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"Black Propaganda" (black = bad or derogatory, propaganda = spread claims or ideas with emphasis) is the expression which is used to destroy public opinion or respect of persons, corporations or nations.

It is a practical tool of forces who are trying to destroy real or imagined enemies or who want to obtain dominance in an area.

This technology attempts to so disparage a reputation that the person, corporation or nation is refused every right through "general agreement." It is then possible to destroy the person, corporation or nation with a smaller operation if Black Propaganda has not already done that.

Malicious and mendacious gossip of old wives was the earlier form of this tactic; it was so evil that, in some areas, they were put in the public stocks (neck chains) or driven out of the city.

In modern times, there is no keeping Black Propaganda in check. Legal proceedings for slanderous gossip are too expensive and too difficult to carry out, and the press law is so misused that anybody can use this kind of campaign.

All you need is an enemy. And there are few people in history who do not have enemies.

One is always running into people in society who do not understand very much. That expresses itself as sort of an evil joy about things. These people forward on slanderous rumors very easily. There are a great number of these people in an uneducated society. Since they are

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How do I really take care of my opponent, or what is "Black Propaganda"? Hubbard said, "Black Propaganda ... is the expression used to destroy the public opinion of or respect for persons, companies or nations...." (from: L. Ron Hubbard HCO-PB 21 Nov 72, issue 1)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 364

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 2 -

not able to read, the greatest part of knowledge has been denied them. And since they do not recognize very many words, they do not understand much of what is said to them.

But that does not just apply to the illiterate.

What they do not understand, they make up for in imagination.

Therefore such people do not only listen to slander, but they falsify and pervert it even more.

In this manner can a rumor that has no true basis go through society.

When a number of such rumors are at hand and are progressing, then one can presume the presence of a "Whispering Campaign." That is not just because these things are whispered, but because they appear, like an evil wind, to have no source.

Black Propaganda uses this propensity to spread falsehoods and to repeat things.

Much Black Propaganda, of course, is more daring and appears even more urgent in irresponsible (or secretly controlled) magazines, on radio and television.

But even after a malicious newspaper story has appeared or a bad radio or television report has been broadcast, the Black Propagandists wait for the "Whispering Campaign" of these slanderous statements to be forwarded through society.

Therefore every person and every being is in danger.

No person, society or nation has a completely clean slate. That has been reserved for saints. In their childhood people stole a couple of apples, broke a window or two, dinged a fender, took a joy ride with a "borrowed" vehicle or took a few pennies or a lollipop although it did not belong to them.

Childhood is rather lawless, and the teenage period is very often a revolt against the ever tightening straitjacket of "respectable social behavior." You marry the wrong person or go astray in an incautious moment with another or commit various minor or major sins which society does not speak well of.

All these things can make someone susceptible to attacks on his career or regarding his past.

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Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 365

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 3 -

A person begins to fear that bad things will be said about him. Faced with a - real or imagined - Whispering Campaign, one tends to withdraw, become less active and limit his sphere of action.

That also goes for corporations, and even for nations.

Therefore you can actually get rather unhappy and sick if you do not know how one handles such attacks.


The world is full of insane people.

The fundamental characteristic of extreme insanity is continuing attack: attacks on everything, attacks on persons or things which contain no threat.

Serious, not minor, crimes can be found at the root of such urges.

The attacker has an evil intention in life. He belongs to the dead, not to the living. And his harvest is a harvest of death.

Such a person has the feeling that he cannot be secure until all others are dead.

Their evil intentions take many forms and means of expression. The end product is the same - Death.

When an attacker has gone too far, then he is himself attacked. Long, bitter quarrels and wars between nations are both the mutual exchange of violence.

If an attacker does not have the physical means to annihilate others, and if his own goals would fail if they were to be exposed, then the attacks are conducted covertly.

He uses verbal propaganda, the press and other channels of communication to inject his poison. He hides himself as the source and he has his verbal attacks appear to be logical, real or proven.

He counts on his statements being taken up by the more evil people in society, perverted and then forwarded on.

That is Black Propaganda. It serves to humiliate real or imagined enemies, to decrease their income to deprive them of friends and support.

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Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 366

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 4 -

Corporations and companies follow this procedure with their competition. The American Medical Association (AMA) maintains their multi-billion monopoly on illness in that it executes a long, well-financed Black Propaganda campaign against anybody who it thinks could threaten its income. The director of its "Research Division" (as they call their Black Propaganda department) once said that they take action against each rival until he collapses one day. CRASH! They use press releases, their own members, paid advertisements, exhibitions, government connections and spokesmen, every channel to bring about an endless stream of invented stories against each imagined rival. While this brings them the support of the government, it also brings them a deep hatred, not only from rivals, but also from the general public.

They get back what they sow. Once they were prosperous. They are no longer. Their members do not like them and an increasing number of doctors belong only to the state medical associations, but not to the AMA. The individual doctor, for the most part, has a good public reputation. His main association profits from that and betrays him. One day there will be no more AMA, CRASH!

Black Propaganda is therefore not something that you hand out lightly. Because it can recoil on the person who uses it.

We look once at how it recoils.

One who injects too much poison get splattered with poison.

Too much Black Propaganda leads to counter-attacks.

Black Propaganda is, in essence, a web of lies. The AMA simply invents stories which it spreads or has someone spread for them.

Sooner or later it turns out that these stories are untrue. ONE false story can destroy the credibility of the teller. Who will then still listen?

Therefore a Black Propaganda has a weak point. The attacker will be attacked sooner or later - often by many people.

But those who have to oppose such a campaign have to be familiar with the technology with how it this is done.


There is a natural law which, unfortunately, favors Black Propaganda.

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Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 367

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 5 -


That is the law of the omitted data.

A vacuum has a tendency to get filled up. Ancient philosophers liked to say, "Nature abhors a vacuum." In reality, the pressure surrounding an area will flow into that in which no pressure reigns.

So it is with persons, corporations and nations.

Attacked by lies, a person has a tendency to withdraw. This alone leads to one pulling things in on oneself.

The person would not like to give out any information. So they turn, to a certain degree, into a secret.

In order to fill up this secret, people will invent information.

This applies to persons, corporations or nations.

And that is a necessity of Public Relations.

In essence, Public Relations is the art of making good accomplishments known.

It is a fatal error to believe that good accomplishments speak for themselves. That is not the case. They must be published.

That is it, in essence, what Public Relations does. And that is also the reason why it is there - to fill up the vacuum of omitted data.

In the middle of a campaign of Black Propaganda, one will be refused the usual communications channels. The press media with whose help the campaign is executed will bring no favorable commentary. One is insane if one believes that they will do that, because they serve a different master who has the intention to destroy the respect of the targets of their attack.

Statements from "authorities" force absolute truth out of the field of vision.

Therefore Public Relations people have to be extremely well aware of their technology if they are to confront Black Propaganda.


If you do not have to carry on a battle against Black Propaganda, then Public Relations is easy.

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Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 368

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 6 -

One imagines a reporter as someone who does his work by coming up with ideas and publishing articles. That is the reason why one often thinks of reporters as public relations people, but they are not.

When a Black Propaganda campaign is being run, these kind of articles are distorted and rejected; and that is the end of it.

