Klaus Karbe
1981 Louis J. West, U.S. Psychiatrist (55k)
Presentation at a conference in Germany
Cults: A Public Health Approach
1979 Scientology... (menu)
And its Cover Companies
BOOK by Ingo Heinemann
1978Extract From: Christiane F.
- Us Kids from the Zoo Train Station
Friedrich-W. Haack (5k)
Part of his introduction to his book, Scientology: Magic of the 20th Century

Note: the above are personal translations, not official state translations.


American and English language speakers may also be interested in a book written by Timothy Garton Ash, "The File, A Personal History". 1997.