The Helnwein Burgbrohl Celebrity Center - 1985

January 1986. Sensational announcement on page 14 of the American "Celebrity" magazine of the Scientology CCI (Celebrity Center International) organization with its offices in Los Angeles:

"EIFEL, GERMANY: spearheaded by artist Gottfried Helnwein, whose portraits of everyone from J.F.K to E.T. have adorned issues of "Time," "Rolling Stone" "Omni" and other international magazines, this new Celebrity Center is forming up in a luxurious old castle!"

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 250

Thanks to this official communication from the Scientology organization, we now know that in 1984 Gottfried Helnwein, commissioned by the Los Angeles headquarters without whose permission nothing at all happens within Scientology, through the organization responsible for him in Austria for over 10 years, since 1972, in which he had been successfully employed as a Scientology manager, was being sent to Germany to secretly drum up new business as a Scientology manager. Only his target of a "clear Germany" was to prove much more resistant and critical of the Hubbard teachings in comparison to that of his homeland.

How would the details of this "expansion," planned by headquarters in Hemet near Los Angeles, be carried out by Helnwein? The "castle" in Burgbrohl was rented, officially from April 1985 until 1987 by Helnwein's close friend and assistant from the "old" Viennese days, the painter Rudi Kruspel, who moved with him from Vienna to Burg Brohl. During this time period, Kruspel was also an involved Scientologist who took courses in Florida's Clearwater Mecca for Scientologists just as often as Helnwein did. From 1984 to today, next to the entrance gate, the only access to the artist's castle and park, are Gottfried Helnwein's secretariat and an office for his manager, wife Renate, whose rooms are done with the finest parquet.

Only a couple of yards beyond that, in the same building "under the supervision of Gottfried Helnwein," according to a written statement by Scientology ex-member Norbert Potthoff of 16 May 1995, the first regular meetings of the staff and graduates of Scientology's "Duesseldorf Celebrity Center" were held in the new "Helnwein Burgbrohl City Office," which was organizationally subordinate to the Duesseldorf CC. One room was used by Hubbard adherents, called "students," for Scientology courses and to study Hubbard's techniques, another room was used for "auditing," using an e-meter device, a simple lie detector.

In the years that followed, more and more Scientology staff and "students" from the Duesseldorf "Celebrity Center" academy, some of them several times a week, drove over 75 miles to Helnwein in the "castle" to study "Scientology in a well-protected environment. Mass "training" and "auditing" took place in those rooms.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 251

The announcement: The new "Helnwein Celebrity Center" in Burgbrohl
(from: Scientology member magazine "Celebrity," January 1986, CSI CC INT)

That was also confirmed by Adelheid Rech-Gesche in her sworn affirmation of May 15, 1992. In that she further stated:

"Mr. Rudolf Kruspel made a small room in the castle available for auditing. In 1987 we stopped giving courses there because we lacked the personnel necessary to continue them. ... The courses took place in Burgbrohl at the suggestion of Mr. Kruspel; he wanted to save himself and others the drive to Duesseldorf. Therefore, in 1986 and 1987, staff from Duesseldorf Celebrity Center made a sort of "house call" on Kruspel at the castle."

Almost none of the above corresponds to facts, including the correct method of writing the names. More on that later.

For several years, between 1985 and 1987, at least 20 people, including Renate Helnwein, participated in the courses. The successful business woman, Adelheid Rech-Gesche, has been the director of the "Celebrity Center" in Duesseldorf since 1985. Since that time she has been one of the Helnwein family's closest friends and one of the most important and influential top Scientologists in Germany. Fatally, from Gottfried Helnwein's point of view, she is also one of the best witnesses that Helnwein has been a 100% Scientologist for many years.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 252

Under oath on May 15, 1992, she made a written statement for the 1st Civil Chamber of the Coblenz State Court in the hopes of somehow helping him with this mitigated definition, "Helnwein is ... like any person who would like to take our (Scientology) courses, a passive member."

Mrs. Rech-Gesche "erred" here with the best of intentions, because course participants are active members! Moreover, that is only a play on words, because a member is a member, whether active or passive, particularly in Scientology's internal membership categories in which people who took courses over 20 (!) years ago are still counted as members in their files. Therefore you have the number of ten million alleged "members" worldwide.

Also, the operation of the Helnwein Celebrity Center at Burgbrohl continued unabated after the alleged "official" 1987 closing of the "Burgbrohl City Office" Scientology center which was contrived solely for the state court. Visits from Adelheid Rech-Gesche and her "guests" to the castle estate continued into the '90s, and not just for the various summer festivals in the garden in front of the Helnwein studio.

In her sworn affirmation of May 15, 1992, she also took a position on that:

"... There being some Scientologists present at the Helnwein 1986 summer festival can be explained in that I just brought them along with me. The reason for my visit, along with my friends and staff, is explained exclusively by our interest in art and by personal curiosity."

That is viewed quite differently by a former high-ranking Scientologist staff member of the Duesseldorf organization under the management of Adelheid Rech-Gesche, Norbert Potthoff.

Norbert Potthoff - 1995

On May 16, 1995, Potthoff described how it really was in a detailed written statement:

"In Burgbrohl, where Helnwein and his wife lived, a so-called 'City Office' was established by Mrs. Helnwein so that the Scientology artists (Rudi Kruspel, Peter Schmitz and Martina Kudlacek), who lived at Burg Brohl, in the so-called castle courtyard, would not have to drive the long distance to the Celebrity Center in Duesseldorf. This was a quasi-outpost of Duesseldorf with the slogan 'good service right on the spot'."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 253

At least three times a week, auditors and course supervisors drove from Duesseldorf to Burgbrohl. Among those was my wife at the time. Instruction was given in Burgbrohl, Scientology training.

Mrs. Helnwein initiated the whole thing, in contact with Mrs. Rech-Gesche from the center in Duesseldorf. It was clear to all participants that this was taking place, in practice, under the oversight (!) of Gottfried Helnwein. He also had greetings from his wife read at events at the Duesseldorf Celebrity Center.

At Mrs. Rech-Gesche's urging, a summer festival took place at the castle in the summer of 1986. I met Gottfried Helnwein there. That Scientology festival was in the interest of the expansion strategy, one met new people and was able to talk to them, and the summer fete would then be conducted by Helnwein and the other painters. The invitation list contained names of any Scientologist who had name or rank in Germany. Even the so-called Scientology television was there and arranged all the promotion and filmed exclusively for Scientology ....

I continued to describe him as a Scientologist at my events because I knew he was one. And because Helnwein knew that, too, he has not made any objection in the least way. I have also written in various publications that he is a Scientologist. There was no contradiction to them, either."

In another written statement, this time in the form of a sworn affirmation for submission to the court on February 5, 1992, he used his precise knowledge of the actual circumstances to describe Gottfried Helnwein as the "gray eminence" in the Scientology background. He described in detail that a new Scientology center had arisen in Burgbrohl since 1985. Conceptually, it was very similar to the Viennese "Center for Art and Communication" (ZKK), which Helnwein had brought to life and managed back in the mid-1970s. One could call the Viennese ZKK under the direction of Gottfried Helnwein, one of the first "Scientology Celebrity Centers" worldwide, "ZKK 1." Potthoff saw this new one, which he called a "Scientology Burgbrohl City Office," as another "ZKK 2" developed under the management of his wife Renate under the "oversight" of "guru" Gottfried Helnwein:

Norbert Potthoff: "From 1981 to 1987 I was in the Scientology Church." In September 1984, I signed up with the Scientology Church Duesseldorf (opened on March 1, 1984), as a so-called "Class IV auditor" with a 5 year contract as full-time staff.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 254

At first I was the Director for Publications in the areas of book sales, test centers, introductory courses, public relations/press and field supervision. At the same time I was responsible for the development of Advertising/Promotion and the Org's 'Kompetenz' magazine, for which I developed the design and lay-out. The Org covered a wide area: south to the Munich Org's area of influence, east to Berlin and north to the Hamburg Org. Southwest Germany and Eifel was part of the Duesseldorf Org's territory.

In Spring 1985, the painter Gottfried Helnwein moved with his 'Clan' (from Vienna) to Eifel, thus becoming the most prominent Scientologist in the Duesseldorf Org. In summer 1984, though, a second Org was founded in Duesseldorf, a so-called "Celebrity Center," a Scientology center for celebrities. The director, Mrs. Adelheid Rech-Gesche, from Eifel herself and who already knew the Helnweins very well from seeing them in the Scientology center in Clearwater, Florida, took the entire Helnwein 'clan' on her "lines." In Florida, Helnwein had also met the Duesseldorf real estate broker, Klaus Kempe, who then acted as agent to arrange Helnwein's move to the castle in Eifel. His wife, Marieta Kempe, bought several pictures from Helnwein. I had this information because I did advertising and public relations worked for the Kempe family.. Since I dissolved my work contract in August 1985, I had nothing to do with this development. But through my former wife, Mrs. Margit Potthoff, who was a Scientologist since 1981 and who worked as an "auditor" in the Duesseldorf Celebrity Center, I was kept up to date with Helnwein developments.

The castle into which Helnwein moved in Burgbrohl turned into a branch of the Celebrity Scientology Center in Duesseldorf. They set up a course room and an auditing room there, and two or three times a week drove a team into Burgbrohl from Duesseldorf. I saw these spaces myself on July 27, 1986. The spaces are located in the castle courtyard, there where painters Rudi Kruspel, Peter Schmitz and Martina Kudlacek have their studios. Auditors Margit Potthoff and Horst Karsch supervise the courses and give auditing. Adelheid Rech-Gesche also drove with them when they needed to hold discussions with prominent people from the area.

