Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 200

OSA people Claudia Kauer and Helmuth Bloebaum in the masthead of
"Der Freiheitspiegel" 38, September 1988. SC Church Germany

submitted in court, he managed to intimidate one opponent after the next and deceive the judges as his guru Hubbard had taught. They fell for what he said because they did not know any better.

It was not until summer 1996 that an end was finally put to that. The superior state court in Frankfurt on Main woke up and smelled the roses and dismissed one of Helnwein's complaints against his critics for the first time. The spell was broken.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 201

Three years before in summer 1993, the headquarters of OSA/Scientology Germany in Munich, under the management of Claudia Kauer and Helmuth Bloebaum, was being flooded with inquiries about Gottfried Helnwein. To each one their lapidary answer was expressed shortly and sweetly, "We don't give information about members." Conscious of her duty, Claudia Kauer immediately reported to the Scientology "guru" via fax about all the press agencies which were expressing an interest in Helnwein. For Helnwein an extremely dangerous answer. In every respect.

Helnwein raged over so much stupidity in the OSA center. His curt answer came back immediately with a new order which also was evidence of his fear:

Helnwein: "To Claudia Kauer. Thanks for the fax.
1. Since it is possible that our faxes can be seen by people other than us, in the future I want all Comm (communication - note from the author) only through the OSA computer. That means: no more faxes in plain text.


Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 202

2. The journalists whom you mentioned (xy) are obviously trying to ask you a trick question about me. When you say that you don't want to give out any information about members, then you are indirectly saying that I am a member.
The following applies in the future:
I forbid you to give any kind of information about me to the press or anyone else. The same also goes for all members of my family.

That letter also proves the deep involvement of Helnwein in the Scientology intelligence service and his management role inside the German organization, even in 1993.

The structure of OSA and the Helnwein connection

Martin Ottmann, former top Scientologist with years of "career experience" in the Scientology center in Clearwater, gives a short overview on the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), as follows: The OSA is the organization within the Scientology network which is involved "with all external church affairs." The OSA's goal in doing that is the "total acceptance of Scientology and its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard. OSA supports the Orgs through creating a safe environment in which they can expand and operate." (The Command Channels of Scientology, 1988, Los Angeles).

The different areas in which the desired "total acceptance" is to extend is made clear in a 1988 open letter from the President of the Church of Scientology International, Heber Jentzsch. This characteristic article was published is the second edition of "Scientology Heute," the magazine from the German branch of the OSA:

"Dear Scientologists, in this second issue of 'Scientology Today' I would like to take the opportunity to express to you how a Scientologist can contribute to create a safe space for the expansion of Scientology and to influence society.. ... Since the Church is always expanding into more and more areas of society, is finding new routes and reaching more people, it is just as necessary to extend our communication lines. We must be in the situation to reach the right people to get things done. We have to find out how to reach important people

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 203

Strategic structure of the OSA intelligence service (by M. Ottmann and SHSP, eV)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 204

in the media, in the government and in key positions in society - the people who have things in hand ... Personal communication lines are powerful. More powerful than most people could imagine. People basically trust their friends and acquaintances more than what they read in the newspapers. For this reason personal communication lines are important. It may be that you do not know the Federal Chancellor personally, but surely you know people to whom it would be worthwhile for the church to reach out in society. Therefore I would like to cordially ask you to let me know what communication lines you have in the following areas:

POLITICS: This could be politicians on the national, regional and local plane, be it local municipal officials, mayors, city council people, ministers or representatives. This would also include leading representatives of government agencies and executive officials.
MEDIA: This relates to all possible representatives of the media you know, especially owners or partners of newspapers, press agencies, magazines, publishing houses, television and radio stations, as well as editors and publishers of any sort.
LEGAL ENTITIES: This would be judges, district attorneys, lawyers, etc.
FINANCIAL ENTITIES: Members of management, board members, presidents and their representatives as well as other leading positions in banks, savings associations and loan associations. Also stock brokers and other people of the financial entity.
ART AND ENTERTAINMENT: Known personalities of film or television. Known artists, actors, writers and all opinion leaders of this area.

Perhaps you do not even suspect how important and valuable your communication lines may be for the Church. Therefore please take the trouble and write down all your contacts in these categories.
I thank you warmly and look forward to hearing from you! Heber Jentzsch. Note from the editors: we ask you to order the prepared questionnaires from the editors in Munich, Claudia Kauer, Reichstr. 12, 8000 Munich or tel. 089 / 344928 in writing or over the phone. Naturally, all statements will be handled confidentially.
" ("Scientology Heute," Munich, 1988)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 205

The Scientology Artist

Hubbard recognized the special significance of artists or celebrities for Scientology as early as 1955 when he initiated the (failed) "Project Celebrity," which was supposed to gain stars like Marlene Dietrich, Walt Disney, Groucho Marx, Ernest Hemingway and others for Scientology (Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide, USA, 1996). In 1963, Hubbard started a second time, but without targeting specific people. The HCO Policy Letter of 1 January 1963, "Plan Goal Three - Celebrities."

"Audit selected celebrities. Fast expansion (of Scientology) can be obtained by ... the reinstatement of celebrities who are shortly before the highlight of their career or who have just reached it. This also includes any person who is in the public eye and is loved, but already has their high point behind them, as well as any other personality on their way up ... L. Ron Hubbard".

Several years later Hubbard even invented a rank inside of his para-military elite group, the Sea Org. This was manifested by Flag Order 3323: "Honorary Sea Org Member."

"Celebrities are special people and possess a characteristic way of expansion (of Scientology). They have communication lines which others do not have and can use different media for 'expansion.' Because of their significance as "expansionists," it would be crazy to put them on staff in an organization like other Sea Org members. It is more desirable that they remain 'celebrities' and use their talents to present more to the public. When these 'celebrities' want to enter the Sea Org, they can be distinguished with the rank of 'Honorary Sea Org Member.' This title will not be awarded to every celebrity, just those who have shown and proven their dedication to the Sea Org. (FO 3324, Celebrities and the Sea Organization, 9 May 1973)

The Ottmann judgment on Helnwein

Martin Ottmann continues, "I was asked to figure out Helnwein's position within Scientology based on the documents I have been presented with.

On the basis of the available documents on Helnwein's contact to OSA greats like Michael Rinder, Kurt Weiland and Heber Jentzsch,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 206

The "Office for Public Affairs" - also called OSA or DSA - with its offices in Department 20 of the Munich Organization (an other organizations in the German-speaking world) is seeking qualified staff to help to ensure that Scientology can expand unhindered.

The goal of this office include the improvement of

  • public representation,
  • the legal status
  • the acknowledgment by the government in all German-speaking countries

Expansion of the Public Relations Office

In order to bring about the complete social acknowledgment of Scientology in society, the PR departments are being strongly expanded. A variety of people are needed to help represent the Church to the outside, for press work as will as contacts with other religions, social establishments and social groups.

Scientologists who like to get the job done now have the opportunity to be trained as public relations expert in a special project. For this purpose a private PR training school has been opened in Los Angeles in which PR students from all over the world can be trained in LRH PR technology in newly developed courses, several of which have not been available before.

As an OSA/DSA PR staff member you will be in the position to make an important contribution to the constantly growing popularity and application of the LRH technology in society.

Find out whether you are qualified to be an OSA/DSA PR staff member.

Contact the PR department of the Scientology Church Germany, Beichstr. 40, 8000 Munich 40.

Scan of original German

The German Scientology intelligence agency recruits for new members
(from: "Scientology Heute" 1988)

and his positive public statements in favor of Scientology in the period 1974 to 1997, I would categorize Helnwein in that time period as having the rank of an OSA Field Staff Member (OSA FSM). That means he is an 'unofficial staff member' of the DSA/OSA intelligence agency in Germany. It may be that he is not aware of this, which I personally do not believe; in any case, Helnwein was and will be implemented and used by the Scientology machinery as a living 'PR asset,' and Helnwein is ready to play along, even today. There is no question but that he is a stalwart Scientologist. He must have had to have undergone countless security checks before he was allowed to pass the portals of OT5 and then OT8. In doing that, Helnwein would certainly have to have also proved that he has a 'clean conscience' regarding his notions of Scientology and his own dissemination of it. His public statement that he 'shits on Scientology' may be an index of a furtive departure from Scientology. Nevertheless he is a long way from departing Scientology, even if he says that is what has happened.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 207

In the meantime, Helnwein is gladly being used by Scientology, that means by OSA, in order to carry out a wide-scale attack against Germany. I am convinced that Helnwein is also completely aware of this. Martin Ottmann."

So much for Martin Ottmann and his scathing judgment about Helnwein.

