Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 59

The Helnwein Family "in Scientology" (!)

How it all began.

Helnwein becomes a Scientologist - 1971

Vienna, in early summer of 1971. The young, Viennese artist struggling in Austria, Gottfried Helnwein, has found a new biggest love to date. He was deeply involved with the practically unknown salvation teachings of "Dianetics", which appeared for the first time in the USA in 1950 in the form of writings from American science fiction author, L. Ron Hubbard, and his so-called "religion" of Scientology.

The Zoetus Group

In February 1971, he founded the "Zoetus" artists group together with five fellow students from the academy of fine arts in Vienna, who began their study of "Fantastic Realism" in 1969 with Professor Rudolf Hausner: Messrs. Franz Zadrazil, Franz Moelk, Ulrich Gansert, Jochen Wahl and Thomas Moog. Only 4 months later, at 6 p.m. on June 8, 1971, the members of the new artists group had "the honor" of inviting the people of Vienna to their first exhibition at the arts building in Vienna. Helnwein wrote in their first catalog, "The members of Zoetus (lat. coetus = assembly, group, course year, school class), based on their extended work together in Prof. Rudolf Hausner's class, have gotten together so as to be able to forcefully convey their desires. Zoetus does not represent a single course of style." It was Hausner himself who wrote in the forward to the catalog, "The Zoetus Group consists of six artists whose intentions are basically different. The documentation of their artistic performance seems noteworthy to me - "noteworthy" is yet another trait which characterizes this group in a special way. I believe any tolerance taken on by any individual for the first time is significant for this generation, and means that the individual has integrated, in advance, the diverse tendencies of others into his own picture of reality. All known groups of this century, the supremacists, the surrealists, the constructionists, the bridge, the Blue Knights and last but not least the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 60

met together because they were jointly for or against something. ... For the first time a group of artists appear before the public and make the acknowledgment of the otherness of others the most essential characteristic of their program.

The founding assembly of the "Zoetus" artists group in Vienna in February 1971. Helnwein is second from right
(Photo: Gansert archive)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 61

The "Zoetus" group
(Photo: Gansert archive)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 62

First "artists field trip" together, Vienna 1971
(Photo: Gansert archive)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 63

Ulrich Gansert - 1997

Ulrich Gansert, today an assistant professor under Arik Brauer at the same academy where he was a student in Vienna, woefully reminisced in February 1997 about his former friends: "Jochen Wahl and Gottfried Helnwein were the spokesmen of the group. We knew at the time that Wahl was a dedicated Scientologist, as many of us followed this or that sect or worldview at the time. That was the trend back then. In early 1971 Wahl came back from a short visit to Copenhagen - at the time it was the European headquarters of the Scientology Organization, which was still on a ship in the Danish harbor - and got Helnwein excited about Hubbard's ideas. The four others of us kept our distance in that regard. Almost every evening we would get together at Wahl's place for intense discussions which often lasted far past midnight. Those were interesting and exciting times. Helnwein and Wahl had disputes most frequently since each claimed leadership of the group. As time went by Helnwein withdrew more and more from the group to be able to work by himself. He was particularly good friends with his father, Josef Helnwein, who brought him a little stove and put it in the middle of the parquet floor of the studio he had just moved into. That was a comforting feeling right there. His mother was not exactly enthralled with the artistic activity of her son, she rather disapproved of him. In those days Helnwein suffered a serious turn of fate. Because of a metabolism imbalance, he lost his wonderful, long, black hair of which he had been so proud within a short time. Helnwein has worn various wigs since then. He has still not gotten over the shock today. Other fellow academy students in Hausner master class, who were also Scientologists like Helnwein and Wahl, joined in the evenings of discussion in Wahl's house, among them Fritz Hechelmann and Robert Schoeller, who were to found the Scientology Center for Art and Communication in 1974 under Helnwein direction. Our "Zoetus" group finally broke up in fall 1972. Several of us, myself included, met again two years later in Helnwein's new group, the ZKK."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 64

"Zoetus" underway in Vienna 1971
(Photo: Gansert archive)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 65

"Helnwein and Gansert exhibit their work - Vienna 1973
(Photo: Gansert archive)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 66

An initial, timid introduction by staff members to the first Austrian Scientology "mission," founded in Vienna on Feb. 22, 1971, was followed in short order in late 1971 by trips with his young Viennese friends and art colleagues, Fritz Hechelmann and Dieter ("DS") Schwertberger, to 1) the German Mecca for Scientologists at Munich, the greatest German Scientology establishment of the era, which had been founded in 1968 by painter Waki Zoellner, and to 2) Copenhagen, then the European headquarters for Hubbard disciples, along with the later-to-be directors of the "Roncalli" circus, Bernhard Paul and Toni Griebaum.