At that point, Gottfried Helnwein had been a so-called "celebrity Scientologist" for some years, and his name was mentioned in the same breath as Julia Migenes, John Travolta, Chick Corea and Priscilla Presley.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 255

"OT 8" Scientologists got together in the Caribbean on the "Freewinds" ship
Far right: Adelheid Rech-Gesche, next to her Klaus Kempe, both from Duesseldorf
from: "Freewinds" 1989, FSSO)

It was now the goal of Duesseldorf Celebrity Center (opened on June 27, 1985, according to them) to make frequent use of Helnwein's popularity for the purposes of Scientology. Therefore, not only members of the clan were trained and audited at the castle, but also other celebrities from the area. One of them, for instance, was Doctor Bardenheuer. I mention her in particular because I got to know her at the castle and had a long conversation with her. My former wife was her auditor and she told me a lot about the auditing sessions with this woman. Moreover, this woman is still a prominent Scientologist today who, in accordance with the Scientology system used by Helnwein and others, uses her professional authority to bring people into Scientology. I've heard about others from my wife, but can no longer remember their names.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 256

The Auditor 221 - 1987
Releases and Completions

Martina Kudlacek, Gottfried Helnwein's student, listed in 1987 for training courses in the "Duesseldorf Celebrity Center / Burgbrohl City Office"
(from: "Auditor" 221, 1987)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 257

--- Gottfried Helnwein
invites you to a
Summer festival in the park
with exhibitions in the studios ...

... looking for customers ...

Another use was for gatherings with and put on by Gottfried Helnwein. One of these gatherings was the summer festival on July 12, 1986 at the castle in Burgbrohl. On this one day, 80 prominent, long-term Scientologists from the whole Republic were present, like, for example, the Munich painter and designer Waki Zoellner and star real estate dealer Klaus Kempe from Duesseldorf. Travelling with the Hamburg celebrities were the Scientology film team under the direction of Scientologist Althoff, too. There was generous footage of this PR spectacle in which many interviews with Scientologists and curious visitors were filmed. I was taking photos myself for the Celebrity Center. Some of these photos are still in my possession. Non-Scientologists had travelled there in great numbers to be able to see Helnwein close up. He, however, stayed adeptly in the background, instead of meeting him the curious people

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 258


Duesseldorf, July 6, 1986

Summer Festival in the Park

Today we would like to remind you of the invitation to the

Summer Festival in the Park

It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see the pictures of the renowned painter Gottfried Helnwein

Please call us to tell us how many people you are bringing! Das Foot will take place on July 12, 1986 at 4 p.m.


Celebrity Center

Scan of original German

"Summer festival in the Park" by Gottfried Helnwein on July 12, 1986
Scientology also sent out invitations for a day out in Helnwein's "Burgbrohl City Office"

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 259

were pulled into conversations by the Scientologists. I hardly saw my own wife that Saturday because she was constantly involved in sales talks. My wife had told me the tactics in advance. First the Scientologists should find out if a person was ready to have an intensive discussion, then they were led to Adelheid Rech-Gesche or to my wife. Then they intentionally tried to close a sale. I had refused to take part in that kind of discussion anyway, and was very annoyed at people being dragged in this way. Because of that I was banned from entering the Duesseldorf Celebrity Center the next day, and later on I was even forbidden to talk to or see my own wife.

From speaking with the members of the Duesseldorf Celebrity Center on the one hand and with the painters of the clan on the other side (Helnwein himself had sent out a personal invitation card for his big festival with the following text: Gottfried Helnwein invites you to a summer festival in the park with exhibitions in the studios of Gottfried Helnwein, Rudi Kruspel, Peter Schmitz and Martina Kudlacek, on July 12 1986 at 4 p.m., 5475 Burgbrohl. At castle 1 - also the Duesseldorf Celebrity Center, 61 Koenigsalle, is reminded once more, only 3 days before the spectacle, with flyers to all members: Duesseldorf, July 9, 1986, Summer festival in the park, today we would like to remind you of the invitation to the summer festival in the park! It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see the pictures of the renowned painter, Gottfried Helnwein. Please call us and tell us how many people you want to bring! yours, Celebrity Center - the author) it was plainly clear that a good 'private party' had been formed: they promoted out of conviction for the "only functioning system" of the world and sold more pictures at the same time so they could buy expensive auditing (the financial needs of a Scientologist has climbed up to about DM 450,000). That night, when only a few guests were left, Adelheid Rech-Gesche, Gottfried Helnwein and Renate Helnwein told a small group of Scientologists that they were very satisfied with the results of the event. signed, Norbert Potthoff."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 260

The Helnwein Scientology Recruitment Film - Burgbrohl 1986

Gottfried Helnwein (photo: AR)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 261

A recruitment film was made for the Scientology organization during the summer festival at the castle, too. With Gottfried Helnwein in the main role. Here are excerpts from the 30-minute film interview which is used worldwide by the SC today. Helnwein's own words:

"I would be happy to say the following: This Scientology, for many people, is a term from the media. For the most part, it is associated with something negative. And people really don't know what it is, in other words, everyone imagines something very different, the word sounds funny, generally speaking people don't understand it at all. Because of that I'll say exactly what it is: that is the study of knowledge! And what I would like to talk about is my personal experience with it, yes, how it was for me, personally. So I will not say what it is for other people. I would like to just do it quite simply. I had read a few books and was fascinated because areas were being dealt with in which I was interested, namely, personal behavior, thought and obstacles to thought, fears that oppress a person.

Advertiser Helnwein in the Scientology recruitment film, taken at his castle in summer 1986 (from: Scientology recruitment video, 1986, CSI)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 262

"Before that I had also read some things from Freud and noticed that he really didn't have any answers and was just poking around in this area. Which was really quite interesting, but didn't help. I noticed that most of the techniques were Asiatic. So there were people, like the Krishna Murti, but even they didn't know terribly much. And that was the first time, when I read the Dianetics book that someone got involved with the theme. The way in which it was dealt with suddenly made sense, all of a sudden it was awfully logical and very simple. People believe one thing, that "simple" means the same thing as "stupid," but it is the opposite. And what fascinated me above everything else was that it could be applied in life. I have noticed myself that because of the books which I have read and because of the courses which I have taken, life has become much simpler, yes even very simple, so that I began to understand people better. Suddenly I can understand people's reactions much better. I couldn't do that before to this degree. And I can do what I want with much more concentration and that's good, too."

Scientology: "Are you attacked as an artist sometimes because you practice Scientology?"

Helnwein, even in 1986: "There is quite a strong lobby against it, especially in Germany. And that is only interesting because, on the one side, these people claim that it is a thing which is so bad that does not work and therefore it must be written off. But on the other side those people react as though it were something terribly dangerous, so something that has terrible energy, a force, a potential and that is strange. But that is nothing new in the history of mankind. Scientology is simply a consequence of new discoveries in the area of mental knowledge or the physical sciences which are always immediately disputed by the ruling social level. The first thing one is faced with is outrage. Once someone also discovered that the earth is not flat, but round, and he was also putting his life at risk by saying that out loud. Down through the history people have been burned at the stake and killed for telling the truth and because they found it out before other people. And Scientology is simply another step, a new, huge discovery. There is a dimension to it that outdoes anything else that was previously held to be possible. And naturally that is viewed by the people in power as something dangerous for the time being. I understand that, too!"

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 263

cordially invites you to
a 3 day open house
in the studio at Burg Brohl
on Nov. 9, 10 & 11 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Exhibition of the new works by Gottfried, Ali and Amadeus Helnwein
(Coffee, cookies and drinks)

No matter how cleverly Helnwein's bait-and-switch concept was carried out to hide his organizational Scientology activities, they are proven by the following description from a former student of his who, today, lives in Denver, USA, Peter Schmitz.

Peter Schmitz - January 22, 1997

The painter, Peter Schmitz, lived and worked for almost five years at Helnwein's castle in Burgbrohl; since 1989 he lives in Denver, Colorado. In an interview with the author at the beginning of 1997, he described the operation at the castle.

"From winter 1984 to fall 1988, I was the only one who worked as an artist with Helnwein at his castle. Rudi Kruspel, Martina Kudlacek and I lived in the castle as Scientologists. The Scientologists besides us who were often at the castle to visit always wanted money from me for courses at the castle, and since I didn't have any more money, they soon lost interest in me. As a famous Scientologist, Gottfried is a decoy to lure people, that is his job. Gottfried is totally dependent on Scientology. I had an art exhibition of my pictures at the Celebrity Center in Duesseldorf myself. That was even the first one they ever had, when they had just opened in winter 1984. I had an exhibition together with Gottfried in Andernach. As far as I know, he also exhibited for the Scientologists in the Celebrity Center in Duesseldorf, organized

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 264

Gottfried Helnwein
cordially invites you to the
Studio Summer Festival
with an exhibition
of new color drawings
(Barbecue in the Park)
on July 25, 1987, starts at 4 p.m.
Studio: At castle 2, $-5475 Burgbrohl
Tel. 0 26 36 / 14 81, 14 82

Scan of original German

Another Scientology recruitment event disguised as a summer festival

by its director at the time, Rech-Gesche, who really had no clue how someone should organize an exhibition. But basically it was all total nonsense. The Celebrity Center is not a gallery nor a gallery, but just a lot of Scientologists who basically only wanted to use me to get new people into the organization. There are the Celebrity Centers like Gottfried Helnwein's at the castle, which organize events for the purpose of inviting in unsuspecting, helpless people who are basically against this business, but who only go to the festival because, for instance, it is announced that star painter Helnwein is going to be there and they would like to get introduced to him. As soon as they showed up, they were then immediately diverted by professional recruiters from the Scientology organization.