Courses in Clearwater

The years in which the Helnwein couple were taking courses most frequently at Flag in Clearwater, since 1990 off and on with their children, son Cyril and the younger daughter Mercedes Xenia, and with the Kempe couple, was in 1982, and then from 1988 to 1991. A third couple went along starting in the late 1980s, and not just in the Scientology alliances existing in Florida - the Munich construction business couple Kurt and Veronika Fliegerbauer. The names of individual members of those three couples are found repeatedly, sometimes together, in the course graduation lists from Flag in Clearwater, Florida, in various editions of the American Scientology magazine "Source," which bimonthly celebrates the students who graduate of the highest course by giving the complete names of the course participants who "studied" the high-level Hubbard teachings:

"Source" magazine - 1982 to 1995

Source 38 - 1982 Gottfried Helnwein - "Purification Rundown," Klaus K. - "Clear," Renate H. - "Sunshine Rundown" together with Klaus K.
Source 49 - 1985 Gottfried Helnwein - "Method One Word Clearing," Marieta K. - "OT V" and "False Purpose Rundown Auditing" together with Renate Helnwein, Kurt F. - "OT III" and "OT IV," Klaus K. - "OT VI"
Source 57 - 1988 Klaus K. - "OT VII" and Kurt F. - "L 10 Rundown"
Source 58 - 1988 Veronika F. - "New OT V"
Source 60 - 1988 Marieta K. - "New OT VI," Veronika F. - "L 11 Rundown"
Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 208
Source 65 - 1989 Gottfried Helnwein - "Hubbard Professional TR Course," Renate Helnwein - "Method One Word Clearing" and "Hubbard Method One Co-Audit" and Klaus K. - "PTS/SP Course, Part One"
Source 66 - 1989 Renate Helnwein - "New OT VI" along with Kurt F., Marieta K. - "New OT VII," Klaus K. - "Staff Status I," Kurt F. - "Method One Word Clearing"
Source 70 - 1989 Renate Helnwein - "New OT VII," as well as, for the first time, her eldest son, Cyril Helnwein - "The Student Hat Course"
Source 72 - 1990 Veronika F. - "New OT VII"
Source 73 - 1990 Marieta and Klaus K. - "New Hubbard Professional TR Course"
Source 74 - 1990 Renate Helnwein - "L 11 Rundown"
Source 75 - 1990 and also the "L 10 Rundown"
Source 76 - 1991 now the Helnwein daughter Mercedes Xenia Helnwein appeared for the first time - "Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course"
Source 81 - 1991 Marieta K. "Prosperity Rundown"
Source 86 - 1993 Renate Helnwein - "New Hubbard Professional TR Course"
Source 93 - 1994 Klaus K. - "New OT V" and Veronika F. "L 10 Rundown"
Source 95 - 1995 the Helnwein daughter Mercedes appears again as a graduate of the "ARC Straightwire Expanded" course in Clearwater.

For reasons of security, Gottfried no longer had his Flag activities documented in "Source" magazine after 1989.

That is irrefutable proof that, since 1982, that means for more than 15 years (!), "lifetime" Scientology members Gottfried and Renate Helnwein have been graduating one high-cost course after the next with increasing grades of difficulty in the sunny Scientology Mecca at Flag in the Flag Service Organization (FSO) in Florida, including often taking the same courses with a number of old and new Scientology friends, and not just from Germany and Austria. But these were not just private parties that were being held there.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 209

The "Flag" headquarters where Helnwein so frequently stayed has two sides: a light side seen in Scientology's advertising brochures and a darker, unknown side which could not have remained concealed from Helnwein, as a former leading Flag staff member who worked in Clearwater between 1990 and 1993, Martin Ottmann from Stuttgart, knows.

His firm belief as of April 1997: "Taking everything into account, I come to the following conclusion. After having seen what I have, I regard the Flag Service Organization (FSO) in Clearwater, Florida, the "religious" world headquarters of the Scientologists, as a large concentration camp in which the most intimate thoughts and most private spheres of the people who go to Flag are interfered with. By misusing their good intentions, which most staff members show by day, the Sea Org changes its own members into soulless slaves. They are kept and controlled in Flag against their free will, in the truest sense of the word. The result of this control mechanism is a new form of fascism!"

Payments to Scientology - 1972 to 1997

The following is a sample statement summary by time of Scientology courses which the individual Helnwein family members would have taken: the statistics for the Helnwein family from 1972 to 1992 for the worldwide "donations" made for courses and materials to diverse Scientology organizations (estimated):

Gottfried Helnwein (GH)
:Communication course in Munich DM 200
1972 - 1974
:Objective Processing
:Scientology Drug Rundown
:Grade 0
:Grade 1
:Grade 2
:Grade 3
:Grade 4 all at Munich
DM 8,000
Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 210
Renate Helnwein (RH) :as above with GH DM 8,000
:CLEAR and OT 1 in Copenhagen DM 15,000
RH :CLEAR and OT 1 in Copenhagen DM 15,000
:OT 2 and OT 3 in Copenhagen DM 20,000
RH :OT 2 and OT 3 in Copenhagen DM 20,000
GH :L 10 Rundown course in Clearwater, Florida $50,000
RH :New OT 4 course in Clearwater, Florida $40,625
RH :New OT 5 course in Clearwater, Florida $46,250
:Payment to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) in England for "Patron" status $40,000
:same as above $40,000
RH :Class 0 Auditor course in Duesseldorf CC DM 8,000
GH :Class 0 Auditor course in Duesseldorf CC DM 8,000
GH :New OT 4 course in Clearwater, Florida $40,625
RH :False Purpose Rundown Auditing course in Clearwater $2,800
GH :Method One Word Clearing Course in Clearwater $1,000
Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 211

Scan in German of Scientology chart

"The Bridge to Total Freedom" - The "Training" schedule of "Auditor 0" to "Auditor 5"
(from: "Table of the L. Ron Hubbard Library 1990")

:New OT 6 course in Clearwater, Florida $22,400
GH :New OT 5 course in Clearwater, Florida $46,250
GH :Hubbard Professional TR course in Clearwater $3,200
RH :Class 1 Auditor course in Duesseldorf CC DM 8,000
RH :Class 2 Auditor course in Duesseldorf CC DM 8,000
RH :Method One Word Clearing course in Clearwater $1,000
Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 212

Scan in German of Scientology chart

Helnwein is a "Class 4 Auditor." He took the necessary courses, Academy grades 0 to 4 at the "Duesseldorf Celebrity Center"
(from: prospectus of the Church of Scientology" 1996)

:"donation" in the form of Helnwein pictures to the "Narconon" Scientology organization in the USA. The sale of those pictures yielded over $150,000 to Narconon in the USA. What happened with the rest of the profits is not known, minimum proceeds: $150,000
RH :New OT 7 course in Clearwater, Florida $17,500
RH :L 10 Rundown course in Clearwater, Florida $50,000
RH :L 11 Rundown course in Clearwater, Florida $50,000
RH :Class 3 Auditor course at Duesseldorf CC DM 8,000
Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 213
GH :Class 1 Auditor course in Duesseldorf CC DM 8,000
GH :Class 2 Auditor course in Duesseldorf CC DM 8,000
RH :New OT 8 Preparations in Clearwater $10,000
RH :New OT 8 course on the "Freewinds" ship in the Caribbean, including 1 week room and board $65,060
Cyril Helnwein :Student Hat Course on the same ship $3,550
:Class 3 Auditor course in Duesseldorf CC DM 8,000
RH :Class 4 Auditor course in Duesseldorf CC
:Sale of 2 e-meters
DM 8,000
DM 13,700
Mercedes Helnwein :Hubbard Qualified Scientologist course in Clearwater $1,200
:Class 4 Auditor course in Duesseldorf CC DM 8,000
:New Hubbard Professional TR course $3,200
:New OT 6 in Flag
:New OT 7 in Flag
:New OT 8 Preparations in Flag
:New OT 8 on the "Freewinds" ship

The "donations" to Scientology between 1972 to 1995 come to about 1.6 million DM (estimated).

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 214

All statement calculations are based on Scientology's own schedules and from information from diverse former members of Scientology. The statements of course graduations are based on the published lists in the membership magazines of the time from "Scientology."