There is much more about it to know.

There are a few rules that apply:

  1. Fill the vacuum of omitted data with truthful-sounding data.
  2. Prove that all false statements one hears are lies.
  3. Make every rumor which you encounter sound unbelievable.
  4. Handle every statement you make with the appropriate degree of interest.
  5. Study the situation carefully until you have discovered the exact source.
  6. Apply your knowledge of the source in order to hinder or destroy the source through non-criminal means with Black Propaganda.
  7. Continue to fill the vacuum of no data with good data by using any channel at your disposal.

Each one of these points could fill a book. But if one understands them and uses one's own initiative, one can put together a whole lot of Tech.

Each of these point can appear in diverse variations.


1. Fill the vacuum.

Only stop when you retreat. It has been clearly shown that in handling Black Propaganda by Public Relations, only "outflow" pays off. Saying nothing may be regarded as noble, but in Public Relations it is fatal. But even "experts" advise it (when they want to take in their customers).

Openly lying is clumsy and be used as a type of affirmation against one.

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 369

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 7 -

You do not need to reveal or to spread flubs and neither should you ever do it. Public Relations people often makes flubs.

But do not interpret that as meaning "calm is necessary." Find a secure position and speak.

Use every channel to speak. But do not use any channel that would adulterate it when you repeat what you say.

Do not stay on the same topic as that on which you were attacked.

One example of how one states his opinion without lying and without confirming it in this way could be:

ASSERTION: "I read that your business went broke last month."

REFUTATION: "For God's sakes! Listen to what you're saying! If we would not have gotten out of the contract, then we actually would have gone broke! There was quite a lively row about it in the board of directors. But McLinty won out. Scottish to the core. He said, "I won't sign it!" He almost tore the president's head off. A hellish spectacle. It seems we had stashed 80 million somewhere and McLinty is the one responsible, and he backed off not one inch."

The conclusion the questioner comes to is that you are not bankrupt. He has received information. The vacuum has been filled with a story of a dispute in the board of directors and a mysterious 80 million in reserves.

2. Contradict false data.

The technology of proving that statements are false is called "DEAD-AGENTING." It is from the first book of Chinese espionage. When the enemy agent makes a false statement, then the one who believed it and has now found it to be false, kills him, or at least stops believing him.

That is where you get the PR slang expression for "Dead Agenting."

It consists of fully contradicting false claims through documents, demonstration or display.

For that one needs a collection of documents or the ability to demonstrate something or display something.

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 370

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 8 -

ASSERTION: "I was told that you have having difficulties with the people at the income tax office."

REFUTATION: "Here is a document that shows we have paid our taxes in full, and here is a letter of recommendation from the revenue agency." And then one displays a few things.

The result? Whoever told him that has now died as a credible informant.

The best style of Dead-Agenting is when the refutable claim a person makes consists of finding out WHO it was that brought his attention to it and giving him the counter evidence.

ASSERTION (Person A): "I heard that you are not married to the man with whom you are living."

REFUTATION (Person B): "WHO told you that?"

A: "I forgot."

B: "Good, when you remember, then I'll show you something."

A: "Good, it was a man ..."

B: "WHO?"

A: "Hans Dummer."

B: "Okay. Here is my marriage certificate. Who is this comedian Hans Dummer really?"

Now all of a sudden it is Hans Dummer who has the secret. Why is he lying? What does he get from it?

If you do not have the document right there, but can get it, you can say, "Tell me the name of the one who told you, and the next time I see you, I'll show you something very interesting about it."

And then see to it that you get the document and then meet him again.

Dead-Agenting has a billion variations. "It does not fly." Fly with it. "The spot is empty." Show him it is full.

The essential thing in Dead-Agenting is PROOF, in one form or another.

Only contest claims in this manner if you can prove they are false, and let every other communication fall to the wayside.

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 371

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 9 -


3. Contradict every rumor.

Providing proof that something is not the case is almost impossible. "How should I know that you are not a CIA agent?" Yes, how can you prove that? You cannot pull out a KGB badge because that would be just as bad. And nobody has ever written a document that says, "Bill till is not a member of the CIA." It is no use. That would be a denial. Who would believe that?

Sometimes it works if you say, "But you don't know it."

But the right answer for something which is not the case (no proof) is, "Fill up the vacuum."

QUESTION: "How should I know that you are not a CIA agent?"

REFUTATION: "Heavens, don't insult me! The CIA tried to recruit me once. The said they would shoot me if I did not join. It was in Cuba. I was dealing in sugar. And Batista tried ... etc. etc. See this scar on my leg? Pull your pants leg up high.) One of Batista's police shot me because he thought that I was from the CIA. Therefore, do not bother me with such painful matters. (Rubs his scar.) (Laughs.)"

Now and again you can prove that something is not the case. When one is accused of drug smuggling, one can show that one is a member of the anti-drug association. The response in such a negative proof must be credible.

There are billions of variations in Dead-Agenting.

The foundation of it is to NOT be what the rumor is about, and to be in the situation to quickly prove it.

4. Handle the gradient.

Handling the gradient of interest is, in essence, an exercise in dealing with the tone scale. (See tone scale gradients of human emotion.)

Agreement happens on the same emotional tone level as the person who makes the statement. He accepts facts on this level.

Placing yourself a half level about his means that you will dominate in his area of reality.

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 372

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 10 -

ASSERTION: (Person A): "It is hopeless to believe in anybody. I thought that everything was all right with you, but now I heard that you are all Hippies. (In deep apathy.)"

REFUTATION: (Person B): "Oh, oh, oh, who could have told you such a sad lie?" (sigh.)

A: "It would be no use to tell you."

B: "(sighs.) But you have to say it. Oh, I feel so bad."

A: "Well, yes it wouldn't make any difference to him anyway if I said it. It was the local minister here."

B: "(sighs.) (handkerchief.) Awful, to say something like that. And all because we found him completely drunk and brought him home to put him to bed and he told us that if we ever told anybody, he would tell everybody we were Hippies."

A: "What a sad story. Oh, it is a terrible world. How ungrateful."

Go one half tone level higher. Tell him a story on the same or a different theme. For example, "Sigh) ... that happened because we lost our instruments. We were once a band, and this nightclub owner did not pay us, and we had to sleep in the shed (sigh) ..."

And so on.

ASSERTION (Person A): "I heard a few bad things about you. (Covert hostility.)"

REFUTATION (Person B): "(Anger) Who DARED to say something like that?"


And each kind of story can be fitted to the tone scale.

ASSERTION (Person A): "I heard these people stole several rowboats."

REFUTATION (Person B): "Who said that?"

A: "The harbor master's son."

B: "Oh, him. He understands everything wrong. Our rowboat was stolen! Along with everything in it. We were outside, to go fishing and ... wait a minute, you don't believe HE stole it? Have you ever heard that he stole something? Is he a convict?"

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 373

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 11 -

Now, this harbor master's son, in telling the story, turns into a "convict." Since he is interested in theft, then he is also interested in crime.

5. Study the situation carefully.

The technology for finding the string-puller is very extensive. But the crux of it is FILING DATA.

Any Public Relations work is expensive in terms of time or money or both. And nothing is more time-consuming that finding out the source of the Black Propaganda campaign.