Really, Helnwein wanted a castle above the city of Andernach for himself and his Scientology activities, that meant lease a structure for a new Celebrity Center with tennis courts and a swimming pool. But somehow that was not good enough for him. Finally he found out through the Scientologist and real estate agent Kempe about his castle in Burgbrohl. My studio and spaces rented from Helnwein there at the end of 1984 got smaller from month to month because

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 265

over the course of time, more Scientologists were spreading out in the Helnwein castle. At the same time, my rent was getting higher

The Helnweins played a dirty trick on the actual renters with their rental contract. I shared rent with Rudi Kruspel who signed the official rent contract in 1984, although Helnwein himself, as we all knew, was the real renter since the end of 1984, he always gave Rudi the money for the rent and was the person using the castle, and as far as I know he still is.

Rental Contract
Rudolf Kruspel, Neubaugasse 44/2/12 A-1o, Vienna, lessee

Peter Sahl - Elisabeth Lauer
58 Josef-Leusch Street
5474 Brohl, lessor

Castle buildings, at Burg 1, D-5475 Burgbrohl
1. and II. upper stories and ground level left.

Term Starts
[blacked out] 1 April 1985

Term Duration
5 years

Rental rates
DM [blacked out] i.W. [blacked out] monthly
Payable up to 3 months in advance.
The rental payment will be adjusted for the cost-of-living index for a 4-person household.
(Jan. 85 119.9 points; base 1980)
All coincidental expenses: heat, electricity, water, sewage hook-up, trash disposal, chimney-sweeping and building insurance are to be born by the renters proportionately. The renter is obligated for the maintenance of the building and the parking facilities, but he is not responsible for repairs/restorations which exceed DM [blacked out] i.W. five-hundred.

The renter puts down a deposit in the amount of three months rent, a total of DM [blacked out] i.W. nine-thousand (no interest) payable before moving in. When no problems exist for four years, the deposit can be applied to the rent.

The renter has the right to sub-let.

Scan of original German

Deception by rental contract

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 266

Helnwein rented his castle from December 1, 1984

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 267

By doing that, Helnwein wanted to prevent anybody from being able to make any direct association between him personally and Scientology's use of the property. Kruspel was only set out to serve as straw man. The local people in the area were not supposed to know anything about that kind of activity on the estate. Therefore, Helnwein could pretend that Kruspel was an 'official' renter in order to get outsiders to believe that Helnwein had nothing to do with the SC center at the castle, that it was just his friend Rudi.

The Burgbrohl Celebrity Center, under the management of Gottfried Helnwein and Adelheid Rech-Gesche, when it started at the end of 1984, had only one room in the castle, a small loft on top of Helnwein's secretary's office. Within a few months, the Scientologists moved into half that floor for auditing and courses, some of them with more than 30 participants. The auditors worked at the Helnwein castle the whole day through and 'begged' for money from everyone they ran across, that meant I was supposed to constantly be buying courses and pay a lot of money for them.

I got to know my wife-to-be in 'Flag' in Clearwater. Today Gottfried is still cashing in on commissions for arranging to get people into 'courses' in the Scientology organization, surely, like almost all Scientologists in Germany, without paying taxes on them. That is sheer tax evasion. Helnwein got his auditing holding the two tin cans in his hands behind closed doors in the castle rooms. Nobody else had access. I learned of it from staff members there. In early 1985, I took a few Scientology courses in the Helnwein castle, just like general practitioner Dr. Bardenheuer from the local area, whom Helnwein had 'personally' recruited. She is also the family's doctor.

I had my first big fight with Helnwein because of his summer festival at the castle in 1986. My friends and I wanted to have a wild 'party,' but we took that somewhat too literally. For Helnwein, the summer festival was a disaster. My friends partied on Helnwein's castle property in front of the castle and next to the smaller little castle where Helnwein's private chambers were, with loud music, with a lot of beer and wine and a great barbecue, and all the Scientologists sat in the building and were appalled about how loud and drunk we could be. Gottfried really got on my nerves after the festival because I had the opinion that if my pictures were going to be shown at the festival, then I could have something to say about how they were going to be offered. Normally,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 268

at those kind of things I always have a big, fun party, even here in Denver I have one at least once a month. People buy mostly when they get drunk.

During my three years at the castle, I always had the feeling that Gottfried was envious of me. He was envious because, in contrast to me, he was from a simple family, but with all the money that he made he still didn't have any manners. In the beginning he used to think it was funny when I would bring him, in Strassburg for example, to the best restaurant in the city. While eating he looked at me quite intently to see how and which fork I used for which salad. He observed me very closely while I ate. When he had learned all this after various meals together, he was just simply envious of me afterwards because he knew, and most of all, because I knew that he had had to learn 'good' table manners from me. That and the fact that I knew it was totally unpleasant for him.

I had it after the one summer festival with Helnwein in 1986. My friends sat around drunk on the castle walls and howled and the many Scientologists ran around us like hens scattering in the barnyard. Our behavior did not make a good impression at all on the Scientologists. Helnwein's assistant from Vienna, Rudi Kruspel, was also still living with Helnwein at the time and was hobbling around the country, he had only one leg after a sports accident, in his long white coat and long Jesus hair and beard.

Those months I was going around with Helnwein's secretary Eva. She was not a Scientologist. Gottfried soon flipped out about that. Suddenly he was walking like a lord in his castle. He wanted to forbid me from going out with her anymore because I, according to Gottfried, 'was only allowed to see Scientologists.' This all happened weeks after the party. When I went out with her again, he had a total fit. He ordered me to go out only with Scientologists from then on. 'When you are a Scientologist, then you can only love Scientologists,' Gottfried hissed at me angrily.

Also Arthur Hubbard, the son of the head guru, stayed with Gottfried twice for several months. 1986 and 1990. He is a very good friend of mine and an artist, too. Arthur always needed money, although he was supported financially by the organization. Arthur came to Burgbrohl for the first time in 1986 through another Scientologist he knew who knew Gottfried.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 269

He worked in the castle with Helnwein for several months. That was really fun. He stayed until he didn't have any more money and then he flew back to the USA. In 1988 or 1989, Arthur then had to go for several months into the RPF "Happy Valley" forced labor camp near Los Angeles because once again he had said something derogatory about his father (!). Right after he got out at the end of 1989, he went for more "regeneration" for several months to Helnwein in Burgbrohl for mental recuperation. Helnwein thought that Hubbard living so close to him for so long was really wild. He made a big deal out of it. Not me. As far as I was concerned it was just plain Arthur, and he is an upright and funny guy. That showed that I am not a "good" Scientologist. For them, someone like Arthur is really something special. Gottfried treated him with kid gloves, like he would a raw egg. He paid very close attention to how you talked to him and what you said to him. That was totally stupid.

There were also auditing folders stored at the Helnwein's and other folders on people who were being audited at the castle. Mine, too. Everything I told them there was written down exactly and was filed away by Renate Helnwein and kept in the castle..."

So much for Peter Schmitz on his experiences at the castle.

In 1988, the Helnwein family officially took over the remaining portion of the property, the castle up front, and started extensive renovation on the newly "acquired" estate. Over the next six years, Helnwein invested more than DM 1.2 million in the extensive, some of it very luxurious, renovations of the Celebrity Center, as well as the private part of the complex.

He took care of all the architectural plans himself. He had very precise concepts of all the details of the restoration work and paid painfully close attention to its implementation day after day by the restlessly working laborers. You could almost always see him on one of the many renovation sites on the castle property, he was in his studio very seldom. To the south, twelve 40-foot tall trees were planted to block the view from that direction into the park. That also visibly marked the beginning of his own isolation from the outside.

From 1990, he started to cut himself off more. Until that time he had had an open-door policy, but then he started doing things like installing another high gate which was electronically opened in the portal area of his castle.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 270

Celebrity Center Duesseldorf
Art and Cultural Meeting
Guest Star
the internationally renowned painter

A Scientology recruitment event on Feb. 6, 1988 with the German Scientology organization's best show horse, Gottfried Helnwein

From that point on you could forget dropping in to see him without having first made an appointment with his secretary. He also forbid driving in on his castle road. Another parking lot was set up for guests at the entrance area. It was urgently needed.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 271

Visits from the Helnwein's and Adelheid Rech-Gesche's "clientele" to the castle property, the "CC City Office - Burgbrohl outpost," also dropped off after 1987. More often they and, now and then, guests of the Helnwein family, sat around in the garden under large sun umbrellas in front of the castle studio for coffee and cookies, either with Renate or together with Gottfried. The housekeeper, Mrs. Linke, saw that each group was looked after and, besides that, tended to the family rug-rat who was not yet of school age, the son Wolfgang Amadeus, who was just called "Ami" among friends of the family.

After having made expenditures, the intermittently larger or smaller groups of visitors more frequently went into Helnwein's castle rooms and stayed there. Since 1988, a little past the entrance area on the right is a larger room of the castle which contains a large part of Helnwein's Scientology library. Large-sized Hubbard Tech volumes, bound in dark blue, adorn the shelves around the room. From the walls hang a large up-to-date yearly calendar, statistics sheets hand-written by wife Renate and organization planners, chock full of various projects, appointments and "performance points" for her husband, Gottfried.

This was also the room on the estate where, from time to time in 1990 and 1991, pale, taciturn serious-looking "bookkeeper" types in dark suits were working, occasionally for over a week at a time. That means they added numbers without pause for hours, countless, diverse, defying further definition, columns of numbers. When they were spoken to, you could tell at once that they were English-speakers with an American accent.

One got the impression of income and expenses of whatever kind from these people, they could be described as bookkeepers, they were there in all the years he worked with the Helnweins between 1987 and 1994, in all the rooms on the castle property. Reichelt became more aware, particularly in the last three years of his seven years total with Helnwein, that the Helnweins, especially Gottfried, had assumed a certain management position, at least within the Scientology organization.