The following people appear in the course graduation lists of "Source" magazine, the International Association of Scientologist (IAS) membership magazine in connection with Helnwein and the time of his stays in Clearwater:

Courses in Clearwater, Florida - Flag graduations:

1995 volume 93 Klaus Kempe - New OT 5
Veronika Fliegerbauer - L 10 Rundown
1993 volume 81 - Marieta Kempe - Prosperity Rundown
1991 volume 73 - Marieta Kempe and Klaus Kempe - New Hubbard Professional TR course
1990 volume 72 - Veronika Fliegerbauer - New OT 7 and Method One Word Clearing
1989 volume 66 - Kurt Fliegerbauer - New OT 5 and New OT 6 and Method One Word Clearing course
- Marieta Kempe - New OT 7
- Klaus Kempe - Staff Status 1
1989 volume 65
volume 60
- Klaus Kempe - PTS/SP course 1
- Marieta Kempe - New OT 6
- Veronika Fliegerbauer - L 11 Rundown and L 11 Rundown Expanded
volume 58
volume 57
- Veronika Fliegerbauer - New OT 5
- Klaus Kempe - New OT 7
- Kurt Fliegerbauer - L 10 Rundown
1988 volume 51 - Marieta Kempe - New OT 5 and False Purpose Rundown Auditing
- Kurt Fliegerbauer - OT 3 and New OT 4
- Adelheid Gesche (Celebrity Center Duesseldorf) - New OT 7 and False Purpose Rundown Auditing
Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 215

Excerpt from the Scientology magazines "Freewinds" and "Source" with several course graduations of individual Helnwein family members and several of their best friends

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 216

Clearwater, Florida - The Helnwein estate lies in the background
photo - AR

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 217

The OT Levels

A preliminary comment from Martin Ottmann in March 1997: the Scientologists takes their OT levels very seriously. That is shown just in the conditions in how they try to prevent the OT materials from getting to people who are not authorized to have them. For instance, in the FSO (Flag Service Org in Clearwater, Florida) it is set up so that the OT course room is in a secure room which one can enter only with a computer readable identity card. The so-called OT Packs are

Scan in German of Scientology chart

"The Bridge to Total Freedom" - The "Processing" side from "Clear" to "OT 8" (from: "table of the L. Ron Hubbard Library 1990")

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 218

"The Coachman Building: the home of all technical training at Flag."
Here in Clearwater, Florida is where top Scientologist are trained and audited into "Class 12 (the highest) Auditors) (from: "Source" 97, 1995)

hooked up to an electronic security which sound an alarm to the security team if they are not hooked up to the security device for more than 30 seconds. Before every OT level, the pre-OTs (all Scientologists up to an including OT 7) are subject to security checks and ethics interviews in order to review their desirability, after which they are officially "invited" by Scientology to take each individual OT step. Any comment or mention about the OT levels is strongly prohibited under threat of being declared SP (one is declared to be a "Suppressive Person"). One may not even speak from OT to OT. The only place one may talk about their "case" is in the auditing session.

In 1991, one auditor made the mistake during a session of joking about the OT 5 material. Since the auditing sessions are regularly monitored with a "Listening-in-System," naturally he was caught. The man was dismissed from his post and thrown out of the Sea Org.

I would like to begin with "New Era Dianetics" since there is a certain easy transition from there to the real OT levels.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 219


This was developed by Hubbard in 1978, "in the year of the technical breakthrough." According to Hubbard, the process of "clearing" would be considerably accelerated by NED. While many PCs still had to use 50 to 75 hours of Dianetic auditing to get rid of their engrams before 1978, this was supposed to lead to a state of "clear" in 25 or 37 1/2 hours. With NED the PC would have his engrams audited on his first dynamic, that means past incidents would be made to disappear by being newly confronted. Mass would "blow" and spiritual energy would be placed at the Thetan's disposal. This principle went for all further auditing.

The PC would not be given any prepared data for NED. Incidents associated with pain and unconsciousness would be addressed in his auditing, where the questions were asked. For instance, if an event was analyzed and the auditor determined that more (electrical) charge was to be found on the event, then he would ask whether a similar event had occurred earlier. If the PC answered "yes," then it goes on with "Did this incident take place 100 years ago, 1,000 years ago, .... 65 billion years ago?" You have already noticed that the belief in reincarnation is induced in an non-apparent manner. What's being searched for is the incident which happened in the most distant past which is responsible for the charge in the incidents which occurred subsequently. The kind of thing that comes out of such an interrogation can be read in the book, "Have You lived before this life?" If the auditor finds no more charge in regard to engrams on the 1st dynamic and the PC says words to that same effect, then NED is finished and the PC is far enough along that his state of "clear" can be verified.

Clear Certainty Rundown (CCRD)

This is the first "confidential" rundown. The course of instruction for the CCRD-auditor can only be found in the FSO in a CCRD course room. Before the CCRD in 1979, there was the so-called "clear check," and from 1979 to 1985 the notorious DCSI (Dianetics Clear Special Intensive), which was replaced in 1985 by the CCRD.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 220

It is claimed in Scientology that David Mayo, Executive Senior CS who was later an ex-Scientologist declared SP, had brought his own squirrel data into the DCSI, which was said to have led to much confusion and to falsely attested clears and non-clears. Because of that, it was said that L. Ron Hubbard had to propose a new rundown with the CCRD in order to get rid of all lack of clearness.

In the CCRD, whether the PC has actually become a clear is reviewed one more time. For instance, the exact point in time is fixed in which the PC was rid of his last engram. When he finally has that procedure behind him, then he attests to this before an "examiner," who approves of his state of clear, as is done on every other rundown, while he is on the e-meter. Besides that, the PC is first given a little card with the end phenomenon (EP) of the rundown being completed and asked by the "examiner" whether he has reached this "EP." Naturally he must answer with a beaming "Yes!". At that point the PC is asked the question, "Do you have any doubts or reservations about attesting Clear?" If the PC answers "No" and smiles, then the next one follows, "Would you like to attest to Clear?" "Yes," smiling. "Do you want to write a Success Story?" "Yes." So the good still-a-PC sits at a little table and writes up his success and gain from auditing. When he is done, he gives his write-up back to the "examiner" and sits down at the cans. The "examiner" reads the entire thing through, says "Great!" and then asks, "Do you want to have others having similar wins like you?" "Yes." Upon that there is still one similar question. Done!

That is how it goes after all rundowns or courses are completed! If a Scientologist has now successfully completed the NED and CCRD, then he continues with the "Solo 1" course. If, however, in spite of successful completion of NED, he is not verified to be a "clear" in the CCRD, then he has to go on the "Alternate Route to Clear."

Alternate Route to Clear (ARTC)

Until 1978, the "Alternate Route to Clear" was the only route to clear. After NED came on the market, ARTC was rapidly pushed into the background for reasons which included the NED was easily learned by an auditor and could be delivered at any Class V Org - while the "ARTC" could be obtained only at Advanced Orgs. As a result, the Alternate Route is only used on cases which are hard to crack. The theory behind it is the following: The 08 / 15 person

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 221

up to the OT levels consists of clusters of Thetans, as to why, more on that later. Within these clusters, one Thetan usually has control. This is the Thetan which becomes "clear." If he now does not have so much power or only a slight edge on the others, then it is difficult for him to become clear. So he has to be given a little help at first. This happens with "Power" and "Power-Plus" Auditing. The Thetan which stands up from the group is supposed to get more power over the others in order to be able to accomplish his upcoming assignment. The "Power Auditing" itself is delivered by a Class VII Auditor. Besides that, I read once in a Bulletin or heard in a recording from Hubbard that "Power Auditing" would be a therapy to make a healthy spirit out of an "SP" or an insane person. One would only have to set them on the chair, push the cans into their hands and ask them the auditing questions and the struggle among the Thetans would begin and a good Thetan would win the upper hand. It is said, namely, that all Thetans are basically good. With an SP (Suppressive Person), it is only a matter of one of these evil beings in the background occupying an event of the past while in the present. One now asks why Hubbard did not simply subject the world's SPs to "Power Auditing" and do away with all the suffering in the world. First of all they would have defended themselves from that tooth and nail and secondly, Hubbard thinks that ethics forbids him from first clearing the "SPs" and not the capable Thetans. Once the PC has "Power Plus" behind him then he continues with the following programs: Solo 1 course, OT Preparations, Solo 2 course, OT Eligibility.

The Solo 1 course is a course in which one learns the fundamentals of auditing and how to operate the e-meter. In the OT Preps, an auditing operation, past auditing is looked at and reviewed as to whether all the right things were addressed and nothing was forgotten or overlooked, like, for instance, in Grade II.

After that comes the Solo II course. In that the PC learns to audit himself. With two e-meter cans held separately in one hand and a pencil in the other hand to document everything in writing, the apprentice solo auditor asks the auditing questions telepathically to himself, we already mentioned that, to the other Thetans and gets his answers back in the same way. He does that a few times in short, simple sessions in order to gain confidence.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 222

Then the OT Eligibility: a "security check," in which it is determined whether the PC is "PTS" or "out-ethics," in short, whether the person is an integral Scientologist and will not misuse the "confidential" material.

Now things really get going. In the "Grade IV Release" and the "Clearing Course," he, the PC, now audits himself; in the "Clearing Course" he sees two movies, naturally they are also confidential, and he reads, for the first time, the so-called "Clearing Course Packs" about his long forgotten past.