But in order to live at all, one must sometimes get involved with these things.

One simply persists in tracking down these stories until one has localized the source.

It can be that there is more than one apparent source, and these could be handled. But they will end up leading to the real instigator.

One simply continues to constantly find names and file them in files with the data.

After a while, the files on one name will become very thick. That is your boy - or the company or the corporation or the nation.

6. Hinder or destroy.

While you have been looking around, you have been doing Dead-Agenting, thereby handling the attacks. The campaign becomes weaker, then stronger again, but it is actually getting weaker.

There are thousands of variations of how one finds the real "WHO".

But in principle it is easy to look, Dead-Agent, file data and continue to look.

And during this whole time, handle.

Sometimes that happens very fast.

Now and again the Black Propaganda agent simply packs his things and disappears before he has been completely localized. He is very aware of counter-operations.

The usual operation is a counter-propaganda campaign which is based on truth.

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 374

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 12 -

It is a fact which is not easy to find out and which is tough to learn that people involved in Black Propaganda are covering up giant, horrible crimes.

They do not have little crimes. They have committed BIG crimes.

The individual ability to confront evil may be too little to really comprehend the crimes of the Black Propaganda people or to believe that they exist.

These kind of people are often sanctimonious hypocrites. They are usually arrogant and will not let themselves be handled (in discussions with the enemy). They appear to be so frightfully certain that they are right that it is difficult for them to believe that they could ever have done anything bad.

Therefore in many cases Black Propaganda, as such, is not recognizable. The noble institution, the respected company and the illustrious land are so, so far above evil, psychotic tricks, like ,for instance, a well planned and well financed, expertly executed campaign of malicious lies.

Therefore one believes them. Or their servants are believed. And their campaigns can be very effective.

But that makes it difficult to suspect them or to track them down. And that also makes it difficult to achieve getting something bad believed about them.

But among all that will be found real crimes. Not the theft of apples or pennies of a child. Real crimes like usury, coercion, embezzlement and mass murder is hidden in their linen closets. Believe it. Because in the course of your counter-attack, you may have doubts in your attempt of ever finding anything.

But you will find it.

A magnificent railroad company - but which secretly murders anybody who opposes its grips on the country. A minister who is highly respected - but who is a member of a secret gang from whom he takes his instructions. The greatest and most respected union leader of the country - and a numbered agent of a foreign espionage agency whose goal is to destroy the fuel of a country and do away with its President!

And each of these are involved in Black Propaganda campaigns which ruin many lives and would never have been suspected of carrying them out.

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 375

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 13 -

Evil people have a tendency to get the good people out of their way. Sometime for - as they think - good reason, sometimes for imaginary reasons, and sometimes because the villain simply cannot stand a respectable, capable person.

But there is no real truth in the phrase that the villain always causes his own downfall. It may come, but it may be much too late to save the reputation or even the life of the person who was attacked by covert campaigns.

Therefore it is essential to handle the situation. One cannot simply hope that it will pass over by itself. It will not do that. It will become fatal to the degree to which it is not handled.

The less handling, all the much more fatal.

There still another, hard-won truth.


It is a fact that - if one puts oneself in opposition to PR - this does not remove the effects of the campaign. And all too soon one will have no communication lines left to handle anything since one's reputation is ruined in this way until nobody else listens and no lines remain.

One has to fill up the vacuum that the evil deeds of the counter-propagandists have invoked. Since these have never seen daylight, there is a vacuum there.

Of special note is that the press will print the attacks. Perhaps that will no longer be the case in a more enlightened age. But in this day and age, space will actually be made in newspapers to make room for good attacks or battles.

But the press is far from being the only communication channel. Governments believe the press and think that they are public opinion. A newspaper can be the stronghold of a Black Propaganda agent. But a population often believes little of what it reads.

There are opinion leaders, there are letters, there is verbal propaganda. Those are also communication channels, and they are even much more powerful than the press.

There is also friendly press. But a reporter who talks nice is the one whom one must mistrust the most. He was so nice in speaking, and so evil in his article.

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 376

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 14 -

Statements one makes can be distorted. "They gave a birthday party" becomes "The criminals assembled their crowd together yesterday for a sex orgy and let on to the police that it was a birthday party. Nobody was locked up."

The feature of Black Propaganda which can be very easily seen is the distortion of the written word.

It therefore costs time and work to turn an attack around, because the normal channel must be re-opened and turned around again.

One does that through attacks.

But attacks which are not true result in law suits. Therefore one may only attack based on proven fact.

That requires a lot of careful seeking.

Black Propaganda people, nevertheless, often have many other enemies. Sometimes these have collected information.

The principles are: when the sub-terminal is localized, one investigates them and conducts a counter-attack on them. Then investigation uncovers more terminals which are closer to the propagandists and these are attacked. In short, one conducts investigations and attacks.

Always be prepared to handle - that means pull yourself together and clarify the situation. The arrogance of the Black Propaganda agent often prohibits that. And when that is the case, that means longer and harder work and, if it is will done, his downfall.

In any case the attack is a long cycle, a complicated cycle and often an expensive cycle. It consists of investigating and attacking.

But keep in mind that one must attack if one has any idea of the identity of the Black Propaganda agent or his sub-terminal.

There is no other path out.

Any other route means death.

7. Continue to fill up the vacuum.

Continued, good work and effective publishing of material about one's own good work is essential, especially in a war of Black Propaganda.

One cannot only simply fight.

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 377

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 15 -

In reality you are making other aware when you repeatedly expose him. That gives you a new kind of vacuum. One becomes known as the person or as the company or as the country that attacks. But who really is this person or this company or this country?

Brochures, booklets, press releases, your own periodicals and your own magazine, your own contact to opinion leaders, these things and many others must be augmented by an UNDERSTANDABLE UNIQUE IDENTITY.

To the extent that one publishes or uses these things, one publishes his own good deeds.

And one must also produce good deeds. One cannot exclusively dedicate his whole life to the eradication of an enemy, even if that is very alluring.

On the other hand one cannot stay hidden in the interests of security; one must at least be visible through his good deeds and actions.

Therefore a continuous, true-sounding and artistic flood of publications must appear.

Then one day there will not be an enemy.

And one's own reputation will be very good.

There may be other attacks, but now one can treat them as small brush fires and not entire forest fires.


You can see that Black Propaganda is a covert attack on the reputation of a person, a corporation or a nation in which lies and slander are used to weaken or destroy somebody.

Any defense concludes that the object of the attack is not quite so bad.

One does not have to be absolutely perfect to withstand an attack, but it helps.

But even if one were perfect, there would be no protection in that. Almost all the saints in history were subjected to such attacks. And most of them died from it.


In order to be skillful in something, one must be familiar with it, have experience in it and DO it.

As exhausting as the assignment may appear sometimes, as heart-breaking as it can be, one must nevertheless fight. And

Scan of original German document

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 378

HCO PL 21.11.72 I                 - 16 -

indeed, with the tools, technology and dedication which are superior to those of the enemy.

But in the meantime one progresses and gets small wins, makes small breakthroughs and one wins skirmishes and small battles, finally one gets one victory after another and, in the end, wins the whole war.