Helnwein's 1st Scientology course graduation - 1972

The first Scientology magazine in Germany, "URSPRUNG," the magazine of the "Hubbard Scientology Organization Munich, Scientology Church Germany," office in Munich-Harlaching, published the Munich Organization's June 1972 course graduation list on page 11 of the July 1972 issue. The start of Gottfried Helnwein's Scientology career was first documented in that issue. He was listed as a participant of the "Communication Course," the introductory course for Scientologists. Fritz Hechelmann, his friend from Vienna, was also listed. Schwertberger, in turn, had passed the "Wordclearing Pack," "Dianetic Theory" and "Practical Dianetics" courses.

July 1972 URSPRUNG - The magazine of the
"Hubbard Scientology Organization Munich,
Scientology, Germany

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 67

Gottfried took his first Scientology course in Munich in July 1972

In 1974, two years into his career as a Hubbard disciple, Helnwein had risen up to Scientology "clear" and "Operating Thetan I" in Copenhagen, then founded the Scientology sub-organization "Zentrum fuer Kunst und Kommunikation" (ZKK) / ["Center for Art and Communication") in his birthplace of Vienna, together with artists Schwertberger and Hechelmann. At the time, the ZKK was the first of the German-speaking "Celebrity Centers" which were to follow in Munich, Duesseldorf and Hamburg. Gottfried Helnwein became Art Director and Executive Director (ED) of the Viennese Scientology Center.

Helnwein - Clear and OT I

At the end of 1974, in his first, private art exhibition catalog (!), which he simply called "Helnwein" and which listed many of his early works from 1970 to 1974 which are very well-known today, the 26-year-old Scientology manager Gottfried Helnwein, still in the initial stages of his own, new Viennese Scientology Culture Center and full of pride in the course of his life, published the following under "1974":

"CLEAR & OT I in COPENHAGEN - a top graduate of the time in the Scientology training hierarchy.

On page three of this Helnwein art catalogue was one of his drawings and photographs introducing a memorable quote from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard:

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 68

"ART is a word which summarizes the QUALITY OF COMMUNICATION."

Fritz Hechelmann drawn by Gottfried Helnwein 1974

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 69

Helnwein "signed off" on his friend's "Hechelmann portrait" as "OT," "Operating Thetan" in 1974

The "OT symbol" of L. Ron Hubbard

He even drew an OT sign (!) next to his signature on one of the paintings in which he immortalized his friend Hechelmann with a dedication to his friend as "Operating Thetan."

On the next to last page of the catalog was a full-page portrait of a smiling Helnwein, standing with his arms folded in front of a photo portrait of sect founder and Helnwein model L. Ron Hubbard, who was smiling just as broadly as Helnwein was.

After leafing through the entire catalogue, it would be more than obvious to any attentive person who bought the catalogue that Helnwein's art, during those years, was very closely connected with the person, the teachings and sayings of L. Ron Hubbard.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 70


In cognizance of the meaning of a sworn affirmation and the penalty of a false, even a negligently false affirmation, I hereby affirm under oath:

Personal Information:
Gottfried Helnwein, painter, residing at Burg 2, D- 56659 Burgbrohl, born 8 Oct. 48 in Vienna

1) I have no office, no position and no function or active membership in any kind of religious denomination, political party, church or sect, especially not in Scientology.

2) My art has no kind of reference, either officially or in content, to a religion, worldview or sect, especially not to Scientology.

3) All of my artistic works have been extensively documented for over 20 years by a multitude of books and exhibition catalogs. Not even a single allusion to a sect, especially not to Scientology, exists in any of my artistic works.

4) No religious denomination, political party, sect or denominational community has been authorized by me to use a picture of my person, reproduction of my art work, or my speech or texts for advertisement purposes. In the events in which this has happened nevertheless, without my knowledge, I have immediately, upon hearing of it, taken action to stop the distribution.

Gottfried Helnwein


Burgbrohl 14.3.94

Notice paragraph 3) in particular!

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 71

Helnwein used a quote from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to advertise in his art magazine in "Helnwein 1974"

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 72

Gottfried Helnwein in front of a portrait of his guru, L. Ron Hubbard, pictured in 1974 in the first Helnwein exhibition catalog!
(from: "Helnwein 1974" catalog

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 73

The False Sworn Affirmation I

This fact is diametrically opposed to Gottfried Helnwein's "sworn affirmation of 14 March 1994, which he submitted in writing to the Bonn State Court. His statement, " ... All of my artistic works have been extensively documented for over 20 years by a multitude of books and exhibition catalogs. Not even a single allusion to a sect, especially not to Scientology, exists in any of my artistic works.... My art has no kind of reference, either officially or in content, to a religion, worldview or sect, especially not to Scientology. ..."