Naturally he also asked Renate who these "visitors" were who were always leafing through various colored folders and taking things out and putting them back in. However, she reacted very reservedly to his question without going into the matter any further. In 1991, in one of his numerous visits to the castle,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 272
Helnwein confidante Mrs. Linke told him that "these gentlemen were staff of the Scientology organization" who were checking out a few expenses and incomes which arose in connection with the Helnwein "Celebrity Center." She did not go into it any further. Maybe she did not know any more, after all, she was "only" the housekeeper and therefore just general help at the castle.

Nevertheless, Renate very probably has been responsible for the structure, development and organization of their "Burgbrohl City Office / Celebrity Center student and staff folders." Besides being personnel folders in the real sense, they also contained income and payment statistics, because a large portion of these yellow, blue and other-colored folders, according to what various staff remember, bore Renate Helnwein's handwritten comments on strange labels like "Staff folder," "Hat folder" or "Technical folder." Staff folders, for example, were golden-yellow and contained, as a staff member who was familiar with them said later, in 1993, not only documents on the various course and auditing graduates, but also those of staff who occasionally came to the castle to "audit" and train. As early as 1988, Renate had told Peter Reichelt that these types of folders had something to do with Scientology courses and auditing sessions in connection with her friend Adelheid and the "Celebrity Center" in Duesseldorf. Back then she did not go into any further detail with him any more than she did later.

Renate Helnwein's categories by color of the Scientology staff folders in the "Burgbrohl City Office," 1993

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 273

The Scientology RPF corrections camp and Arthur Hubbard

In the summer of 1990, L. Ron Hubbard's youngest son, Arthur, made a visit of several months to Burgbrohl with Helnwein for the second time since 1986. Helnwein put a studio at his disposal and let him live there like his own son. In 1989, a short time before his arrival in Germany, Arthur Hubbard was forced to spend several months in the Scientology RPF corrections camp in the vicinity of the small town of Hemet in California. His longer stay in Burgbrohl was supposed to serve, finally, to "resocialize" him. What kind of things happen in such an "RPF" camp and how even L. Ron Hubbard's own son had to suffer there is shown more than effectively in the next section. These collected published materials on the "RPF" camps in the USA are presented together for the first time and are highly sensitive; they will most certainly produce a negative effect, not only within the movement itself, but also on the outside, in the non-Scientology world.

Former managing board member of the Scientology organization in Los Angeles and Hemet, Andre Tabayoyon, first describes procedures which one would have thought impossible today in his detailed, written sworn testimony of March 5, 1994. At the end of December 1992 Tabayoyon was a high-ranking member of the Hubbard organization for over 21 years (!), and served, among other capacities, as L. Ron Hubbard's personal adjutant, as a trainer in the elite unit, the "Sea Org" (SO), as a SO officer, a SO Ethics Officer, SO Recruiter, member of the RPF corrections unit and RPF department leader of the diverse California corrections and labor camps. He served in that capacity, with breaks in service, until he fled the organization in 1992.

Happy Valley

These various small, secret corrections and labor camps in the Scientology organization in the desert-like region around Happy Valley and Gilman Hot Springs are located 19 miles north of the town of Hemet, about an hour's drive on the freeway east of Los Angeles. One of the camps, the largest of its kind, described internally in the private jargon only as "Happy Valley," originally was a "normally" operated ranch until it was appropriated in the 1980s under commission of the Scientology management and re-organized for other "purposes."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 274

It is located 10 miles north of the Scientology headquarters, which is still kept secret from the majority of all Scientologists and the public today, in the western California village of Gilman Hot Springs.

Besides his other duties, Tabayoyon had been director of renovation and expansion work in the secret Scientology headquarters, called "Gold" or "Base" within the Sea Org, in Gilman Hot Springs. Gilman is north of Hemet, which is about 19 miles south of the RPF corrections camp, situated in a region surrounded by an Indian reservation, and from there the former ranch by the name of "Happy Valley" can be reached only by way of a seven mile dirt road. The testimony was submitted on April 4, 1994 to the United States District Court - Central District of California in the case number CV 91 6426 HLH (Tx) Church of Scientology International vs. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz.

Andre Tabayoyon

Andre Tabayoyon: "I have been retained as an expert consultant and expert witness ... Since being designated as an expert witness herein, I have become aware of the presence of myself being under surveillance. On a trip to Arizona I was followed by a van and a car. In Mesa, Arizona I was followed to breakfast and the person was even aware that we knew he was watching us. While in Newport Beach we were followed to and from Mr. Berry's office daily. I am currently in my home and there is a blue late model pontiac waiting to follow me wherever I go. ... I was also a member of the Sea Organization ("Sea Org") , which I joined in 1972. ... Sea Org members are expected to get their assignments completed regardless of the obstacles. ... Within Scientology, Sea Org members have unquestioned authority over the affairs of Scientology organizations. This authority is exercised in a number of ways. First, Sea Org members can be sent into any Scientology Organization, or business owned by a Scientologist, organization or a mission.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 275

Historically, Guardian Office Missions and Sea Org Missions were one and the same. When Sea Org members are on a mission, they have full ethics powers to take whatever steps are necessary for the greater good of Scientology. CMO Int Messengers (commodores messenger organization International Messengers) are always on Mission so they had full authority to issue whatever orders they deem appropriate. CMO Int Messengers had the full authority of Hubbard when he was alive. Hubbard was then Commodore of the Sea Org. Now they have the full authority of Miscavige. ...

The Sea Organization is to Scientology what the Communist Party was to Soviet Russia and the Gestapo was to Nazi Germany. ... I signed the standard Sea Org contract requiring me to serve the Sea Org for one billion (!) years. ... As a Sea Org member, I received thousands of hours of training in basic Sea Org policy. ...

In 1977 I was assigned to the Rehabilitation Project Force for 18 months. In 1980 I was assigned to the RPF for another 2 1/2 years. In 1987 I was again assigned to the RPF for another 18 months. Accordingly, I spent approx. six years in total on the RPF. During these six years I also spent time --19 full days-- on the RPF's RPF. The RPF's RPF is designed to totally destroy any individual determinism to not want to do the RPF. RPF is a totally involuntary type gulag or concentration camp. In order to get out, and stay out, you must prove that you have altered the ideals, morals, social and emotional and attitudinal values of another member of the RPF of a long duration as evidenced by the physical actions and motions of the person so altered."

Mary Tabayoyon

His wife, Mary, added her testimony to his in the same court proceedings: "I, Mary Tabayoyon, declare as follows: I became a Scientologist in 1967. I became a member of the elite Sea Organization (Sea Org) in 1971. I remained in the Sea Org until I left Scientology in December 1992. ... In late 1984, I was transferred to the highly confidential location in Hemet, California, commonly referred to as "UPLINES." Sea Org members who work at this location call it, "the Base". The Sea Org units that were at the base were Golden Era Productions ("Gold". Golden Era Productions produces all of the Scientology films tapes, E-meters, music and promotions), Commodores Messengers Organization International (CMOI), Watch Dog Committee (WDC), Religious Technology Center (RTC), and Commodores Messenger Org Golden Era Productions (CMO GOLD). I spent the last eight years of my tenure in the Sea Org at this base in Hemet.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 276

Forced Abortions in the "RPF"

On September 28, 1986, Gillaume Leserve, the Executive Director International ("ED Int"), put out an order binding on all Sea Org members. Within the Sea Org, these binding orders were called Flag orders. The September 28, 1986 Flag Order No. 3905 forbade Sea Org members from having any more new children. The reason given by ED Int. was that the Sea Org simply did not have the time, money and resources to raise children properly. In the event Sea Org members elected to disobey this Flag Order, they would be exiled to a non Sea Org Scientology organization of the Class IV level until the Child reached 6 years of age. Once the unauthorized child achieved 6 years of age, the parents could return to the Sea Org.

On April 3, 1991, an addition to this Flag Order was issued. Part of that supplement provided that anyone who did get pregnant would be sent to a non-expanding Class IV Org. The Commanding Officer of CMOI, Marc Yager, endorsed application of this supplement to all crew at the base and added to it. It stressed that Sea Org members were the top echelon of the Sea Org. As such Yager admonished us that we had the responsibility on our shoulders for the expansion of Scientology and freeing mankind. Scientology's Senior management determined, we, at this high level, could not afford the time and resources it would take to raise children. Having children was found to undermine our production and our purpose. It became an Ethics matter. An Ethics matter is an offense against Scientology. An ethics matter arises when a Scientologist does something which detracts from the spreading of Scientology. Ethics matters are dealt with through Scientology rituals administered to those who have "wandered off the straight and narrow".

This is a severe punishment. ... While at the base, I knew of several instances of staff getting pregnant and being coerced to get an abortion. Some instances were relayed to me by the victims themselves and others were relayed to me by another.

myself got pregnant in 1993 and gave up my child due to my greatly misguided obligation and dedication to the Sea Org. During the year and a half before I discovered I was pregnant, I was incessantly drilled, along with all other Gold crew, on becoming perfect and on purpose Sea Org member who would always follow Command Intention. Command intention basically means the intention of the highest in command over all of Scientology and Sea Org. ... I was indoctrinated to believe that I should never put my own personal desires ahead of the accomplishment of the purpose of the Sea Org.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 277

I told the Medical Officer (Martine Collins) of my pregnancy. She immediately went into action to arrange for my abortion. She told me, that I would naturally be expected to pay for it myself, since it was considered Out Ethics to get pregnant. (Out Ethics in Scientology simply means your reasoning facilities are no longer thinking in a direction designed to promote Scientology and must be corrected). Medical Office Collins told me to call for the appointment to have an abortion myself. She told me not to give the address of the base as my address or to acknowledge I was from the base. She said the reason for this was because there were too many woman going there from the base for abortions and it was probably becoming "out PR" (out Public Relations, which means your public relations have gone bad). The day after I returned from my abortion, I was weak and sore and had cramps. I proposed a light work load that I felt I could accomplish. My Senior, Megan Rae, refused this and instead gave me a target that literally would have taken about many people to accomplish in one day. I attempted to let her know what an impossible task it was and that her order must have been a joke. I soon learned that she was completely serious. ... A friend of mine, Betty Hardin, who works in the treasury division of Golden Era Productions, told me that she used to transport the pregnant women at the base to Riverside, California for their abortions. For about a year, she transported women almost weekly to the Planned Parenthood Center, in Riverside, so that they could have their abortions and follow up check ups that were needed. She said it just became routine. Pregnant Sea Org members were sent to the Planned Parenthood Center to get their abortions. When they returned to the base they went to Ethics. The term "Ethics" is used to name the place you go to have your ethics be back put in. ...