One is saved.


Scan of original German document

The Helnwein and Barks Exhibition in Mainz - 1995

In the course of its "Summer of Culture," the Mainz State Museum organized an exhibition which began May 18, 1995 in Rheinland-Pfalz and which was partially subsidized by the Culture Ministry, to honor comic artist Carl Barks. This exhibition had been conceptualized by the world renowned Austrian painter, Gottfried Helnwein, who had let the museum have use of some of his pictures (comment: for a fee of almost DM 60,000).

On April 22, 1995, the Ludwigshafen "Die Rheinpfalz" daily newspaper published an article on the planned exhibition and reported therein that Mr. Helnwein and his wife were Scientologists, and that the exhibition would serve as a "platform for Scientology." This published article gave occasion for a spokeswoman of the Culture Ministry, Rose Goette, (comment: not a spokeswoman, but the honored minister herself) to state her opinion that the Minister valued Helnwein "as a great artists and collector." She said that it had not been proven as to whether Helnwein was a Scientologist or not.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 379

The suspicion, alone, was not enough. "We see no danger that the exhibition could turn into a platform for Scientology." In the same edition, her opinion was attacked in a commentary as "highly negligent," because "not even his comics show in the Summer of Culture would be acceptable as long as Helnwein did not effectively distance himself from Scientology."

As a result of the political pressure which arose from the press article which "accused" Helnwein of being a Scientologist, the Minister informed the press that Helnwein had given to understand that he did have the requested distance from Scientology. She said that Mr. Helnwein had been subjected to questioning in this regard by Culture Ministry "sect experts," by the Culture Minister personally (comment: that is false; she was not even present at the meeting), and by a lawyer. Other politicians were said to have used this event to utilize unprecedented discrimination against Helnwein on the account of minority religions for their own political advantage. The Christian Democrat state spokesman for social politics, Manfred Kramer, demanded that Helnwein publicly distance himself from Scientology and its "ideas," or the exhibition would have to be cancelled. Arthur Bauckhage, who held the corresponding post in the FDP, publicly gave a similar opinion.

The state parliament place a parliamentary inquiry to the Culture Ministry regarding the "accusation" that Helnwein was a Scientologist in order to find out why, in view of this "accusation," the Culture Ministry wish to continue this exhibition. In addition, the CDU issued a press release that not only denounced the Minister, but also attempted to demonstrate that the planned exhibition would destroy the credibility of serious Rheinland-Pfalz sect politics. The state assembly was called to follow Baden-Wuerttemberg's example (where Chick Corea had been prevented from appearing), "which did not publicly promote events with participants who supported Scientology." So much for the "Helnwein case" from the viewpoint of the Scientology organization.

A German (Sect) Minister in Mainz also believed the Helnwein lies - 1995

This was seen quite differently by Stefan Meining, the television journalist of the ARD political magazine, "Report", from BR in Munich, more than one year after the publication of "Culture Minister Goette's press release" on her "satisfying meeting results

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 380

with the lender, Helnwein, that Helnwein, among other things, "had not been trained in the teachings of sect founder L. Ron Hubbard, and neither had he, in the past, made any (!) payments to the Scientology organization, nor would he do so in the future ..."

"Report": Burgbrohl in July 1996. The painter Gottfried Helnwein, successful artist, exhibition organizer, Donald Duck fan, recently determined by the courts to be a Scientologist and not available to speak with "Report" from Munich. The Culture Minister Rose Goetter, responsible in Rheinland-Pfalz for Youth, Women, Family, Culture and Sects (!). She put on an exhibition with the Helnwein, the artist, which got her an urgent need for clarification because of Helnwein, the Scientologist.

The Scientology opponents, CDU faction chairman Johannes Gerster and Green party State Representative Gisela Bill, fought against Helnwein's cooperation with the Culture Ministry. A bitter battle which has now been going on for a year.

Mainz in spring 1995. Helnwein wants to put together an exhibition on Carl Barks, the cartoon artist, for the state museum in Mainz. There then appeared, however, document after document in which Helnwein praised Hubbard and Scientology in the highest tones. The black-green opposition and sect opponents went on the attack. At a press conference, the CDU showed a commercial for the Scientology organization with Helnwein. Somebody like this, demanded the CDU, may not receive commissions from the state. Helnwein should clearly distance himself from Scientology, demanded the critics. He absolutely would have to sign a sworn statement. That was the only way, it was said, that it could be sure that Helnwein did not belong to the Scientology organization. The text was drawn up by ex-member and Scientology opponent Jeannette Schweitzer. Helnwein was confronted with the text at a meeting at the ministry. He did not sign it. The Minister was also satisfied by this. Goette said, "Yes, when someone is questioned and has his statement put on record in the presence of lawyers, than I think that would have to be good enough."

With the blessings of the Minister, Helnwein was finally permitted to put on the "Donald Duck" show with his business partner, Carsten Laqua. It was great business for Helnwein. His fee, according to the contract, was DM 50,000. That was not the only lucrative business for Helnwein in Rheinland-Pfalz, said the CDU. CDU chief Gerster said, "For a half million Deutsch Marks, the state government bought comics without having the intention to erect a museum or have an exhibition, without there being any reason in general for this purchase (total was said to be

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 381

the entire income of Mr. Helnwein and Laqua in Mainz in 1985, up to DM 800,000, incl. merchandising. - comment of the editor). That means that Helnwein was being financially supported; the support was in the forefront and not the creation of art objects. That shows the close connection between Helnwein and Mrs. Goette (and especially to museum director Gisela Fiedler-Bender - comment of the editor). And it is precisely this close connection that we criticize and must put a stop to". ....

Nevertheless, despite the huge scandals centering around Helnwein which have caused great sensation nationwide for weeks, no consequences of the above ever occurred....

To sum up: lies can very often be useful and, above all, have lucrative results, as the "Helnwein case" makes clear.

Gottfried Helnwein is, thanks to the campaigns of the OSA/IAS and his lies, on the best path to becoming a martyr in matters of "Scientology."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 382

[letterhead paper]


Ministry for Culture,
Youth, Family and Women

Press release
April 25, 1995

Goette: Carl Barks exhibition coming

Satisfying meeting results with [art work] lender Gottfried Helnwein

"There is no reason to retreat from the planned Carl Barks exhibition in the Mainz State Museum which displays the loaned works of Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein." That was stated by the Minister of Culture, Youth, Family and Women, Dr. Rose Goetter, after today's meeting of the State Secretary, Dr. Joachim Hofmann-Goettig, with the artist.

Minister Goette: "After the great success of the Carl Barks exhibition in Hannover, Munich, Oberhausen and Hamburg, the Mainz public can now also look forward to an interesting exhibition on Donald Duck and his creator, Carl Barks."

Scan of original German

A Minister is taken in

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 383

MINISTRY FOR CULTURE               Mainz, the 26th of April, 1995

file number: 933-75 036-5
speaker tel:
staff, tel: Mrs. Dewald-Koch, 4382

Memo for
Mr. State Secretary
Dr. Hofmann-Goettig


1995 Rheinland-Pfalz Summer of Culture;
here: records resulting from Mr. Gottfried Helnwein's hearing about possible Scientology membership

Participating in the questioning:

Mr. State Secretary Dr. Hofmann-Goettig,
Mr. Gottfried Helnwein, accompanied by his attorney, Mr. Reinking,
Department Director of Department 2 A/B,
General cultural attendant, Mr. MinDir. Jung,
Mrs. Dewald-Koch, partner for new religious groups and sects,
the Ltd.MinRat of department 921 A, Mr. Schoenfeldt.