That is concerned with the following: 2 trillion, or 1 - 1.5 billion or 75 million years ago, one incident occurred in several incidents. The event begins with light and hypnotic commands, "Among all living things there is nothing lower, more worthless or unworthy than you! ... Therefore we will educate you so that you will never harm again!" The light turns off again, one encounters one resident of space in a bubble, but apparently there are more of them. After that one gets into a room by following a path of light. One is then force-fed with pictures in a certain sequence. These pictures are interchanged with geometric figures which fly and with "aesthetic waves." Among all this there is much light again. That is how the "GPMs" are built, the "reactive bank." GPM means "Goals Problems Mass." Hubbard concluded that when the ideas, concepts and desires are crossed shortly before the Thetan's goal by an SP's counter-purpose, as obviously presented on the Clearing Course by the implantation of geometric figures, then a problem arises, and, out of that, "mass." One can take the word mass literally, then you can understand why the Scientologists want to dissolve the entire universe with its entire mass. This mass builds the "reactive bank" around Thetans. Naturally, engrams are also around these GPMs. In order to get rid of these, the PC has to audit the different series of implants on the basis of key words, those are: affinity, learning, sex, physical universe, control, problems, play, death, love, health, etc. This happens in the following way: the PC telepathically asks himself several questions about the concept of "control": "Was something suppressed with control?" "Was something prevented with control?" If the E-meter gives a read and he receives a telepathic "yes," then he drills further into the concept ("What was there?") and receives some kind of incident. Once he has gone through all words and combinations

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 223

and the needle floats, then he is "clear" and at cause over mental mass, energy, space and time (MEST), in regard to his own person (Thetan). He has been made aware that he exists. Amazing!

After he successfully graduates the CCRD, then he is "clear." Now comes the little "Sunshine Rundown."

Sunshine Rundown

After the Scientologist attests to "clear," he receives an envelope from the presiding D of P (Director of Processing). This envelope contains an instruction which the brand-new clear has to carry out, which, naturally, is confidential. It has to do with a short exercise which he has to solve using his new-found energy, perhaps conceiving of something mentally and then making it disappear again. Once he carries out this exercise, then he attests to it and makes a beaming appearance. That is how they get "Sunshine Rundown". (and besides that, it's free!)

After "clear," Scientologists who have attested to NED and CCRD continue on with Solo 1, OT Preps, Solo II and OT Eligibility. The Alternate Route Clear already has that behind him. He starts right up with OTS 1.

New OT1

By 1977 there were OT levels to OT 8. These were deleted up to OT 2 and OT 3, when Hubbard made his sensational technical discoveries. OT 1 was also affected by that.

In the documents, unfortunately, I only found something on the old OT 1. So I have to estimate. Since New OT 1 is relatively cheap and is done in 3 - 4 days, one can come to the following conclusion: the pre-OT audits himself and, in doing that, observes MEST, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dynamics. On the OT levels, dynamics 2 - 8 are the ones approached. He undertakes, so to say, the first steps as an OT and finds himself all right in this world, such a prospect. The more he progresses up the OT steps, the more he reacts in the spiritual universe, thereby becoming cause over the physical universe.

OT 2

On OT 2, as in the Clearing Course and OT 1, there is something to read before one audits himself. The material to be studied for OT 2, though, is somewhat more comprehensive than he has yet accustomed himself to.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 224

What does it deal with? Naturally, various incidents must be audited out which have been affecting oneself for the last billions of years.

These are:

  1. An arrow being shot through oneself in outer space.
  2. A constantly rotating dancer near a camp fire, or in a palace.
  3. One is thrown back and forth between two poles, stays hanging on one and tries to get down from it. But it can also be a spirally formed painted stake which moves up and down.
  4. Various incidents in hell.
  5. A so-called "triangle implant," in which a doll stands before one, the implanter to the left and the one who feeds in ideas behind one.
    The feeding of ideas begins with, "I have been living with you for 2 1/2 years ..."
    After that more incidents are audited as long as the EP (End Phenomenon) of OT 2 has not yet been reached. They are:
  6. "Bear goals"
  7. "Freight implants"
  8. "Airplane door implants"
  9. "Hellatrobus implants" - in this radioactive clouds on the planet of Hellatrobus, which is occupied by a "pip-squeak" government government, are used to implant false goals.
  10. "Gorilla Goals," according to Hubbard, some of us lunged around in tree in the past as monkeys.
  11. "G-Foot implants"
  12. "Pictures implants
  13. Religious implants, from 12,000 B.C. to the current time
  14. The "packing" of the "bank" in the "magic era," according to Hubbard, lies very far back, a couple of trillion years. At that time, very magical things were said to be happening in space, with sorcerers, flying horses and armies who fight by trying to leap in time, similar to the "Never-ending Tale."
  15. An incident of a picture implant, along with the violation of a code of honor.
  16. A breach of a code of honor.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 225

The Pre-OT audits out these incidents by means of 332 various signal words, similar to the Clearing Course, e.g., life, orientation, religions, suspicion, player, object, spaces, art, etc. For each one he finds out the utmost incident which, in connection with the signal words, he has: created or not created, suppressed or not suppressed, (altogether their are 18 pairs of actions).

When he is through with that and has a floating needle (F/N) and smiles, Very Good Indicators (VGIs), then he is said to have reached EP of OT 2, namely the ability to be able to confront his whole time track, that probably means he knows about his earlier lives as well as he does yesterday. Besides that, all evil things which happen in our society, like war, prostitution, mass emigration, drug-dealing, etc., are supposed to be based on the incidents in OT 2. In any case, an OT 2 would never again go along with these games.

OT 3

OT 3 consists of 2 incidents. For simplicity's sake, I will describe these in a simple manner:

Incident 1: This one happened 4 billion years ago, and, in any case, it also affects all Thetans in this universe at the beginning of the so-called "time track." One hears a loud crash and it becomes very bright, then comes a two-wheeled chariot, pulled by horses, into the picture, from which a cherub debarks and blows a horn. He steps closer, whereupon there is another violent crash. The cherub returns and blows his horn, apparently in retreat. In closing, a black mass is hurled at the poor Thetan. In this incident, Thetans are packed together with other Thetans into so-called Thetan Clusters.

Incident 2: This took place 75 million years ago and its duration was 35 days. Xenu or Xenn, the chief of a galactic federation of about 76 planets which was founded 95 million years prior, solved over-population on his planets (178 billion inhabitants per planet on average) by mass brainwashing. The Thetans were gathered and hauled off from their planets, then shot, stuck into ice cubes and then unloaded on earth (then called "Teegeeack") into various volcanoes. Then hydrogen bombs explode in or on the volcanoes.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 226

On top of that, the Thetans are implanted by means of magnetic waves from an airplane. "Go to the pilot!" it says: "It is only your imagination." After that follows the mentioned 35 days of mass implanting of pictures, the OT 2 material and Grade VI and Clearing Course material. Then the Thetans are transported to Hawaii or Las Palmas where they are "packed" into clusters. The picture implanting includes God, the devil, angels, also a theater (?!), helicopters, trains, etc. ...

In OT 3 the Pre-OT is supposed to again audit the various Body Thetans in the various incidents telepathically. In doing that, it is important to localize the places, i.e., the volcanoes in which the H-bombs were exploded. There were supposed to have been "volcano sites" across the globe in which the Thetans were collected and maltreated.

After Incident 2, one also has to audit the current Body Thetans on Incident 1, otherwise there could be unpleasant consequences. Namely, when one audits only Incident 2, the the Body Thetans start "freewheeling," that means they tumble about, the body doesn't get any rest the day long and then dies. But if one follows Hubbard's instructions and audits the BTs on both incidents, then they are liberated and fly away and look for a new body. One does this for as long as BTs keep showing up or until one is rid of them all. What is left over is the Thetan of the Pre-OT, which is means the EP has been reached: ridding oneself of troublesome Body Thetans.

What became of the galactic prince Xenu or Xenn? So-called "loyal officers" who were later shot by apostates finally took him prisoner after a six year battle. They locked him in an electronically secured box and sank it into a peak in the Rocky Mountains. Naturally the loyal officers also included L. Ron Hubbard.

The Pre-OT who says he was one of the loyal officers and not one of the normal, slaughtered population, also has to audit the incident of being shot by the apostates.

On a tape recording (Ron's Journal '67), shortly after the discovery of OT 3, Hubbard speaks about his experience with OT 3. During his research he became very sick (at that time he was floating about the Mediterranean on his ship) and finally got out of it whole after a broken arm and leg. He was said to have nearly

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 227

died, and therefore the material is also secret because he did not want for someone else to get similarly ill as he had been. Only Pre-OTs who successfully graduate OT 2 would be in the position to confront the OT 3 material, in Hubbard's prescribed, safe way.

In order to summarize the whole thing: it was explained to us in OT 3 that we would be deluding ourselves if we thought we were only one (1) Thetan, since in reality we were packed into clusters in the two incidents. Thanks to Hubbard, though, we can finally return to "source" in OT 3. The state of awareness in OT 3 is, indeed, "source"; see the Grade Chart.