Betty Hardin said, once formerly pregnant women were back from having their abortions, they would be sent to Ethics and made to do "lower conditions". Lower conditions are, from the lowest on up; Confusion, Treason, Enemy, Doubt, and Liability. Each one of these lower conditions have an exact set of steps you follow. once you get through all the steps of all the lower conditions, successfully, and only the Ethics officer can officially determine if you have gotten through it correctly, and thus let you go on to the next higher condition, you are a gung-ho Sea Org member again with new and revitalized determinism to never make a mistake again that would cause or threaten any harm to your group. My senior made me do the steps of the condition formula called "Danger", which is the next higher condition higher than liability. This was to handle my ethics on the fact I got pregnant. The reason I didn't have to do treason and all the lower conditions is I professed that the Scientology auditing I had prior to my pregnancy had healed my body to such a degree that I was able to get pregnant despite the fact that a doctor told me years earlier that I probably would never have any more children. This wasn't altogether true but it was my only solution to avoid going to Ethics and being put through those lower conditions again. ... I asked Betty how many women she had actually taken to Riverside to have their abortions ... "Was it more than 20?" She waived her arm and said very emphatically, "Oh yes!"

Brainwashing and "Ethics Conditions"

Ethics is the method of keeping everyone's mind controlled into thinking and seeing one way only to the point of ignoring major faults in the Scientology leaders, the organizations and the Hubbard technology itself.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 278

The severity of the ethics action applied to a Scientologist who exhibits unorthodox behavior depends upon degree of departure from Scientology ideals. For example, a student decides to go play basketball rather than go to course that day. The supervisor would probably just admonish him and try to clear up what he "obviously didn't understand in his course materials." If this doesn't make him apologize and swear he'll never do it again, she would send him to "Ethics." ... Once a Scientologist is assigned to Ethics, he or she is interrogated by one or more ethics officers until the officer is satisfied that all non-orthodox thinking has been eliminated. ... He'll then ask the student what "condition" he is in. In Scientology there are 10 "conditions" in life. ... The names of these conditions from lowest to highest are

(1) confusion, (2) treason, (3) enemy, (4) doubt, (5) liability, (6) danger, (7) emergency, (8) normal, (9) affluence, (10) power.

If the student can't see why he should have to do one of the lower conditions and if the ethics officer can't convince him even with denigration, intimidation and incrimination, he would order the student to write up all the bad things he's done, especially to Scientology. The belief in Scientology is if a person has that much resistance to following the rules of getting his mind reconditioned in ethics he must have done harmful acts, especially to Scientology. (Following the steps of the formulas of the lower conditions would have made him resolute to never go play basketball or anything else when he's scheduled to attend Scientology courses.

If the recalcitrant student refuses to write up any bad deeds, the ethics officer will order the student to get a "Security check". A security check ("sec check") is a list of questions which ask in various ways whether the student did any harmful acts. In a security check, the student would be placed on an E-Meter, so his physical reactions to the questions can be measured. The sec checker is trained to get the person to talk and admitting to their harmful deeds.

If all goes well, the student is likely to feel some relief by getting some harmful deed off his chest. He is likely now to cooperate with the ethics officers and agree and decide he probably had gone into the condition of "doubt." The steps of the formula of the doubt condition make you decide what group or type of people you want to befriend and be part of exclusively. In this case, the student needs to decide between the group of Scientology and the group of "those type of people who irresponsibly will just go off and play basketball when they should be on course."

The steps you do to help you decide between the two groups is basically to look at the intentions and productivity of both groups. Then join or remain in and befriend the one that does the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Then you announce the facts to both sides.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 279

This can be a notice on the notice board saying you were doubt but you've come out of it and have decided to join the group of scientology and that you denounce the group of irresponsible people who . . . . Then you do everything in your power to improve the actions and statistics of the group in which you've decided to remain. As you can see from the way this formula is constructed, every Scientologist would choose the side of Scientology. Notice well that you can only choose one side and it has to be wholly to the exclusion of the other side. After doing scores of these doubt formulas which most long-term Scientologists have, you end up forfeiting your prior goals and ideals and natural tendencies that were part of your natural personality and devoting all of your time and energy to Scientology alone.

Once the ethics officer deems the student has done the steps of the formula for doubt correctly and came up with the correct answer, he authorizes the student to move up to the next condition, which is liability. The liability formula basically has you discover who your friends are. Nor surprisingly, the ethics processing does not let you advance until you conclude that your only friends are Scientologists. The ethics procedures requires the student to conclude that he or she must deliver an effective blow to the enemies of Scientology -- which in this hypothetical case is the type of irresponsible person who would put something else in life, like basketball, ahead of going to course. important than going to course." This might talk a couple of his old friends into feeling irresponsible and get them on course. Then the student must make up the damage he or she has done by contributing far beyond the normal demands of the group member. Then the reformed student must ask every group member to agree to consider you a group member again. So in the student's case, he'd write up what he did on this formula and what amends he did and have each person in the course room sign it saying they agreed to let him back in the group. As you can see this puts an extra seal on his resolution to never be the "irresponsible" type again and puts him in a frame of mind that to be really good and ethical, is to really devote all his time and energy to Scientology. ... Then the student must complete the "non-existent" condition formula which makes the student more compliant and coordinated within the group. ... If everything continues to go well for an extended period of time, you can do the "power" condition. Completing the power condition requires the student to write in detail everything that the student did to maintain his or her high productivity. This allows the student to pass this information about how he or she achieved the condition of power on to others so they can follow in the student's footsteps.

At this point, the student has gone from denying that he or she did anything wrong, to confessing ethical breaches whether real or imagined, to seeking forgiveness from other Scientologists for confessed out ethics behavior, to paying penance for the alleged misdeeds, to rededicating oneself to Scientology to boosting production, an achievement for which the Hubbard tech is given credit, to becoming so much a part of the system that the student authors a write-up to assist others to achieve the same success.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 280

You now have this student locked in that corral for good. He not only will happily put the chains and locks back in place on the gate if they get loose or fall off, he is happily influencing everyone else in that corral to follow in his footsteps.

Ethics is used much more profusely at the base than at all the lower Sea Organization units that dealt directly with the public. ... The practice of socially demoralizing staff in front of the crew was also a practice at the Base much more so than in the lower Sea Org units. ... Another Sea Org. tradition that is practiced at the base and not at lower Sea Org. units is the practice of throwing people into the lake. This is done with the whole crew present (or in some cases just the whole division). It is done as a ritual with the chaplin on one side and about 2 ethics officers to push them in. The Chaplin says something like, "I condemn your souls to the Sea in hopes you will arise a better Thetan (Thetan is the word for Spirit in Scientology).

Sea Org members are not allowed to watch or own a television. This was a direct order from LRH in around 1960 or so. They also never have a chance to read the news. It is frowned upon if they do read the news. This successfully cuts Sea Org members off from the communications of the outside world.

USGO or OSA were the organizations that were there to ruin the enemy and keep all entheta of their "goings on" off the regular staff members lines so we could devote all attention in doing our posts.

The enemy included government agencies, the media, psychiatrists, psychologists, AMA, any ex Scientologist who claim publicly in any way that scientology doesn't work or who simply leaves Scientoloqy or Sea org and refuse to return. These people are labelled Suppressive Persons." So much for Mary Tabayoyon and her sworn testimony of March 5, 1994

Robert Vaughn Young

In another trial on October 25, 1993, Robert Vaughn Young submitted the following for the record: "I was a member of an organization calling itself the Church of Scientology for approximately 20 years between 1969 and 1989. ... For nearly all of my 20 years, I handled public relations (PR) for L. Ron Hubbard ("Hubbard") and/or the Church of Scientology. ... In early 1971, I joined the Guardian's Office (GO) of the Church of Scientology, San Francisco. Today the Guardian's Office is titled the Office of Special Affairs ("OSA"). The Guardian's Office was the most powerful arm in Scientology.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 281

Gilman Hot Springs

In 1980, I was told that a secret location where Hubbard had stayed was being exposed in the media. The location was at Gilman Hot Springs, near Hemet, California. My task was to go and defuse the situation. The location was actually the secret international headquarters of Scientology that also had a tape and film production unit.