Mr. Gottfried Helnwein's hearing about possible Scientology membership and/or support of the Scientology organization had, in essence, the following results:

1. Mr. Helnwein stated that he had forbidden the Scientology organization from using his pictures, his works or his words to advertise. Mr. Helnwein's attorney, Mr. Reinking,

Scan of original German

The details of the Helnwein hearing; no chance for truth?

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 384

presented in this regard out-of-court, written statements by Scientology Church Germany (HSO Munich, Inc.) Bloebaum, which are appended to this record as attachments 1 - 3. Mr. Helnwein further stated that he had commissioned the attorney present to take the needed action in any known case of transgression by the Scientology organization against this legal step. This was verified by attorney Reinking.

2. Mr. Helnwein clearly stated that he had not supported or promoted Scientology in the past, nor did he intend to do so in the future.

3. Mr. Helnwein further stated his basic preparedness to submit a written statement that he had not nor would he be trained in the technology of L. Ron Hubbard. Moreover, he verbally verified the submitted written statement (attachment 4 to record). On further inquiry, he precisely stated that he was not a member of the Scientology Church nor to one of its sub-organizations. To that Mr. State Secretary Dr. Hofmann-Goetting read to Mr. Helnwein a statement with the following text: "I am not a member of the International Association of Scientologists, not a member of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE), not a member of the Scientology Church, not a member of the Association for better Living and Education (ABLE), not a member of Applied Scholastics International, nor a member of any other Scientology organization or sub-organization." This was confirmed by Mr. Helnwein.

4. In regard to the concept of the exhibition on cartoon artist Carl Barks and his work on Donald Duck which is contractually secured, Mr. Helnwein communicated that this material had been created solely for exhibition purposes.

Mainz, April 24, 1995

/signature/                    /signature/
Dewald-Koch                    Schoenfeldt

Scan of original German

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 385

The OSA World Headquarters in Los Angeles

The center of control, the Religious Technology Center (RTC) and the brain of the Scientology organization, was officially located May 13, 1989 in the middle of the film city of Hollywood, but in reality it is on "Gold Base" in the village of Gilman Hot Springs, 100 km east of LA. All "church" operations are planned and carried out under the direction of the current Scientology leader, David Miscavige, Hubbard's successor, in his headquarters with a cover address of 6331 Hollywood Boulevard.

The "Hollywood Guaranty Building" - OSA's main office

What is actually found in this building is the world headquarters of OSA, today under strict leadership of Mike Rinder. Until 1994, Kurt Weiland, an Austrian and one of Helnwein's intimate acquaintances, was boss of the notorious OSA.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 386

Garry Scarff and the Murder Contracts II

"The Dark Side of Scientology," a film from the documentary series "Gesucht wird ...", broadcast in the first program by ARD on April 2, 1997, filmed by Botros and Koch, TV reporter from Bremen:

February 1997, Los Angeles. We have called the police for assistance. Our chief witness, Garry Scarff, former Scientology agent, is suffering a nervous breakdown.

Garry Scarff: They're going to kill me and they know where my parents live.

5 days earlier, Clearwater, Florida. Shooting some scenes in front of the Fort Harrison Hotel, the spiritual headquarters of Scientology. We are immediately photographed by one of the organization's security men. Garry Scarff knows the game. Until 1992, Scarff was on the other side, a Scientology agent. Then he defected and became an embittered opponent. Weeks before he had told us of penal camps, mysterious deaths, and even of, in 1991, a planned murder. We wished to pursue these serious accusations against the organization. Scarff, shown here on the right, wanted to help us. We are also accompanied by Martin Ottmann from Stuttgart, on the left. He worked until 1992 as a member of the paramilitary Sea Org, the elite unit of Scientology here in Florida.

Martin Ottmann (left) and Garry Scarff (right) in front of the "Flag" Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, Florida - 1997 (from: WDR-TV documentary "Gesucht wird..." April 2, 1997)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 387

The presence of Scarff and Ottmann makes the Scientology staff members very nervous. Never before have former members of the sect who possess such an intimate knowledge appeared on television with such serious accusations.

Scientologist #1: How much are you getting paid for this?
Scientologist #2: What's happening here is a joke.

Garry Scarff: I was on staff of the Office of Special Affairs, OSA. That is like the intelligence service of Scientology. That is where the nerve center, the "war room" is, in the headquarters in Los Angeles. The organization has a special computer and communications network which they use to collect and evaluate information on the activities of Scientology critics worldwide around the clock.

Scarff has given extensive testimony under oath as to his activities for the Office of Special Affairs.

Reporter: Did you participate in any criminal activities?

Garry Scarff: One time there was an assignment to which I was supposed to later testify under oath. At the time I claimed my right to remain silent, and will do so again today. Otherwise I would go to prison for a very long time. The take from that assignment went directly to the OSA intelligence service.

Meeting to plan the footage for the next day. We want to try to track down alleged inmates of the organization. The so-called "Rehabilitation Project" (RPF) is, in reality, a labor camp of the Sea Org, says Garry, for members who have failed in their assigned duties on post. Also somebody who has not brought in enough income must go into the labor camp. Martin Ottmann has regularly observed black-clothed inmates in a Scientology living quarters, the so-called "hacienda."

Early the next morning on the way to the "hacienda." Once again we recall the directives of the organization for the so-called "Rehabilitation Project":

Garry Scarff: There is a inmate. They are having a meeting. They are sitting in a circle together. There he is, there he is. He is making a security check. He is running. Look, he's running.

Martin Ottmann says that the prisoners must always be in motion. Occasionally, as punishment, they must run around a tree for days at a time.

Reporter: What is hidden behind the concept of "Rehabilitation Project"?

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 388

Ottmann: It is a type of punishment camp, about the same way I would picture a gulag from Stalinistic Russia to be.

Reporter: How could a lay person envision a labor camp such as this?

Ottmann: First of all you receive black clothes which you have to wear everyday. You have to work at least 16 hours a day. You have to explain your own case for five hours a day. And you have no contact of any sort with the outside world.

Reporter: But the people don't leave. They can leave but they don't do it.

Ottmann: Yes, but they are dependent upon it. They have been made dependent and they have made themselves dependent upon Scientology. From their perspective, their lives depend completely upon Scientology and they would rather be humiliated that way than turn away from Scientology.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 389

On the way to Cape Corell. Martin has recommended that we speak with Hana Whitfield. We read again what she has stated under oath: "Sea Org members were often locked up in a dark, dirty and smelly hole in which rats lived." Gerry and Hana Whitfield were members of the elite unit, the Sea Org, for years. Hana even made it to Deputy Commodore, representative of Scientology's Founder, Hubbard.