The spheres from OT 1 to OT 3 are described in Scientology as the "no interference zone" in which one may not be interrupted with other auditing actions, in view of the "risk" of OT 3, very understandable. The closer one gets to OT 3, the more "aware" one gets of this incident, but one would have to die if he were to leave Hubbard's pre-designated path. The lung cancer that one would have to suffer is also repeated in the OT 3 advertisements and Ron's Journal '67 confirms that it would have been a security measure of the SPs of the time to keep them from being able to obtain this secret of the universe, even if the suppressive himself were to come upon it. Some, according to Hubbard, had tried to find out what the secret was, but he, Hubbard, was probably the first in 75 million years to have managed it without dying from it. Now it is clear what the slogan of the OT 3 advertisement means, "If You're Clear, You're at risk!"

New OT 4

This one is only a small rundown. Usually it is done with 12.5 hours auditing. One is audited by a Class VIII Auditor on the basis of a list of drugs which the Pre-OT has taken in this and past lifetimes, and on their effects on the Body Thetans and clusters. It is determined if there is still a BT or a CL associated with it. In case there is, the Pre-OT is brought to confront this condition until the BTs and CLs are "handled," probably in the same way as in previous auditing (confronting the current incident - disappearance of the charge - in this case, the BTs). In OT 4 it also becomes clear the monstrous effect upon the Thetan which Hubbard ascribed to drugs. If nothing else, OT 4 is the 4th rundown which one takes in reference to drugs. As Pre-OT, after the "Purification Rundown," the "Scientology Drug

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 228

Rundown" and the "NED Rundown." In 1970 the "end phenomenon" of OT 4 was still "exterior - floating outside of the body." In case of lack of success, this would be delayed until later.

New OT 5

The second "Wall of Fire" (OT 3 was the first) begins with OT 5 and ends with OT 7. It was "discovered" in 1978, when Hubbard re-designed all the OT levels, "discovered" NED and tried out the "NED Rundown" on some OT 3's. And behold! Something new happened for some people. Therefore OT 5 is occasionally also called NOTS (New Era Dianetics for OT's). As with New OT 4, one is audited as a Pre-OT by an auditor, but this time by a Class IX auditor.

The theory behind OT 5 goes as follows: in OT 3 the BT's which were aware of the incidents in OT 3 and which were awake enough were removed. Underneath those are more BT's which are often to be found apathetic or unconscious. In this case, one is dealing with beings which are not so easy to contact or to get in communication with. These Thetans can be found in "things," "objects," "body parts," etc. They are not "beings" - or Thetans - but they believe they are that in which they are found (if one of these is in a table, then he thinks he is a table). Some of them are in outer space connected to the Pre-OT's body with threads, and some think they would be important in a certain way to certain parts of the body for the purpose of keeping the body alive. Sometimes a BT flies around the body or is in an energy field which surrounds the body. Later the Pre-OT will find out that there are literally millions of these degenerated Thetans, therefore these OT levels can be "overwhelming" for some when one looks at the numbers involved. Often a Pre-OT has one or more Thetan-spirits in his environment, beings whom he once knew and which are now haunting him, even in his sleep. At the same time, parts of the Pre-OT's body have "packed areas" crammed with Body Thetans which form "mass," which causes pressure, pain and illness. (When one looks carefully at the OT 5 success stories, one notices how frequently mention is made of "handled" pain and bodily complaints. Allegedly a non-ambulant OT could stand up out of his wheelchair after OT 5 auditing at Flag.)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 229

These BT's, by the way, can assume many forms: swarms of bugs, animals, inanimate objects, illnesses, etc. Occasionally one also encounters a BT or a CL which occupies an evil, or suppressive, personality.


Until May 1991, it consisted of the usual question and answer game which are demanded every year in new unpublished OT 5 rundowns. Before every rundown, the Pre-OT receives written material from the auditor about OT 5, similarly to OT 1 and OT 3.

How one audits OT 5: the auditor gives the auditing command to the Pre-OT, who then forwards it telepathically to his Body Thetans. The BT or CL gives the answer back to the Pre-OT who then reports what was said to the auditor. In accomplishing this, there are 26 rundowns for the various areas in which BTs are presumed to be, naturally mainly in the body. For simplicity's sake, I will list here several questions which best characterize OT 5.

  1. "Is there a body part that has too much mass?"
  2. "Is there a Body Thetan or Cluster which was transferred from one family member to another?"
  3. "Is there a BT or CL which has misunderstood something about OT 3?"
  4. "Is there a BT or CL with a problem?"
  5. "Is there a BT or CL which goes out of the body, but is then prevented from disappearing completely?"
  6. "Look into your body and see whether a mass is in something?

When one makes out a place where a BT or CL is found, then one has the Pre-OT ask, "What are you?" The BT or CL then answers something, and after that one asks him, "Who are you?" If it answers with "I!", then it flies away and the Pre-OT is rid of him. If it should answer something else, then one asks it, "What were you before" and "Who are you" until he finally answers "I" and flies away. Since the "2nd Wall of Fire" begins with OT 5, one must, of course, necessarily associate something dramatic with it. The Thetan Clusters form themselves out of incidents which can be differentiated into the following groups: explosions, implosions, injuries, illness, operations, shocks, burnings, freezings, implants, collisions, rebounds and electronics. The Pre-OT's are also asked about the type of engram or incident in which a certain BT or CL "fell in with them."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 230

One can imagine what kind of stories come out of that (I have not been able to find one in the records for OT 5 that was similar to the story as was described from OT 3.)

The EP (End Phenomenon) of New OT 5: several things happen at the end of OT 5, for one, the Pre-OT leaves his body and seems to remain outside in a stable fashion. So that many BTs leave the body, the electrical field around the Pre-OT becomes "clear" and "beaming." But the real End Phenomenon of OT 5 is that the Pre-OT is rid of all the BTs in and around his body. The awareness level called "cause over life" means that a person who finishes OT 5 has the ability to differentiate between that which he has imagined and that which others have imagined. Besides that, he can recognize the cause of a creation and he can imagine or create (mock up) Thetans and spiritual power at his own convenience. Wild, isn't it?

New OT 6

OT 6 and OT 7 can only be obtained in FSO in the headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. The express name of New OT 6 is the Solo NOTs Auditing Course, and it is actually a course. It is supposed to enable the Pre-OT to become a competent solo auditor for the the purpose of "entering the lion's den," namely to prepare him to audit the "2nd Wall of Fire" NOTS alone. You have probably already guessed that this has to do with more BTs and CLs which lie much deeper and, what a miracle, can be tracked down if one is a good auditor.

OT 6 is divided into 3 parts, Part A, Part B and Part C. Part A has to do with an ordinary, but very involved, auditing course with non-confidential material. After Part A comes Part B, which is also a course of study. This part uses confidential material centered around the BTs and CLs. Once one finishes that, then Part C begins with solo auditing under the supervision of a case supervisor (C/S). In case one is finally satisfied with the results, then one has graduated Part C and can then call oneself a New OT 6.

New OT 7

New OT 7 is the real Solo-NOTs. The Scientologist audits it at home after he gets back from Flag. One is supposed to take up his e-meter everyday and audit oneself for an hour.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 231

One sends the auditing write-up to Flag and then receives instructions or verification from his C/S that all has run smoothly. Every six months, one has to go for a "6 month check" to Flag in order to be checked out. That is where he will attest to finishing OT 7.

What does Solo-NOTs deal with?

The Pre-OT "runs" NOTs Rundowns on himself again, looking for BTs and CLs. The method of procedure can roughly be divided into 8 steps:

  1. Localize a mental mass (BT) and audit each one out that you can find.
  2. Notice where your attention goes and look in that area for BTs and CLs. Audit these as before ("What are you?", "Who are your?").
  3. Direct your attention upon your body and body parts and have BTs and CLs which still exist disappear.
  4. Do the same thing to the surfaces of your body and in your body's surroundings.
  5. Investigate all areas of your body in which you have pains and have gradually appearing BTs and CLs disappear.
  6. Look for where mental pictures and BTs are knocking into each other and have them separate.
  7. Let your life run through from the beginning, trillions of years ago, including other universes and look for BTs and CLs that are still parked on your "time track" (they are probably stuck somewhere in time).
  8. Investigate your auditing room and, after that, your house, for hidden BTs and CLs!

Once one has completely removed all BTs and CLs from his life, then one really has no more reactive bank and is completely "unaberrated" on all 8 dynamics.

New OT 8

New OT 8 is the first real OT level, and is only given at the FSSO (Flag Ship Service Org) on the "Freewinds" luxury liner, which cruises on the Caribbean. Still in the FSO in Clearwater, one obtains the "OT 8 Preparations," auditing in which it is determined whether

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 232

all the auditing steps had really been completed. After that it is also checked to see whether it would generally ethical for Mr. X or Y to receive OT 8 at all. Has he donated enough money to Scientology, does he work as an FSM, is he generally active for the organization? If all this is Okay, then he is permitted upon the "Freewinds" at last. There he receives a "security check" in order to be able to study the OT 8 theory exclusively in the OT 8 course room. Then he audits himself. The material to be audited is the first positive auditing, while the Pre-OT levels only contain only negative experiences. One deletes "false reincarnations," from that comes the name "Truth Revealed." That was it.