The secret world headquarters of the Scientology organization, "Gold," in the village of Gilman Hot Springs, California. That is also where Scientology boss David Miscavige lives. In the near vicinity is found the notorious "Happy Valley."
(from: "Rand McNally" Atlas, USA, 1988)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 282

I took command of the base, converted it to look like it did nothing but film and tape productions and presented it to the media as Golden Era Studios, effectively defusing the situation. It is an image that the base still carries today, even though it is still the international headquarters of Scientology. ... A power struggle ensued after Hubbard's death between Broeker and Miscavige that Miscavige won. Since I had been close to Broeker, I was caught in the purge

"Gold" in Gilman Hot Springs. Also where David Miscavige and Tom Cruise stay (from: The Scientology Church - 40th anniversary," 1995 CSI)

The "Happy Valley" Camp

and sent to the "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF), a Scientology gulag hidden behind an Indian reservation near Hemet. Those on the RPF are kept at hard labor under 24 hour guard until they are "rehabilitated," which means no longer thinking critical thoughts. I escaped down a dry river bed one night but was caught in Hemet. I finally ended up spending 14 months on the RPF, with deteriorating health (confirmed by medical examination.) ... When I refused to follow an illegal order, I was physically assaulted and beaten and sent back to Gilman Hot Springs for "handling." Pretending to be better, I went to Los Angeles to see my wife and told her about the situation. Before leaving Los Angeles, I wrote a report about the beating and sent it to OSA attorney Kendrick "Rick" Moxon. We put a few clothes in the car and left on July 3, 1989, leaving the rest of our belongings behind simply because it was not worth the risk to try and retrieve them."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 283

Vicky Aznaran on David Miscavige

David Miscavige's actual role within the organization was impressively described and submitted as sworn testimony to the U.S. District Court On April 4, 1994 by Vicky Aznaran, the President of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) from 1984 and 1987, the highest management organization within the Scientology hierarchy:

"David Miscavige was the Chairman of the Board of Author Services, Inc., ("ASI") in 1984 and 1985. ASI was incorporated to be the funnel through which profits from Scientology were channelled to L. Ron Hubbard and, therefore, it was very important within Scientology. Miscavige represented Hubbard in all aspects of controlling Scientology.

He attended regular meetings with myself and other top officials of Scientology organizations to review the status of all Scientology's activities, including its litigation and dirty tricks campaigns against Scientology's enemies. During the time I held the post of Chairman of the Board of RTC, David Miscavige held the post of Chairman of the Board of ASI. ... Miscavige became head of RTC in March of 1987 ...

Hubbard's successor and today Scientology's leader David Miscavige in the OSA intelligence service headquarters in Los Angeles
from: "High Winds" 18, page 59, 1995 (CSI)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 284

Miscavige has, since 1981 (!), been the decision maker over what lawsuits are filed by Scientology and how any lawsuits Scientology is engaged in are to be litigated. He does this without regard to the particular Scientology corporate entity (s) involved in the litigation. Miscavige has never allowed anyone else to make the final decisions concerning such matters. .... During all trials, Miscavige receives daily transcripts and issues orders directly to the attorneys (!) ...

Miscavige would issue orders and call meetings concerning these matters on a regular basis. Litigation is very costly and can result in severely adverse PR. Therefore, Miscavige was never willing for the decisions concerning it to be turned over to anyone else.

Stacy Brooks Young

In another sworn testimony of April 4, 1994 in the above-named proceedings, high-ranking ex-Scientologist Stacy Brooks Young added: " ... Mr. Jentzsch [spokesman of the Scientology organization] stated that both my husband and I have been on the Rehabilitation Project Force, or RPF. This is very true, and it is where the most horrifying of the abuses takes place, out of sight of anyone else, where staff members are stunned to discover that they themselves are Fair Game for whatever punishment or coercive tactics those in control of Scientology think should be meted out to them. There is no recourse short of leaving Scientology; there is no way off the RPF except to finish the program, and the product of the program is a person who will be utterly, uncritically compliant with his or her seniors without question. Until that is achieved the person is not a product" and must remain on the RPF. I know that this is true. I experienced it, and so did my husband. So have many other people who have already spoken out about this.

Arthur Hubbard in Burgbrohl and as prisoner in the "RPF" corrections camp

One of the people who also had to suffer through this hell, not just once, but twice in his life, is the today 37-year-old Arthur Hubbard, employed in Los Angeles as a trained artist, the youngest son of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and a very good friend of the Helnwein family,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 285

with whom he lived in their castle in Germany in 1986 and in 1990 for a total of more than a year when he worked as a painter and an "assistant" of Gottfried Helnwein.

Andre Tabayoyon on that in March 1994: " ... Arthur (member of the Church of Scientology International CSI) told me in several discussions that his father Ron had alwasy tried to completely organize his life for him and that he absolutely did not want that. Arthur got so upset with his father that he even decided to leave the Sea Org elite unit. He was found again personally by David Miscavige and "fetched." Arthur was immediately put into the RPF near Hemet for "spiritual recuperation" and spent many months there. In 1988, Arthur was able to flee the RPF, but was quickly re-captured. Norman Starkey, administrative executor of all rights to the writings of his father, Ron Hubbard, ordered re-incarceration for Hubbard's son and assignment to the RPF in Happy Valley. When he arrived there, he was subjected to a special brainwashing program which brought him to the verge of insanity. Nevertheless he managed to escape again."

Next time, though, he was not brought back by force. He is left in peace in order to avoid any disturbance in the media. Perhaps the Scientology management had attained scruples after all, because, after all, they were dealing with the son of "God" Ron Hubbard. Arthur Hubbard, who then was trying to work on his artist career again, went back to Los Angeles. By checking with the management of the Scientology Celebrity Center International in Hollywood, the preferred accommodation of the Helnwein family while they visited Los Angeles, Arthur managed to get to Germany. Destination Burgbrohl. To visit Helnwein, as Hubbard told Peter Reichelt, Helnwein's former consultant, in the summer of 1990. At the end of 1989, he moved into Helnwein's castle. Gottfried put a small studio at his disposal and a small room in which to live. Along with the two non-Scientology trained assistants, Markus and Axel, he became his third assistant, which made him a sort of general help.

Besides that, he painted oil after oil in his free time in order to make his own way with art exhibitions. Byt he made very little money with the sale of several of his pictures.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 286

The Model for the ORF

In the summer of 1990, Arthur was almost completely "burnt out." At that point in time, Reichelt, with his "DINO" production company, was producing a pilot program for TV "Kinderspiel" ["Child's Play"], conceptualized as a Saturday evening show for the ORF in Vienna, with Dietmar Schoenherr and Desiree Nosbusch as moderators. Reichelt commissioned his business partner, Gottfried Helnwein, as "Artistic Director" in spring of 1990. His tasks including furnishing the stage pictures for the two big Viennese Rosehuegel film studios, which were famous back in the '30s and '40s and which had been foreseen for the ORF television show planned in 1991.

In order to convince the ORF manager at the time, Teddy Podgorski, then his successor, Gerd Bacher, of the feasibility of the Helnwein proposals, Reichelt commissioned Helnwein with the preparation of two large, scale models. Helnwein, in turn, gave the actual production over to his friend with whom he shared a residence, Arthur Hubbard. Hubbard went to work on implementing Helnwein's concepts with a young Viennese model builder by the name of Wokaun. They needed several months to get their work done. Reichelt paid Hubbard DM 2,100 which he desperately needed, since he had not made any money in Germany from selling his pictures. Hubbard and his partner, the Viennese model builder Wokaun, and Helnwein assistants Axel and Marcus, did a fabulous job of tranforming Helnwein' sketches into reality.

The two models made their "premiere" appearance for the first time in the summer of 1990 in a several-day working session of the entire 20-person "editing" team under the direction of actor and Helnwein friend Dietmar Schoenherr on the Helnwein castle. The two models were set up on the ground floor of the Helnwein family's private rooms and festively presented by the lord of the manor himself, full of pride, before the awed guests. Reichelt had had mulitiple opportunities to speak alone with Arthur Hubbard. What Reichelt was interested in, more than anything else, was Arthur's relationship to his father, the "super-human." Arthur spoke very openly about it. He was enthusiastic about the "ethics rules" which his father had developed and which Reichelt did not understand at the time since the word "ethics" to him meant something else than it did in 1992, when he began to critically research the Scientology organization.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 287

Gottfried Helnwein, Kuno Knoebl (ORF Producer) and Peter Reichelt in the ORF television studio "Rosenhuegel" in Vienna in summer 1990 (photo: AR)

Team session for the ORF Saturday evening show "Kinderspiel" at Burg Brohl, with people including Dietmar Schoenherr, Desirée Nosbusch and Gottfried Helnwein in July 1990

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 288

"Brainstorming" for "Kinderspiel" at Burg Brohl - July 1990 (photos: AR)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 289

Desirée Nosbusch and Gottfried Helnwein

The Helnwein family's living room

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 290

Arthur spoke resignedly of his long-term incarcerations in which he had to be punished for openly opposing his father's doctrines, but he also said that he resigned from being an active staff member of the organization (1990) because of his miserable relationship with his father and to work as an independent artist. Shortly before he departed, he told Reichelt that there had also been many intense conversations between him and Gottfried in his almost one-year stay at the Helnweins. Much of what he told Reichelt did not sound real and seemed completely incomprehensible to him. "I could not imagine, since parts of it sounded virtually utopian to me. His fathers past, more than anything else, was of interest to Helnwein," according to Reichelt in January 1997.

Arthur Hubbard lived with Gottfried Helnwein and even worked there for the ORF in Vienna as a model builder. His fee, which he received in cash on July 31, 1990: 2,100 DM for seven days work


But back to ex-RPF corrections camp staff member Tabayoyon: " ... The Hubbard Technology, often called Tech, was used to supposedly help people. It was also used coercively to control the behavior of people and to punish them for real or imagined transgressions against Scientology.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 291

When the Hubbard Tech is deliberately misused to cause harm, the practice is called Black Dianetics or Reverse Processing. ... I have been a member of various Churches of Scientology for 21 years from 1971 to 1992. During this time, I received extensive and intensive training as a Scientologist. ... In these various Scientology posts, I observed how the inner most parts of Scientology worked. I observed, participated in and was victimized by coercive and manipulative thought control processes designed to shape the thinking of the individuals upon whom these procedures were imposed. These practices are particularly prevalent in the Rehabilitation Project Force ("RPF") , a brainwashing and penal operation very similar to what I had been trained to expect from the Viet Cong, North Vietnamese and Red Chinese during my tour of duty in Vietnam. ...