Hana Whitfield: These pictures were taken in the early 1970's. That's me in the middle. That is Diana, the oldest daughter of Ron Hubbard and his third wife, Mary Sue. Here I am again. That is Hubbard's daughter and his son, Quentin. My loyalty to Scientology knew no bounds, nevertheless I was accused of having bad thoughts about Hubbard. That was my alleged crime. I was dragged by two powerful men to an area in Fort Harrison which was next to the garage. The punishment camp was on the second and third levels. I was locked for two days in a room without windows, all by myself. I didn't have a bed, nothing at all. Just a mattress on the floor. The lights were sometimes on, sometimes off. We had to perform a lot of repair work. We did the dirty work. Cleaned the bathrooms and the rest rooms. And when they did construction work in Fort Harrison, we had to carry away the refuse in buckets from the highest floors, then carry mortar back up. We were not allowed to use the elevators.

Here is the three level garage at Fort Harrison, and a black-clothed Scientologist, apparently an inmate. A co-inmate of Hana's was even chained in the basement.

Hana Whitfield: She worked for the Guardian's Office. Today it is called the Office of Special Affairs, OSA, and it's like the CIA of Scientology. The undercover espionage department of the organization. Linn had the assignment of conducting certain inquiries in Washington. She found irregularities and wanted to have the case investigated. Her employer had decided against that, however, and wanted to cover up everything. As a result, Linn was sent to the punishment camp at Fort Harrison. They chained her to a pipe there. She was locked in the basement for 2-3 weeks. She slept down there. She ate down there. She was forced to clean the pipes. Sometimes I thought of calling the police for assistance. As soon as I'd think of doing that, it would occur to me that that would be the greatest crime against Hubbard and the organization. I could not have done that in any case.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 390

We made an appointment to speak with Sergeant Greg Tita, the Sheriff of Pinellas County, where the Scientology enclave of Clearwater is located. We have learned that there is even a penal camp for children in the organization. An internal report talks about cadets who tried to flee [from it].

Tita: I've had run-away cadets here that must have gone into the children's prison camp. Pinellas County has also had experiences with Scientology children. In a visit to the cadet school, my colleagues have determined that there were signs of child neglect and abuse. They wrote up a report and the case was forwarded to the juvenile office. However, Scientology lodged a complaint against the publication of the report in the press and won. It is still sealed today. I don't think that it has to do with a dispute over the investigation, they just wanted to make sure no information got to the public.

Ariane Jackson can assess what happens with Scientology children. She was forced to separate from three of her four children.

Ariane Jackson: At the time they were two, four and six years old. Scientology put them in a children's establishment, later they made cadets out of them. That was 10 years ago.

Later she had only sporadic contact with them. Since Ariane has left Scientology, she may no longer see her children.

Reporter: Can you still remember leaving them?

Ariane Jackson: I hate to think about it. They climbed into a special bus. An older man from the Sea Org tore me away and pushed me into the car. I could still wave to them and then we drove to the airport.

Reporter: Does it often happen that children are separated from their parents?

Ariane Jackson: Yes.

Reporter: Do you know of other cases?

Ariane Jackson: Yes, if the partners separate in a divorce and one of them is in the Sea Org, then that is the better person. The children are awarded by the organization. Then what could be better for their children than Scientology training, Scientology schools, just Scientology everything.

The Clearwater police station is within line-of-sight distance of the Fort Harrison Hotel, the headquarters of Scientology in Florida. We again meet Ariane Jackson there the next day. Martin Ottmann has talked her into giving testimony in an investigation which the police are in the process of investigating. It has to do with the mysterious death of a young Scientologist who was last seen alive in Fort Harrison. Garry Scarff also wants to support the investigation, and has offered his assistance to the investigating officials.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 391

Lisa McPherson, shown here with her mother, died in December, 1995 under mysterious circumstances a short time after she had successfully graduated a Scientology course. Lisa had wanted to leave the sect, said the family's attorney. After a nervous breakdown, 17 days before her death, the organization completely isolated her inside Fort Harrison.

Kennan G. Dandar (attorney): Our research has determined that she was unconscious. She received no nourishment, no water. She was extremely dehydrated. Before she lost consciousness, she was beating against the walls.

Reporter: How do you know that?

Attorney: The Scientologists themselves have admitted that she beat against the walls.

According to the autopsy report, Lisa must have received strong medication before her death.

Reporter: In order to sedate her?

Attorney: Whether she fell into the coma because of the sedative, or whether she had a psychological breakdown that led to the coma, in any case they were very late in deciding to bring her to the clinic. And instead of driving her to the nearest hospital which was only a few blocks away, she was brought 20 miles away to the Columbia New Port Ritchie Hospital. A Scientology doctor worked there. They had called him up in advance. He say, yes, bring her to me.

Was Lisa already dead when she arrived at the hospital? According to the Scientology doctor in the clinic, Lisa died in the emergency room as a result of a bacterial infection. Was the report falsified? In any case, it contains a false birth date. Besides that, the pathologist who performed the autopsy on Lisa McPherson said that no sign of an infection was found. It was much more likely that she had died from severe dehydration. Scientology has complained before a court in Clearwater about the release of test results from the autopsy. The case has raised considerable apprehension. Did Lisa McPherson die because she was locked up and because she was denied any medical care? This was the question Sergeant Wayne Andrews was trying to answer as he led the police investigation in the McPherson case. He was not ready to appear in an interview. However, he let us research other cases in the police archives. We came across a series of peculiar deaths among the Fort Harrison guests in the past 20 years. These also included German Scientologists.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 392

South of Clearwater. This is where Sergeant Greg Tita, who was working for the harbor patrol at the time, found a man's corpse in the water. It was later determined to be that of Andreas O., a 38 year old German, Chief of the Stuttgart Scientology Mission. He had apparently been in Florida for months. Scientology was unhappy with him and his sales. They had prescribed special courses for him. Despite the no-swimming zone and although a storm was fast approaching, the German had gone into the water two days prior. He believed, we later learned, that as a Scientologist he had supernatural powers. According to the police report, the Scientologists had given a false name for the missing German before the body was found. In order to mislead the police? Tita found that somewhat remarkable.

There are still other unexplained deaths among the guests of the Fort Harrison Scientology Hotel on record:

According to investigation documents, Heribert P. died the night of August 28, 1988 while suffering a severe epileptic seizure, during which time he hit his head on the night stand. Until early 1988, he had been treated by Dr. Klaus Ballin, a doctor from Munich. He, also a Scientology adherent, was coincidentally also in Fort Harrison at the time. A swimming pool is in the rear of the hotel, so that people can relax between their expensive courses. Heribert P., son of a well-to-do construction contractor, also apparently enjoyed his life in the Scientology refuge up until his death.

Back in Germany, in Friedrichshafen am Bodensee. Here is where the German lived. We wanted to look into the case because the police report has made us curious. It said that despite regular seizures, the Scientology doctor had prescribed vitamins for his patient instead of medication which would prevented the seizures. Those would not have been discovered in his blood at the autopsy. His mother said that the Scientologists had promised to cure her son without medication by giving him expensive courses in Florida. Immediately following his marriage, at the recommendation of his wife, Heribert was treated by Ballin, the Scientologist doctor. The mother is still very upset.