Closing comment: regarding the effectiveness of the OT levels and their power which the "Advanced Courses" are supposed to give to the Pre-OT and OT, a couple of funny examples come to mind, e.g., David Gellie, with the rank of Class XII auditor and OT 5, who has the thickest glasses in the FSO, or Beverly Manasse, who was kicked off her post as HAS of FSO in 1990 even though she was an OT 8, or another American woman, also an OT 8, who was too fat to climb out of her car herself, or our good German Scientologist Detleff Foullois, OT 8, who finally landed in prison for tax evasion."

So much for Martin Ottmann and the OT levels which are available today.

"Training" for "OT 8" only available on the "Freewinds" cruise ship in the Caribbean. "OT 8" costs up to DM 100,000, depending on the duration.
(from "Freewinds" prospectus, 1995, the FCSFSSO)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 233

Costs to stay on board the "Freewinds" per week per person in order to become an "OT 8" (from: "Freewinds", 1996, FCSFSSO)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 234

The Greenfield School in England

It has also been shown that three of the four Helnwein children, Cyril, Mercedes and Ali, have had diverse training and taken various school courses over the years in special Scientology elite schools for Scientology progeny not only in the USA, but also in England, and that they have been trained as stalwart Scientologists, like their parents, since the early '90s.

On the occasion of his Saarbruck art exhibition, in the Saarland magazine "Arbeitnehmer" June 1993 issue, Helnwein expressed his views publicly for the first time about the "qualities" of the German school system and why he "spared" his children from it:

Helnwein: " ... I think this training system, I mean the school system, in Germany and Austria is a weak-minded system. I really reject it because it is still, in principle, this Wilhelminic system, that means, packing people full of data to make them into practical and pleasant citizens of the state. Not into adult people who develop new models and their own opinions. One is afraid of such people, because free people raised to be adults do not voluntarily march back and forth in goose-step. And who wants to have those kind of people? Nobody."

Arbeitnehmer: "You have exercised criticism upon our school and education system. Now you yourself have children in school. Has it occurred to you to put them into some kind of education system which contains what you think is right or will they go into a normal school?"

Helnwein: "No they won't go. I have made it clear to my children from the beginning that they must not go to school. I'm sticking with that. They are currently going to an alternative school, which is excellent."

By "alternative school," Helnwein meant the Scientology organization's Greenfield School in England.

While the little one, Amadeus, is still spending his time with his parents, the other three Helnwein children, Cyril, Mercedes and Ali, since the late '80s have spent years at the Scientology "Hubbard Study Tech" boarding school, the Greenfield School in East Grinstead, Sussex, about 30 km. south of London. They may "visit" their parents in Burgbrohl only on the few "vacation days" they have. Other than that, the parents visit their children several times a year in England.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 235

The school is located on the largest piece of property owned by the Scientology organization outside of the USA, the so-called "Advanced Organization" (AO), where Scientology courses up to "Operating Thetan V" are available. That is where Hubbard, from the 1950s to his deportation in the 1960s, successfully brought his Scientology fiction to the people. The youngest Hubbard students at the Greenfield School are three years old, but the oldest only go up to fifteen years. Since it is an elite school for Scientology offspring, it is customary to leave school at the latest between the ages of 12 and 14 to go to the "Sea Org" headquarters in Flag in Clearwater, Florida, in order to "hire on" there as new Sea Org members in the "Sea Org Kids," for instance, or the Estates Project Force (EPF) or in the Commodore Messengers Org (ORG) which at one time served as Ron Hubbard's body guards, and who today are directly subordinate to the current Scientology boss and Hubbard successor, the 5 foot, 2 1/2 inch tall David "DM" Miscavige, who came from the CMO himself and to whom, managed through the RTC, the OSA intelligence agency reports.

The Sea Organization I

Today the Scientology organization has about 9,000 full-time staff world wide, most of whom work in Los Angeles and vicinity. The elite of the staff, at least 3,000 of them, belong to a vowed community within the organization, the Sea Organization, who receive free rent, free care and a little financial support. They sign labor contracts for this and all subsequent lifetimes for 1 billion years. Their motto is: "We come back." They wear deceptively real-looking navy uniforms with diversely colored emblems of rank and shout their orders with brusque military crispness. Their military "ranks" have designations like "captain," "lieutenant" and "ensign." "Officers," women included, must be addressed as "sir." Hubbard called himself "Commodore" after the ranks he had learned in the U.S. Navy. "The Sea Org is an extremely tough bunch, no stroll in the park ... and very impatient, but we do our job," Hubbard is alleged to have said one time. A staff member is supposed to be measured exclusively by his productivity. In a directive which appeared in 1964, Hubbard ordered, "As long as one can still see his breath on a mirror, then he or she can do their job."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 236

Criticism is totally forbidden. "One no longer has any time for any kind of leisure time activity, no more contact with non-Scientologists," said Travers Harris, who left the Sea Org in 1986 after almost 14 years on staff. "The only thing happening is work, and when work is over, you are too tired for other things." Staff members are told constantly that, outside of the organization, "there is no longer any safe refuge for them since society is a breeding ground for criminality and the people there are simply too unaware to recognize that 'Scientology' is the only answer to all problems of humanity." Inside the organization, non-Scientologists are described as "Wogs" (as the worst dregs).

In a brochure advertising for Scientology schools, there is a wonderful example of the irresponsibly sick manner of thinking of Hubbard's followers:

"If you hand your children over to the enemy day after day for 12 to 15 years, then whose side do you think they'll be on?" is the rhetorical question asked at the conclusion. In this case, the enemy is the state school.

The boarding rates for the Greenfield School are horrific. According to a price list from the school, the Helnwein's had to fork over up to DM 5,500 for each of their three children, not for the school year, but for one week (!). According to statements from the boarding school in September 1996, the last Helnwein child remaining at the school, Ali, left the "school" for Clearwater, Florida in 1995, in order to be able to get training at a higher level for Scientology's elite unit, the Sea Org at the FSSO. Back in the spring of 1991, Helnwein's 15-year-old son, Cyril, with the support of his mother, Renate, and his stepfather, Gottfried, his are the three later children, enlisted as a "Sea Org Kid" in the Fort Harrison headquarters after detailed security checks from the OSA Scientology intelligence service. Sea Org management requires that minority children, regardless of their age, have to work exactly as long as the adults.

In this crack outfit, in which snappy military exercises are drilled by children, including some of 9 years old (!), absolute obedience "upward" is practiced, and there are also enough children to perform administrative work or even carry out management assignments in the Sea Org at this age. It is not a rarity even for

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 237

10-year-old children in the Flag center to be able to give orders to "subordinates," some of whom are 50 years old, and it is extremely advisable to follow the children's instructions exactly, otherwise stringent punishment measures blossom within the organization in the event a person is disobedient.

Cyril Helnwein and Martin Ottmann in Flag - 1991

Flag at Fort Harrison, Clearwater, Florida, USA
(from: "Source" 97, 1995, CSFSO)

Martin Ottmann, a leading Sea Org staff member until the end of 1993 in Clearwater, Florida, and today one of the few real crown witnesses about the actual activities of the upper Scientology management of the Sea Org, has a phenomenal memory for the decisive details. In Fall 1990, Martin went from Germany to Clearwater and became a Sea Org staff member of Division 2, Section 2 of Department 5, the "procurement" department, the worldwide advertising mass mailer department for Flag headquarters. In Clearwater, within the headquarters, which is spread among various buildings over the whole city,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 238

there are only three locations at which the top Scientology courses, available only at Flag, can be taken:

The "Coachman Building," for courses up to OT 3 and other auditing courses.

The "Fort Harrison Hotel" for advanced L10, L11 and L12 Rundown courses and auditing up to OT 5, as well as

The "Sandcastle Hotel," for OT 6 and OT 7 auditing. Only the highest auditing step, OT 8, is offered exclusively on the "Freewinds" luxury liner, which cruises, protected from the public, on the tax-free waters of the Caribbean. The OSA intelligence service has its offices in the "Clearwater Building," a former bank building.

For his first nine months, up to August 1991, Martin Ottmann was one of a total of six "letter registrars," whose mission it was to get as many Scientologists as possible, through personal advertising letters, to go to Clearwater, and to keep contact with them until they finally got a positive answer back. Then he could build on that. To that end, as of 1991, Flag's "Central Files" (C/F) had an archive of 110,000 folders with addresses of active and passive Scientologists or people who had expressed an interest in Scientology. Crack troops like Ottmann had to write up to 500 (!) letters per week. He was the only "letter registrar" responsible for all the German-speaking countries, with a total of 30,000 addressees, primarily in Germany.