I spent more than ten years stationed at the Gilman Hot Springs Scientology base near Hemet, California. It is known as 'Gold.' The Gold is a fortified and armed facility operated by various Scientology organizations. It is under the direct control of Miscavige who also has an expensive residence there. These organizations include the Church of Scientology International ("CSI") and the Religious Technology Center ("RTC"). Gold is administered, in part, by The Gold Coordination Council. While I was stationed at Gold, I was personally involved with numerous renovations and construction projects. These included:

(a) The renovation of Hubbard's personal living quarters in approx. 1983;

(b) The renovation of Hubbard's office, which included installing cinematography and audio sound equipment of production studio quality in approx. 1983/84;

I witnessed money from various non profit Scientology organizations, and labor provided by various non profit Scientology organizations being used for the personal benefit it of Miscavige, Tom Cruise, other Scientology senior executives and other Scientology celebrities (such as John Travolta, Chick Corea and Priscilla Presley)....

I also saw monies and/or personnel from various Scientology non profit religious organizations being used for the personal benefit of Miscavige. We constructed a music room for him, a lounge, a dressing room, a personal exercise room and personnel storage rooms. The approximate cost of this was between $250,000, $300,000. This does not include the cost of labor since RPFers, or slave labor was used on these projects for personal enurement of Miscavige.

Miscavige, other senior Scientologists and certain celebrities would also use the movie theater we constructed on the base to view first run movies provided to him by his acquaintances in the movie industry.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 292

Tom Cruise and his friend David Miscavige at "Gold"

During the 1980's, Miscavige befriended the actor Tom Cruise and they spend a lot of time together on the Hemet base. Their special chef, Sinar Parman, would prepare them fancy meals. Often they would hang out alone in the space designated for L. Ron Hubbard on the Clipper Ship we built in the desert. This space had a small kitchen, a little dining room, a little bar and a bed. They also had the exclusive use of the officers lounge. On other occasions Miscavige and Cruise would work out in the expensive gym we built for exclusive and restricted use. No one else was allowed to talk to Tom Cruise when he was on the base. One time one of the gardeners spoke to him and this caused a major flap on the base. At Gold, Miscavige is known by his initials DM and Tom Cruise by his initials TC.

From the late 1980's until I left the Gold, Tom Cruise was provided a personal and exclusive apartment and storage facilities by the Scientology organization and at Scientology's expense. Tom Cruise kept two Yamaha motorcycles, a Mercedes Benz automobile and a large motor home at Gold. These were stored in what used to be Hubbard's garage and parking lot. Obviously, Miscavige and Cruise have developed a special relationship. One is a young world domineering celebrity. The other is a young domineering cult leader who seeks to 'clear' the world and to rule it according to Scientology beliefs and practices.

When Tom Cruise got married to Nicole Kidman, they and David Miscavige went to a Colorado Ski Resort for the marriage ceremony. A Sea Org staffer (Sinar Parman) was taken along to do personal cooking for Tom Cruise and Miscavige at the expense of Scientology not for profit religious organizations. This left only 3 cooks at Gold to cook for 800 people three times a day.

I personally participated in the construction of an apartment at the Gold base, using extensive funds from various non profit Scientology religious organizations, for the personal and exclusive use of Tom Cruise. This was done on the orders of David Miscavige. Even though Miscavige has claimed to be Chairman of the Board of RTC, here he is directing the expenditure of CSI money and the deployment of CSI labor -- both paid and slave. Other apartment cottages were built for the use of John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Edgar Winters, Priscilla Presley and other Scientology celebrities who are carefully prevented from finding out the real truth about the Scientology organization.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 293

The labor used to construct Tom Cruise's apartment was provided by Gold, a division of CSI, and persons from a myriad of Scientology organizations serving time in the RPF. The RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) is the Scientology gulag or concentration camp. ...

The Tom Cruise apartment at the Gold base is located at the golf course end of the Gold base, closest to State Street. When Tom Cruise visits the Gold base, and stays in his personal apartment, he is cared for by a Sea Org steward. We also had to renovate the Tom Cruise apartment at the Hemet Base after it was damaged by a mud slide. The repairs had to be performed on an emergency basis. Both the Gold crew and the RPFers were placed on extended hours to restore the apartment. Again, Tom Cruise was benefiting from the use of what is essentially prison slave labor being worked almost around the clock.

Tom Cruise also enjoyed use of facilities constructed on the Gold base that were not available to any Scientology staff except the senior most Scientologists on the base, particularly Miscavige and his lieutenants. For example, I saw Tom Cruise use the exercise room which was off limits to at least 98 percent of the staff. Tom Cruise also had unrestricted access to the Ship which has a sauna, jacuzi and a large Olympic sized swimming pool. ... To assure that Tom Cruise's stays at the Hemet base were enjoyable, special provisions were made for him and restrictions were imposed on the staff at the Hemet base. Millions of Church dollars were spent so that millionaire Tom Cruise could regularly visit the Scientology base and be friends with Miscavige. ... Indeed, a girl by the name of Jennie Matsamura was assigned to take care of him and his renovated cottage. The Hemet base staff was barred from going where Tom Cruise might be present. ... Once we had to pour a concrete walkway so that Tom Cruise would not have to walk on the desert soil. ...

Tom Cruise also received his upper level auditing at the Gold base. All of his auditor training was provided under the auspices of RTC and delivered by RTC. Officially, RTC has no auditing service delivery capability. It exists solely to enforce the Scientology trademarks.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 294

This is yet another example of how the purported corporate compartmentalization exists only for the "WOG" world and has no meaning within Scientology. At the time I left Gold, Tom Cruise had completed Dianetics, Level O-IV, the Key to life course, the Life orientation course and he was audited up to OT III. ...

Tom Cruise also audited Kevin Catano up to grade IV. Kevin Catano was a member of the Sea Org security force at Gold. Usually a Sea Org member in the security force would be audited only by a Sea Org member -- not a public scientologist let alone Scientology celebrity. Tom Cruise's p.c. (pre-clear) folder was kept in the Gold case supervision (c/s) office which I had access to as a security missionaire. It contains supposedly confidential information derived during auditing sessions. However, the contents of such pre-clear folders have been culled and used against people. it is my opinion, based on my Scientology training, education and experience, that such information is collected by the Scientology organization in order to be able to exert control and influence over people such as Tom Cruise or John Travolta should they ever attempt to leave the Scientology organization.

Operation "Paper Chase," or how I made more money from money

On May 15, 1991, a multiple paged letter of volatile content left the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) of Tallahassee, Florida. The letter's sender, Steve Fishman, convicted to five years in prison, which was due to end in November, for participating in fraud carried out in connection with "Operation Acting Classes" on commission of the Office of Special Affairs, which means the Scientology Church International with offices in Los Angeles.

For the first time, Fishman described for a friend in detail how the secret "Operation Paper Chase" was carried out.

Fishman: " ... I was a Guardian's Office Agent from 1979-1983, and then I was hatted as an Office of Special Affairs Missionaire (same duties, realistically speaking). I was also the Fields Financial Planner of Miami. I was the telex operator (later trained on the INCOMM Computer Network) and I ran the Squirrel Watch Program (SQL) which kept track of the "enemies" of the Church, assigning a Battle Plan to "handle" each one of them.

I was a courier in Operation Paper Chase, ... the largest money laundering operation in the world. This was something the Church was very much afraid of, and are to this day. That is why 3 weeks ago, someone anonymously sent in a package of plastic explosives wrapped in carpet samples to this institution, and I was thrown in the hole or solitary confinement, pending the investigation. Of course, once they realized that I was the victim, they returned me to the regular prison compound.

Operation Paper Chase was LRH's dream to gain control of the planet economically. Back in the early 70's much before I joined, LRH through the G. O. ordered Scientologists to work as plants in various quasi-governmental agencies, including but not limited to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (known as the World Bank), the Export-Import Bank, the Council on Foriegn Relations, and others.

These people were employed as low-level secretaries or functionaries to Country Risk Analysts for each of these and many other agencies. A County Risk Analyst determines whether a is creditworthy, or better stated, whether they are in a financial position to repay a loan to the National Treasury of that country. Over the years, these plants reported-back when certain countries were unable to repay these loans. Before the news was leaked to the public, and often before political unrest ensued, a trading position was established by the Church through various private banking houses in Vaduz~ Liechtenstein (the Windesgraetz Bank), as well as La Vella, Andorra and San Marino, for the express purpose of selling these currencies short.

Selling currencies short means taking a futures position to deliver so many hundreds of millions (in our case) of dollars worth of the foreign currency at a later date (for future delivery).

These banks required very little margin, and often the trade was negotiated for as low as 1%. Therefore, a 100 million dollar position, controlled 10 billion-dollars worth of foreign currency. Now, you can see what pressure this placed on the National Treasury of third world countries who at the very same time were being denied loans and credits from the very credit-reporting agencies in whom we had-planted our operatives.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 296

These countries could not-repay their existing loans, and now through our trades we placed additional pressure upon the National Treasuries of these countries, so their currencies collapsed. Every time they dropped 1%, we doubled our money, because of the multiplier effect of the leverage of the trade.

Scientology is a global money laundering and tax evasion scheme which has had a negative impact the world over.

In Operation Paper Chase alone, by virtue of the fact that we shorted the Kuwaiti Dinar in 1988, the Kuwaiti Government was unable to repay their loans to Iraq and this ARC Break prompted the Gulf War. As early as 1979 when I first became involved with this operation, the Iranian Royal caused the collapse of the Shah's Government, whereupon the Ayatollah came to power. Other currencies involved in Operation Paper Chase were the Brazilian Cruzeiro, the Nicaraguan Cordoba, the El Salvadoran Peso, the Zaire Zaire, the Israeli Shekel, the Polish Zloty, the Malaysian Ringgit, and many others.

The job or hat of the Flag Banking Office Network External was to take the approximately $ 6,000~000 per week which was being earned in auditing revenues and convert this amount into an amount 5.4 times that, or $32,400,000 per week, on an averaged basis ...