Mother: A human life is not a factor for this organization. You don't just cavalierly make promises that you can't keep.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 393

Reporter: Do you believe that the death of your son, Heribert, could have been prevented if he would have been taking his medication?

Mother: Unconditionally.

The mother thinks that Heribert had wanted to give huge amounts of money to Scientology.

Mother: It wasn't until after his death that we learned that he had called from a bank in Florida requesting a loan of a half million. The reason he gave was that he would like to procure real estate in Florida.

Reporter: And what do you think the money was really for?

Mother: It would have gone straight to Scientology.

Munich: We tried to set up a meeting with Dr. Klaus Ballin. How would he reply when asked about taking his epileptic patient off medication? Ballin did not want to go on camera. He preferred to make a written comment:

At the time, he prescribed vitamins and Scientology concentration exercises as an alternative treatment. Although he says he has separated himself from the organization since then, he dismisses any complicity on his part in the death of Heribert P., the epileptic.

We show the documents on the case to Professor Gunther Schwendemann. He leads the neurology section in the East Bremen Hospital. Schwendemann says that vitamins are completely ineffective in treating epilepsy.

Schwendemann: It is against the fundamentals of therapy to take a patient who is having seizures every night off medication, rather than find a medication which is suited for him. Furthermore, vitamins and minerals are not effective against seizures. Therefore, one could say that the patient would very likely still be alive today if he had received adequate treatment.

Los Angeles airport: We see Garry Scarff again. He was not surprised when we told him of the case of the epileptic from Friedrichshafen. Garry had stated that he was ready to help us in the search for the abortion clinic, as well as the labor camps and children's camp of which we had heard from former members. He'll be traveling back to his old workplace, and can count on running into his ex-bosses there.

The next morning. Sight-seeing tour of the Scientology headquarters.

Scarff: Here in the middle building is where they locked up prisoners when I was here.

Several weeks before, we had actually observed Scientology inmates at work at this location.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 394

In the offices of the Office of Special Affairs, up there, Scarff said that a plot to commit murder was hatched in 1991. That is what led him to leave, he said.

Scarff: I was supposed to have done the worst thing that can be demanded of a person, namely, take the life of another human being. It was horrible to see that much of an enemy in a sect opponent, so that something like that would be ordered of me. It was an order, not a request. I was put under pressure to carry out this murder. The plan was that she should lose control of her vehicle after I had cut the brake line. In case that didn't work, I was supposed to ram her car from behind in order to cause an accident. I was supposed to do everything to make sure she was dead. In case she should have survived the accident, my assignment was to suffocate her with a pillow.

Scarff has also testified under oath to these horrible accusations, which have been contested by Scientology

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 395

Scarff: As we were talking about the murder of the sect opponent, the mood was very casual. People were laughing a lot. The whole thing looked like a big joke. It was a feeling of power. Power that we had over this individual. And then we talked about what would be done in case the investigating authorities should react so swiftly that I would not be able to flee. In this case, I was supposed to make a TKO. A TKO is "Total Knock Out" - suicide. Somebody showed me exactly how I was supposed to do that. He took his finger, as if it were a revolver, and pressed it into his mouth. It had to point upwards, so that the bullet would penetrate the brain stem. Then he said to me, that in case I didn't die immediately, then at least my brain would be destroyed and I wouldn't be able to talk and would just be a lifeless shell.

Scientology also contests this.

A little later, in the middle of Los Angeles. High ranking people from Garry's former department suddenly fell upon us with cameras. They must have been following us.

Reporter: What's going on?

Scientologist: We're making a film about your film.

Elliot Abelson is a legal counsel for Scientology International. Mike Rinder is the Chief of the Secret Service. Lisa Goodman is an official spokesperson on his staff. Then came the confrontation between Garry Scarff and Mike Rinder. They mutually revile each other as liars.

Rinder: Garry, you are a liar!

Scarff: No, Mike you are the liar!

Rinder: No, you are, Garry, Garry!

Scarff: Mike!

Rinder: Garry!

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 396

Rinder accused Garry of publicly lying years before when he was a member of an anti-sect organization.

Scarff: Yes, everything I did on assignment from OSA was a lie.

In the offices of Graham Berry, attorney in Los Angeles. Garry shows us photographs from his time in Scientology. The court transcription of his "sworn testimony" is contained in a 1,000 page document.

Graham Berry has represented a number of Scientology opponents. In the course of a proceeding he had Garry participate in a so-called "deposition," which is an examination under oath. That is how the former Scientology agent became a leading witness for the alleged criminal machinations of the organization.

Graham Berry:Scarff's examination lasted a very long time. There were numerous attempts on the part of the Scientology attorney to prevent him from testifying. They constantly asserted that Scarff was not credible, that the evidence was not relevant, that we only wanted to annoy the church, etc. In spite of all these objections the presiding judge ordered that the witness's testimony should continue.

It was a cross examination with Graham Berry on one side and the Scientology attorneys on the other side. The examination lasted 17 days. It was recorded, in its entirety, by court stenographers on video. Garry Scarff had demanded the highest security measures from the attorneys. He was afraid for his life. And he gave the reason for his fears in his examination. After his departure, he said an attempt was made to kidnap him.

Garry Scarff:I saw a hand on the side door of a step van. And a face was looking in my direction. I said that I was going to call the police right away, and heard, at the same moment, the step van tear away. I saw then that a second vehicle was following it.

Reporter: What do you think they had in mind?

Garry Scarff: I know what they had in mind. They wanted to kidnap me. I think they would have brought me to Hemet.

[He weeps.]

Reporter: What is Hemet?

Garry Scarff: Hemet, Gilman Hot Springs, that's where the prisoners go. And I think that I would never have gotten away from there. My life would have ended.

[He weeps uncontrollably.]

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 397

After the visit with the attorney. The camera man from Scientology was waiting outside. Secret service chief Rinder and Abelson, the attorney, also hurry to their vehicles. Two, then three cars begin the pursuit. A huge show is made of following us. It appears to be put on for the benefit of our fellow traveler, Garry Scarff. We call the Los Angeles police, as Garry has requested. He appears worse and worse off.

Reporter: A television team accompanied by a man who is threatened by Scientology. And those are the ones who are following us.

The police, however, showed little interest. We tried, unsuccessfully, to shake off our pursuers on the highway. We are on the way to the center in which the women of the Sea Org have their abortions, which they are compelled to do, as stated in sworn testimony. The more the woman wants to have her baby, the greater the pressure put on her to have her abortion.

X: I was induced to have an abortion. Women who get pregnant are driven to a clinic in Riverside to get abortions as a matter of course.

Do our pursuers know what our destination is? Are they already putting the pressure on the management at the abortion center over their cellular phones?

At the Planned Parenthood Center. The director on duty is already expecting us. In a nearby parking place, one of our Scientology pursuers provokes an accident. It is apparently an attempt to prevent our planned interview, but it doesn't work.

Janet Honn-Alex: We thought that it was really very peculiar that all the women were making the same decision. Independent of the individual woman's condition, all of them had made the decision to have an abortion. It made no difference how old they were or how many children they had already had. We thought that was very strange. And as we took the trouble to look into individual cases more precisely, because the whole thing was beginning to look suspicious, they stopped coming to us altogether.