One of his helpers during this time frame was the 15-year-old C/F File Clerk, Cyril Helnwein from Burgbrohl, in charge of sorting, filing, retrieval and re-filing of the individual personnel folders in the central storage area at Flag. Since July 1991, two Austrians very well known to the public also received mail from Martin Ottmann at Flag: Gottfried Helnwein and his best friend, the circus manager Bernhard Paul. Martin Ottmann was amazed, in looking carefully through Bernhard Paul's Scientology folder in his "service account," in which all payments and bills for Scientology courses received or to be delivered in Clearwater were recorded, that since 1989 Bernhard Paul was always $100,000 to the good. The monies were transferred in 1988 and 1989 from Germany to Florida and stayed until at least July 1991, when Ottmann left, as a credit on Bernhard Paul's Scientology account at Flag. Ottmann was also amazed that Paul had not once answered any of his "friendly letters."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 239

When Martin Ottmann asked his file clerk, Cyril Helnwein to get his father's and mother's folders out of the archive, Cyril answered, "Don't worry about writing either of them. I often see them and can ask when they are coming to Flag again." So Ottmann was spared having to write two sales letters.

In Fall 1991, Cyril left Flag and went to receive multi-month training for advancement in the Los Angeles Scientology headquarters. There at the ITO (International Training Organization), located in the same building as the OSA International intelligence service headquarters under the management at the time of Helnwein's Austrian friend Kurt Weiland, he took the FEBC (Flag Executive Briefing Course).

Several months later, in early 1992, Cyril came back to Flag to become, thanks to the qualifying training, one of Martin Ottmann's various employers. Ottmann, thanks to his outstanding work, also advanced into management, although more slowly than Helnwein. In September 1991, he became "Letter Registrar In Charge," that means the chief of the letter writers, then, in November, he even became the "Director of Procurement," the department director for all staff in that branch. That is where he stayed until his escape, or better said, his non-return to Flag in July 1992. During that time, Cyril Helnwein acted as "Deputy Supercargo," also called "Super Cargo's OO (Org Officer)." To make clear the degree to which Cyril Helnwein was advanced: as "Director of Procurement," Martin Ottmann reported to Matt Pesch, Division Head of Division 2. The division head was subordinate to the "Super Cargo," Tristan Buchanan, to the Director of Divisions 1, 2 and the supreme "executive division" 7. Division 7's representative, a sort of admin assistant, in the summer of 1992 was Sea Org officer Cyril Helnwein; he was a liaison officer between the "Super Cargo" and the "Division Heads." Over "Supercargo" Buchanan, the only person higher within the FSO (Flag Service Org) was Captain Debbie Cook. She was and still is today responsible for 550 Flag staff.

Cyril Helnwein's trail inside the Sea Org was lost in early 1993. ... Today, Martin Ottmann is living happily and contentedly as a student in Stuttgart. He was able to separate himself from Scientology without any great damage, and today is regarded as an acknowledged expert in questions of the organizational structure of the Scientology organization.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 240

From these illustrious circles, Scientology leader David Miscavige personally recruits not only the best children, youth and staff, drilled in absolute obedience, but also the rising generation for the top management of his "Religious Technology Center" (RTC), which controls all of Scientology's organizations. At that point, 1992, Cyril was 16 years old. All of what had happened with him happened with the full support of his parents, who often had to take their son under their wing, financially, since he was paid as good as nothing for his work. In 1992 and 1993, Cyril was sent on various teaching "missions" to places including not only the OSA International intelligence service's headquarters on 6331 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, but also to the Scientology Germany headquarters in Munich, the German branch of OSA International. While his siblings, Mercedes and Ali, were still learning more details of the Hubbard technology at the exclusive Greenfield School, Cyril was getting a few years experience under his belt

Not only that, her mother, Renate, started taking Mercedes with her more to the Celebrity Center in Duesseldorf and to the Scientology "Manor Hotel" in Los Angeles to make more contacts and to take more Hubbard courses.

The Clearwater Building

Besides their German primary residence, "Burgbrohl Castle," the Helnwein family bought an exclusive villa in 1988 with a large tropical garden, another small house on the same property, a sports boat and even a private boat pier and their own little beach for the bargain price of $500,000 from Donald and Mary Fayne Bleakley in the Scientology world headquarters of Clearwater, Florida, at the corners of Palm Bluff Road and Osceola Road.

Even though Helnwein continued to be listed in the property book as the sole property owner, Helnwein's partner in several of his spectacular art campaigns, such as his "exhibition opera" in the Bremen Art Hall in 1987, who was also a resident of Switzerland, Tobias Leutenegger, alias Tobias Biancone, like Helnwein an "Operating Thetan" and along with him a top Scientologist, "acquired" the little guest house in the tropical garden from Helnwein. Before that, Helnwein had also offered

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 241

Gottfried Helnwein's house in Clearwater since 1988, only 5 minutes by car from the "Flag" Scientology headquarters (photo: AR)

his consultant at the time, Peter Reichelt, one of the very few "non-Scientologists" in Helnwein's immediate circle of acquaintances, this house for sale as a "super vacation house with a great location by the beach." Reichelt turned him down after he assessed the property, though, primarily because of the questionable surroundings; the lot was situated in the middle of a run-down area of the city. In Leutenegger's absence, Renate Helnwein helped him out by finding long-term renters for his house who had traveled to Clearwater for vacation or courses, so were looking for a place to rent at a reasonable price, since many of the accommodations offered at the "Flag" center in Scientology's "Fort Harrison" hotel were simply too expensive.

Tobias and his wife, Prisca, are not only some of the Helnweins' best friends, but they are also collectors of Helnwein's art work. Now and then, Leutenegger asked Renate and Gottfried whether they wouldn't be able to give him a special "friend-of-the-artist rebate," such as which happened with the "Marlene" lithograph.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 242

Renate herself also complained in a letter of October 23, 1990 to her "dear Tobias" about her "temporary financial difficulties." "... We, ourselves, have to shuffle things around for the time being because we want to move to FLAG ourselves in December (1990> ... We'll stay in Comm. Love, Renate." No surprise, because the exclusive Flag courses in Clearwater are regarded inside the Scientology system as the most expensive of all.

After successful graduation, he also faxed the news of his return to their homeland to their "OT" friends.

On January 30, 1992, the following fax came from Tobias Leutenegger from Bern to the Helnweins in Burgbrohl: "Back from the Freewinds ...

Dear Renate, dear Gottfried - Just had a super week on the ship (Clear Switzerland Congress) and did the "Ability OT Hatting" course (data about how one creates and maintains a third Dyn.). Highly recommended! Very! ...
everything good and much ARC - Tobias.

Apparently it is as customary among top Scientologists, to recommend courses to each other to gain wins aboard the "Freewinds" as it is for "normal" people to recommend movies to each other. Through this letter it becomes more than clear that Gottfried Helnwein was well aware of the courses which were "off limits" territory for mere mortals on Scientology's service ship, the "Freewinds." The Helnwein couple were also kept up to date, without a second thought, by their Swiss friend, Tobias, about the personal relations within Hubbard's Flag headquarters, established in the former Fort Harrison Hotel. In August 1992, another fax from Tobias arrived in the Helnwein office with a plea directed at Renate about getting a couple they knew to show a Scientology leader around the headquarters.

Leutenegger: "Do you know a terminal at Flag (Public or Sea Org member) who could show Rene Juan and his wife Flag? ..."

Helnwein's close familiarity with Flag can be deduced from more than statements made by Austrian Scientology dissident Heidrun Beer, which she published on the internet on October 17, 1996. Beer wrote, "In 1993, I was having a small action at Flag. On the way to the session, the auditor told me that Helnwein owned a house in Clearwater and was currently staying in Clearwater. A short time later, I saw him walking through the Fort Harrison courtyard."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 243

Scan of German-language fax from Tobias Leutenegger of January 30, 1992

News of success from Scientologist to Scientologist.
You can see the ARC triangle!

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 244

"I don't know what the reason was for him being there." Helnwein had also taken many courses there in the years prior to that with his wife, as can be clearly seen from the course graduate lists from different Scientology membership magazines.

Because Tobias no longer wanted to (or could?) pay to maintain his real estate in Clearwater, he sold his little house in August 1996 back to its former owner, Gottfried Helnwein. But Helnwein only paid him 200,000 Swiss franks for it.

"Coincidentally," the Helnweins, together with nurse maid and housekeeper, live only 3,000 meters from the Flag "Scientology Mecca," in which not only their son, Cyril, is being trained under the most stringent conditions to be a "leading management staff member," but in which the parents, as well as their daughter Mercedes, protected from the evil German "cult hunters," are taking extensive, advanced Scientology courses for weeks at a time.