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 297

What then occurred is that the profits from these trades were used to buy gold bullion. At one point, David Miscavige reported to us via the Flag Banking Officer International, David Gaiman, that we controlled already in 1987' 16% (!) worth of the world's gold supply.

In any case, the primary purpose of GOLD, or Golden Era Productions, is not simply to manufacture Scientology cassettes, reels and videos. It is to store gold bullion, and that is why it is called GOLD.

The storage facilities are RPFs (Rehabilitation Project Forces) all around the world, including Happy Valley in Shandon, California, Camp Certainty in Seiad Valley, California, Wonderland (Old Happy Valley) in the Crestline section of the San Bernardino Mountains, Merry Mountain in Nelson, Nevada, near New Mexico, Joy City in Lehigh, Florida; Theta Township in Hareskovby, Denmark; Paradise Bay in Katlehong, South Africa, Crow's Nest in New South Wales; and Home Sweet Home in England, somewhere near Saint Hill but whose exact location is unknown to me. Other RPF facilities like Purpose Palace in Ybor City are used to provide cheap slave labor, such as making Sea Org Uniforms, etc. The list of Scientology shell corporations involved in operation Paper Chase is quite long.

Theta Management, IMU Services, and Assisco handle much of the money flows from Europe to the United States. The Author Family Trust is used to transport the gold on freighters world wide.

The Church of Spiritual Technology runs the RPF storage facilities, such as Wonderland which I visited while it was under construction on March 29, 1988. San Donato Properties is involved with the maintenance of the Freewinds for the Flag Ship ServiCe Organization. And so on. ...

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 298

Scientology is a lot more threatening as a global force than just a few auditors and registrars taking away the money of vulnerable people. I wish it were only that simple. I shudder to think of what LRH's New Civilization would be like to live under, where one's stats are graphed hourly and where production crashes meant a ticket to an RPF. ...

signed: Steve Fishman"

Two murder contracts from "Scientology USA" to Garry Scarff

OSA intelligence agency chiefs from left to right: Kurt Weiland, Mike Rinder and Heber Jentzsch
(from: "High Winds" 18, 1995 (CSI)

On April 4, 1994, Garry Scarff caused a sensation. On that day, his 240 (!) page sworn testimony was submitted for the accused by attorney Graham E. Berry in "Church of Scientology International" vs. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz, case nbr. CV 91 6426 HLX (Tx) in the District Court of Los Angeles. Scarff's testimony caused a real sensation. For the first time, a former high-ranking member of the OSA intelligence agency explained how he had been told to carry out multiple murder in criminal contracts for the Scientology organization in Los Angeles!

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 299

He said that before he carried out the murder contracts, though, he was overwhelmed by attacks of conscience and he revealed what he had to the police in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Scarff's testimony was given to attorney Berry, was taped over a period of 17 dayes in July and August 1993 and type up for this sworn testimony.

The Scarff story begins in 1991. Within the OSA organization in Los Angeles, David Butterworth is the director supervisor of the so-called "terminal," OSA agent Garry Scarff from Portland. During this time, Butterworth is the Director of the OSA International main office in Los Angeles, the Scientology organization's intelligence service. He is the one who, within OSA INT, is responsible for all operations in the USA, and also for their successful execution, when possible. Scarff: " Eugene Ingram is a paid employee of Bowles & Moxon which is the in-house law firm for the Church of Scientology. Its attorneys, most whom are members of the Church of Scientology. ...

All you have to do is look at the history of the Church of Scientology. All you have to do is look at all the documented facts, documented evidence we have here against Bowles & Moxon and the Church of Scientology, and you know there can be no doubt that the Church of Scientology is a criminal organization, in and out, and that the officials and lawyers within the Church of Scientology, and I speak of Tim Bowles, Mr. Weiner, all the attorneys that are working at Bowles & Moxon are part and parcel to this criminal organization and they all belong behind prison bars.

Cynthia Kisser

Through a -- through several conversations by phone, also in a personal meeting in November of 1991 and in a meeting in December of '91 at the Church of Scientology Saint Hill organization building, where the Office of Special Affairs and Bowles & Moxon is actually located, I was directed, one, to go to Chicago, Illinois and to murder Cynthia Kisser, Cynthia Kisser being the Executive Director of the Cult Awareness Network, by a staged car accident.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 300

The suggested method was cutting her brake lines but it was later talked about that because Cynthia Kisser drives a Ford Bronco that it might not be possible to cut a brake line, so therefore, I could release brake fluid and tamper with the vehicle in such a way that it would render it out of control at which time I would be in a vehicle behind it. I would run her off the road, hopefully running her into a ditch or into a tree. And then making sure she did not survive the accident. "So the suggested ways of following up was to take a pillow and smothering her to death. Another method was dragging her out of the vehicle and drowning her. It was also discussed including her young daughter and killing her in the accident. I didn't know she had a young daughter at the time. ...

Q. When did this conversation occur, roughly? A. Roughly after 12:30 in the morning so it would have been actually the next morning of Sunday, early morning when it occurred. Q. Sunday when? A. November, I believe it was 17th, which is the actual date of the Jonestown tragedy anniversary. Q. And then who was present at that conversation? A. Eugene Ingram , David Butterworth and some other people that I don't know, I didn't even know who they were, but Ingram told me that they were both from the Legal Office and they worked in the OSA. Q. And by Legal Office what do you mean? A. There is -- they weren't individuals that I know now to have been with Bowlers & Moxon, but down on the floor where the OSA exists, there is an office adjoining the War Room which they refer to as the Legal Office. And persons in that Legal Office is Linda Sarkovich and a woman by the name of Teri whose last name I don't recall, but she was always in a Sea Org. dress blues uniform when I spoke with her. Q. What is a Sea Org. uniform? A. The Sea Org. uniform is a pseudo-Naval uniform worn when you are a member of the Sea Org. which is a primary branch of the Church of Scientology, at least they would like you to believe is a branch, but is actually I believe in control of the Church of Scientology International. ...

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 301

The specifics of the operation was for me to fly to Chicago O'Hare Airport, rent a vehicle with the information provided to me by the Office of Special Affairs in Los Angeles and the OSA in Chicago particularly with the tools provided to me by Randy Kretchmar, who is an official of the OSA in Chicago, to follow Cynthia Kisser home, run her off the road and take all steps necessary to render Cynthia Kisser dead. ...

Leading OSA INT staff, far left Scientology attorney and "Patron" Tim Bowles in the OSA headquarters in Los Angeles
from "Scientology Today" 5, 1988, CSI INT)

He told me that there was absolutely no way that I could be held accountable if I -- there is no way I could be caught -- first of all, that immediately after I did it I was to fly back to Los Angeles and that Mr. Ingram would be responsible for putting me into to a safe house ... And that they would keep me there until the steam blew off or until Bowles & Moxon was successful enough in impeding any type of legal investigation towards me and that I would be held not accountable for these crimes, and it was specifically discussed that they would put me into hiding and that any type of criminal investigation that was pending towards me, any type of legal investigation that may have started as a result of this murder, that Bowles & Moxon would step in and throw so many legal maneuvers at the courts that there is no way that I would be eventually prosecuted for this crime. ...

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 302

Ford Greene is an attorney who is also a former member of the Unification Church or what people refer to as the Moonies and he had represented former Scientologists in litigation involving the Church of Scientology.

Commanding Officer OSA International together with leading OSA INT staff at a mission meeting
(from: "SC Today" 5, 1988, CSI INT)

Timothy Bowles is an attorney for the Church of Scientology and works in the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). He is new OTIV and a Hubbard Standard Dianetics auditor and executive status I. He has been a lawyer for ten years and is now a patron of the association. ... In both conversations with Mr. Moxon himself, he seems pretty proud of the fact, and in conversations with Eugene Ingram, David Butterworth and Sue Taylor, who is the Director of Public Affairs, Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C., Mr. Moxon was one of the original coconspirators involved in Operation Snow White against the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service which resulted in the arrest and conviction of 11 high-ranking members of the Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C. which also included the imprisonment of L. Ron Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue Hubbard. Mr. Moxon is very proud of the fact that he was intimately involved in that whole unlawful affair and the FBI never caught him. He is proud of fact that he got away with doing unlawful stuff and he never got arrested or convicted for it.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 303

CCHR attorney Kendrick Moxon
OSA attorney Kendrick Moxon
(from: "SC Today" 5, 1988, CSI INT)

Eugene Ingram was the primary talker in all of this, and Eugene told me that reflecting on our conversation in November, whereby Mr. Ingram had filed a complaint against Ford Greene for ethics violations to try to get him disbarred, Mr. Ingram said that nothing was going successfully with that, that the Bar Association in the State of California is a pansy organization and that nothing was happening with that.

Eugene told me that there is "no loss in a dead fag" and he basically said it would be a much easier operation for me to perform since I had failed in carrying out my planned effort to murder Cynthia Kisser. He said that Ford would be an easier target and that Ford was a major target that had to be eliminated. HAnd they said because Ford had a history of cocaine abuse and alcohol abuse and it was known that he enjoyed driving his car at very high speeds, and I could recall 90 miles to a 100 miles per hour on the highway back in 1987, that it would be easy to run this man off the road and kill him. Eugene even commented about the aspect of running him off the Golden Gate Bridge, which would insure his death, and that there wouldn't be a lot of investigation behind that simply because Ford Greene had a very impeachable reputation to begin with.

Mr. Butterworth and Mr. Ingram discussed with me other ways to get at Ford Greene. If not to kill Ford Greene, Mr. Ingram told me that he could gain access to incriminating materials like child pornography, which to possess is a violation of federal law, drugs and to break into Ford Greene's law office and plant these items and then to call the police and have Ford Greene arrested for possession of child pornography. ... when Eugene made the comment there is " no loss in a dead fag," everyone laughed. Everyone thought it was incredibly funny.

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