The police arrived outside and started taking statements about the accident. In the meantime, we told Janet about Scientology instruction Nbr. 3905: In the event that a married Sea Org member has a child, they are transferred out of the Sea Org.

Reporter: Wouldn't that be the same thing as having to leave your family? An extreme pressure?

Janet Honn-Alex: I didn't know anything about that. And we had asked the women if they could have a child and still remain in Scientology. They always said yes. I think that is alarming, that there is a rule which says that women should be excluded from a group if they would like to have a child. I think that's terrible!

After the interview, on the way back to our hotel. We have picked up 4 Scientology vehicles which are following us. One of them is a green van, which, we later learn, is possibly outfitted with electronic eavesdropping equipment.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 398

Garry Scarff: Even as we speak, four vehicles are parked outside our hotel. They will watch us all night, in case we get the idea of taking off. They will maintain their readiness round the clock. Naturally, those people are not just sitting around in their cars. All of them are in constant contact with the secret service headquarters in Los Angeles. The attorneys, the OSA people, everybody who is assigned to your surveillance is at work at this very moment.

The next morning - Hollywood, Los Angeles:

The night before we hired body guards who are supposed to see to Garry's safety while we speak with Scientology. We have before us an interview with Mike Rinder, the Chief of the OSA secret service, and Elliot Abelson, attorney. Garry does not want anything more to do with these people. The entrance of one of the private detectives we have hired to come along as a witness is barred at the door by Abelson and Rinder. The interview takes place in the Celebrity Center, which serves Scientology's Hollywood stars.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 399

Mike Rinder: Scientology is not dangerous. There are eight million Scientologists worldwide. They find it totally good. You have three, four, five or six people, a small handful that say something about it is not right. We have even heard and read that we are supposed to have gulags. That claim is outrageous. It is particularly outrageous because it is being made by somebody from Germany. If any country should be especially sensitive when it comes to the rights of religious minorities, that is Germany.

Elliot Abelson (Scientology Attorney): You are agents of the German government. You are not concerned with reality, but with confirming your prejudice.

After the scolding, we steer the discussion to Lisa McPherson, the Scientologist who lost her life under peculiar circumstances in Clearwater, Florida. Question about this are apparently unwelcome.

Reporter: Had Scientology given her all the medical assistance she required?

Mike Rinder: If you claim in your broadcast that someone has done something to murder her, then I will haunt you until the end of time. That is an insolent lie.

Nevertheless, Rinder and Abelson unintentionally gave themselves away. They admitted that Lisa was already dead when she arrived at the clinic. Then Rinder conceded that she had died in a hotel room.

Reporter: In a hotel room?

Yes, Lisa McPherson died in the care of the Scientologists.

The golf course at "Gold." That is the largest Scientology base, the real center of power. Mike Rinder drove out with us. Here, especially, he wants to keep our filming under control. Right on the golf course, asserted André Tabayoyon, the former security chief of "Gold", after his departure [from Scientology], there was an apartment for Tom Cruise, the Hollywood star...

Reporter: Tom Cruise profited from slave labor of Scientology prisoner.

Mike Rinder: That is another one of André Tabayoyon's lies.

Reporter: That's not right?

Mike Rinder: Absolutely not. No, he doesn't come here. You wanted to come here and take a few pictures, not ask me any questions. We've already had the big interview.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 400

Rinder gave us aerial photographs of the area which were not free from technical defects. Nothing suspicious was in view; Rinder had seen to that. Tabayoyon's sworn testimony also stated that the Scientology base is defended with firearms. There are semi-automatic machine guns, pistols, all unregistered. "I trained the security force in the use of these weapons, and I trained them in various methods of killing people."

That evening we plan out the next day with Garry. We wanted to rent a helicopter and fly over the alleged children's camp. It lies several miles from "Gold" base.

The next morning. Rinder called up and said that Garry had told him our plans.

Garry Scarff: I didn't call up last night. I think I know what is really wrong here. I have a suggestion: I'll fly back home. You continue, but don't say anything more to me. These people are running an operation against you and against me.

The secret GOLD Scientology headquarters in the vicinity of Gilman Hot Springs (from: WDR TV documentary)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 401

Reporter: Did Garry call them up, or did the Scientologists eavesdrop on our discussion of the night before from one of their vehicles? We drive back to Los Angeles. We are unsure.

The situation comes to a head in a parking place in Los Angeles. We called the police and our bodyguards for assistance. Garry is suffering a nervous breakdown. The Scientology pursuers observed the event from their vehicles.

Reporter: Did you call Rinder last night and tell him what we had in mind?

Garry Scarff (weeping): Yes! They don't say anything for fun. If they say that they are going to kill somebody, then they do it. You can't play around with Mr. Rinder. He doesn't joke around. I will give them what they want, so that they will leave me alone. These people have told me that I should not come to Los Angeles, or else there'd be trouble. And I didn't listen to them. They are angry because I called them murderers in front of the camera.

Reporter: But that was the truth.

Garry Scarff: They are going to kill me. And they know where my parents live.

[Weeping, he ends the discussion.]

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 402

Our private detective, Roger Johnson, advises that we call off our filming.

Roger Johnson: They know that you want to take pictures out there, and they have a helicopter on call. That much I know.

Reporter: What could they do?

Roger Johnson: They will cut you off in the air. Two helicopters could look pretty exciting, but it would be dangerous. They will do anything to disrupt your filming.

We accompany Garry to the airport. We stay with him until the engines start. And we decide to stop the filming.

Three weeks later. Clearwater, Florida. Scientology-opponents demonstrate in front of Fort Harrison. They blame the organization for the death of Lisa McPherson. Garry is also here. We have stayed in close contact with him ever since we shot in Los Angeles. He hopes that public appearances such as this can protect him from further psychological terrorism or even acts of revenge.

Attorney Elliot Abelson has organized a counter-demonstration by Scientology adherents. Mike Rinder, chief of the OSA Scientology secret service, has also flown out from Los Angeles. He wants to personally observe the appearance of the Scientology opponents.

The "RPF" Scientology penal camp "Happy Valley" - 1997
(from: Screen prints from WDR film "Gesucht wird..." - a total of 10 photos)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 403

Meanwhile, back in California... Preparations for a helicopter fly-by. Our goal is difficult to find. It lies on the edge of an Indian reservation. The organization's children's camp (the Scientologists call it a cadet school) lies in an inaccessible region of the San Bernadino Mountains.

One of the Scientology directives says that Sea Org members may only sporadically see their children. In any case, one hour per day is too much. And we read, once again, the internal directive on the so-called children's "Rehabilitation Project." We had heard about a boy named Gavin. He had cut both his arms up with a razor blade. He was a problem. He had to go into the children's camp. The barracks appear deserted; the work areas are abandoned. Not a soul is in sight.

It gives us the impression that the children were sent into the buildings at the first sound of the approaching helicopter. This region is known as "Happy Valley" to the Scientologists. Anybody who has read the internal directives of the organization - anybody who has read the reports on neglected Scientology cadets would have a hard time imagining that happy children live here.

A Film by Mona Botros and Egmont R. Koch.

A shocking documentary, with a tragic hero, Garry Scarff.

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