Greenfield School II

A leap in time to summer 1993, to the 2nd part of the "Arbeitnehmer" interview with Helnwein in which he expressed the following about the wonderful advantages of the English Greenfield School which exclusively uses the Hubbard ideology:

Helnwein: This alternative school is a school where there is no grading, there is no good or bad. There is learning material which is very comprehensive, there are interesting and important things, and every child studies at his own tempo. If he needs a long time, then he does that, if he wants to stop, then he stops. They are so enthused with school, my children only associate fun with school. They think that is the greatest thing there ever was. They have all the instruments, they can learn, put on a play, make costumes, design the scenery themselves, sell tickets and make posters, so it is a wild school. If my school system would have looked that way: not that I am saying that is the material which you have to now learn. Why is it so, that children don't want to go to school and associate it with disgust: because they are forced to learn something which does not interest them. But the most interesting thing is: every child is insanely interested from the beginning and has thousands of questions. You just have to answer them like adults, not tell them to calm down and then get them to do something else which they did not ask about. Then, naturally they would be disinterested

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 245

and become apathetic. Every person has millions of questions, and only a really sick, bad, wrong system can lead to people turning bad, to students committing suicide because of a grade, for example, and to people getting nervous disorders because of of a weak-minded test. Only because the system is wrong. There is nothing wrong with the children, all children have so many questions that the grown-ups just can't answer them all. If one could set up a system which would just answer the questions, then one would have children who would lead better lives in life..."

In his answer in the summer of 1993, it is more than obvious that Helnwein is professing the exact theory that L. Ron Hubbard came up with in his Hubbard Study Technology in the 1950s, and which is taught not only in the Greenfield School in England, but also, for example, in the Adliswil School in Switzerland, as well as, since 1973, in the American "Delphian School" in Sheridan, Oregon.

In issue 29 from 1980, "Theta" magazine, distributed by the "Dianetic Stuttgart, e.V." Scientology mission, praised the "Delphi/Greenfield" schools as the schools of the future in a detailed article. "Delphi" and "Greenfield" are the first "schools completely acknowledged by the state in which material is learned exclusively with the study technology of L. Ron Hubbard. The resulting successes are so phenomenal that the schools have appeared in the headlines time and time again. On about 1,975 acres in the U.S. state of Oregon, the work of Delphi began in 1973. The President of the school at the time, Martin Samuels, summarized the basic idea as follows: 'The application of the underlying principals of Hubbard's philosophy is fundamental, for instance, that man is basically good, that he wishes to survive and that he can be cause over his survival.

The educational program begins with pre-school. ... Just this year, more than 200 students are expected to be registered full-time. ... The students basically learn how to deal with their environment, in contrast to the idea of "adapting oneself." The academic program of the school is set up in stages and requires evidence of the practical ability of that which is taught. For example, at Stage One, the following ability is required (at the age of 12 years): the student is in the position to assume responsibility regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, can sew by hand, knows the basic rules of budget and security and can apply them,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 246

can demonstrate his understanding of money, values and equivalents, can communicate well, can read and draw a map, knows the most important people in current events and can tell what the individual people do, knows the basics of business and commerce, is familiar with currents of energy from systems like the sun, wind, radiator, heated space, can demonstrate an electric current, can play simple melodies on an instrument, can draw attractive designs and much more. The fact that a child of 12 who already knows his way around hydraulics, logic and Islam, has nothing at all to do with so-called child prodigies. The sole reason can be found in the underlying study technology. And although the school is given in a family type environment, this does not in any way subvert the role of the parents; just the opposite, the school requires parents to maintain the children's upbringing."

Friend in the House

Conspicuously, it was not just several Helnwein family members who have been taking more courses since 1988, either in the nearby Fort Harrison Flag Center or on the newly renovated "OT VIII" training ship "Freewinds," which had its maiden voyage from Florida on June 6, 1988, then further, at the "Sandcastle Technical Delivery" building, newly opened on May 6, 1991, also in Clearwater.

In the years that followed, the Helnweins also let several business friends use their house in Clearwater for "vacation purposes" while they went back to Germany or whiled away their time in Los Angeles. So since 1988, the location at Clearwater, which has gotten run-down because of the presence of many thousands of Scientologists, has been a preferred place to live and vacation for the Helnweins and their many friends from all over the world, and not just because of "Flag," although it is still another 10 minutes drive to the golden beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

More than once the Helnwein family put their Florida haven "on the beach" at the disposal of their well-deserved friends for weeks at a time, some of it for free. Small favors maintain a friendship, as the old German saying goes. But only two cases are exemplary for that:

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 247

Case 1: Dr. Reinhold Misselbeck - Curator for Photography at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne

Since Helnwein's "Ninth November Night" - a street of pictures in front of the Ludwig Museum for the 50th anniversary of the Third Reich's "Kristallnacht" - in Fall 1988, Misselbeck has been an intimate friend of Helnwein's, and is, by profession an art historian, mainly as curator of photography, and is therefore responsible for the organization of exhibits in the renowned Ludwig Museum in Cologne. On the side, he is an author of the introductory text of the 1992 "Faces" art photo volume of the Swiss publishers "Edition Stemmle," with black and white photographs exclusively by Gottfried Helnwein.

Misselbeck: "Viewing Gottfried Helnwein's portraits, we experience a shock of a new kind, a view which we have never had before of the other side. I have observed numerous people who were confronted with these portraits for the first time and I have always observed surprise, intense perception and fascination..."

May 27, 1995 - the so-called "Helnwein scandal" in and around the state museum in Mainz slowly approached the boiling point. An upset letter-writer directed his attention angrily to the editorial staff of the "Mainzer Rhein Zeitung" newspaper: "Regarding the 'Carl Barks Exhibition - Campaign against Gottfried Helnwein.' I read about the recent public discussion about the Scientology sect caused by the Barks exhibition with amazement. In it Minister Rose Goette was accused of supporting the sect with this exhibition. ... I have been very familiar with Helnwein's work for many years and have not been able to discover any propaganda for Scientology's goals in his own art. It is an intense art, directed against war, hate of foreigners and disregard for human rights. ... This is not even about a person who advertises for Scientology. The discussion came about because the same people who are allegedly fighting against the theme are always bringing it into play again. Without the outcry from the Catholic Council and the CDU, the Carl Barks exhibition would only be an exhibition of Donald-Duck pictures from the Helnwein collection. They have manufactured the connection themselves and are protesting against it at the same time. That is the art of demagoguery. signed: Dr. Reinhold Misselbeck - Art Historian."

May 1993 - At the "Cologne Art Discussion," in the Ludwig Museum - led by Curator Misselbeck, there was a meeting which included his artist friend Gottfried Helnwein, who was accompanied by his friends, the high-ranking Scientologist couple Veronika and Kurt Fliegerbauer and other German Scientologists ....

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 248

One does not forget an old friend, above all he should be well esteemed. No sooner said than done. Dr. Misselbeck, along with his wife, made a one-week visit the end of March 1994, at the invitation of the Helnwein family, to "Hubbard City." Place of accommodations: the Helnwein's little house in Clearwater.

The fact that such niceties did not go without effect is clear, and not just by the "letter to the editor" operation. Key words "Museum Ludwig" in St. Petersburg. Just recently a major Helnwein exhibition took place there. Coincidence? We are waiting expectantly for the first Helnwein photo exhibition in the Cologne Ludwig Museum ...

Case 2: Dr. Thomas Werner - 1989 Director of the Federal Mail Museum in Frankfurt am Main

The profession he was practicing when he got to know Helnwein in 1989: director of the German Mail Museum, responsible for matters including the purchase of art. In early summer of the same year, Dr. Werner acquired a Helnwein original for the Mail Museum at a value of over DM 80,000 of taxpayers' money. On March 8, 1989, Dr. Werner visited Helnwein at his castle in Burgbrohl looking for a picture that had a motif of "Marilyn and Kennedy."

In mid-July 1991, a guest arrived at Helnwein's villa in Clearwater, Florida: Dr; Thomas Werner. He stayed there at Gottfried Helnwein's invitation for three weeks while Helnwein spent his time at Burgbrohl. Such a lucky coincidence.

On July 1, 1993, Dr. Werner gave up his post as director in Frankfurt am Main and became the new director of the Technical Museum in Vienna, Helnwein's city of birth. It is not known whether purchases from Helnwein have been made there, too ... One hand washes the other.

Dr. Misselbeck and Dr. Werner both profited from the fortunate circumstance that the Helnwein family stayed at their house in Florida only infrequently and that it stood as good as empty for the rest of the time.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 249

G O T T F R I E D    H E L N W E I N

To Mr.
Dr. Thomas Werner
Mail Director
in the Federal Ministry for
Mail and long distance communication
Federal Mail Museum
Stephanstr. 3
Post Office Box 70 04 20
D - 6 000 Frankfurt 70

Burgbrohl, 8 March 1989

Dear Mr. Dr. Werner
The offer for my husband's picture attached, as promised:


A Diptych 1 meter x 3.15 meters "Without Title" (Marilyn / Kennedy)
Oil and acrylic on linen, 1989
as viewed by you on 8 March 1989, at a price of DM 80,000 plus 7% MWST.

Expecting your answer,


Renate Helnwein

Scan of original German

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