The fact that this testimony, which unfortunately is not an isolated case, is brazenly false is clearly proven not just in the content of the previous quoted excerpts from the Helnwein catalogs, but also in many yet to follow, described in detail -- incredible examples of Helnwein's house of lies.

The False Sworn Affirmation II

Shameless and shocking describes a criminally false affirmation in lieu of an oath, a "sworn affirmation" submitted in connection with "Catalog 1974" by Gottfried Helnwein on October 9, 1992 as a "branch 4" enclosure to the Cologne State Court in an "Application to issue a temporary restraining order" under court file 28 0 514 / 92 in the civil suit of Gottfried Helnwein vs. PRINZ Verlag.

How did that come about? "Prinz," a Duesseldorf city magazine, also reported on Helnwein in an article "Scientollywood - The Conspiracy of False Priests" in its October 1992 edition:

"... The Hubbard clan has its sights set primarily on one set of clientele: on business bosses, politicians and artists. Scientology believes it can turn society around with 10 to 15 percent of the opinion leaders. Hubbard already had Hollywood in sight back in the 1950s, "Artists play a tremendous role in creating the reality of tomorrow." Hubbard's wish-list included: Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Ernest Hemingway and Walt Disney. To no avail. They all withstood the slick charm of the soul-snatchers. The Scientologists can recently record their first successes. Tom Cruise is not the only one who is stuck to Scientology's flypaper, so is his partner in marriage and film, Nicole Kidman. And the list of stars is long: Sharon Stone,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 74

Brad Pitt, Anne Archer, Chick Corea, Julia Migenes, Edgar Winter, Demi Moore, Priscilla, John Travolta ... While the foot soldiers - blinded by the fame of the stars - take the sinfully expensive courses, the celebrities are tended to in special "Celebrity Centers." The luxuriously furnished residences serve simultaneously as a contact exchange and as a forge for intrigue. ... Now Scientology also intends to conquer Germany...

Yet the big stars (here) have maintained their cover. Anxiety about a plunge in career is too great. Painter Gottfried Helnwein, who together with his wife, Renate, have paid $80,000 into the war chest and have since gotten up to Operating Thetan (OT), has just recently been denying his membership...."

With the help of the following sworn affirmation submitted on October 9, 1992 by Helnwein personally:

"1. I have neither alone nor together with my wife donated $80,000 into the Scientologists' war chest.

2. I am not an operating thetan, whatever that may mean.", "Prinz" magazine was forbidden that same day to continue to assert the opposite. Value of dispute was assessed at DM 100,000. The costs of the proceedings, several thousand Deutschmarks, were born by the magazine.

Excerpt from the "1974" Helnwein art catalog - the biographical statements come from Helnwein himself. You can see "Clear and OT 1" after "1974"

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 75

It was a classic misjudgment which came about because of evidence which Helnwein submitted, knowing it to be false, and which has not been suspected until today! At that point in time, the facts were:

1. According to his own statement (!) Helnwein was a so-called "Operating Thetan I" in 1974, place of graduation was the Scientology Europe headquarters in Denmark; see "Helnwein Catalog 1974."

2. In the 15 years following, by 1989, Helnwein made it to "Operating Thetan V"; today, according to statements by more ex-members who know him from Clearwater, Copenhagen and Duesseldorf, by 1993 and 1994 he had gotten to the highest training level "Operating Thetan VII," along with his wife, Renate! This has been documented and confirmed not only by various former members of the organization, but also by diverse magazines of the Scientology organization in the USA, primarily in 1988 and 1990.

3. According to a statement from the editorial staff for leading Scientologists in "Impact" member magazine, Gottfried Helnwein was listed by name for more than five years, issue after issue, as a "Patron" on the German section, in over 20 (!) editions, from number 19 - 40, years 1988 to 1992 inclusive. The colorful magazine appears six times a year. The "patrons" Gottfried and Renate Helnwein, were both described as such by the worldwide organization of the Scientologists (IAS), which means that they, as two of the most important Scientologists, "donated" between 1984 (founding of the IAS) and 1988 at least $80,000, emphasis on the "at least," into the Scientology "war chest," which is used exclusively by the OSA Scientology secret service in the Los Angeles headquarters or its German branch "Department fuer spezielle Angelegenheiten" (DSA) to finance, plan and coordinate the attempt to silence critics of the organization and its members by almost any means. That is one way the Scientology "religion" Mafia finances the propaganda war against the German critics of Scientology, with the donations and income received by selling pictures donated (!) by the Helnwein "patron" couple.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 76

This lawsuit in particular against "Prinz" magazine, which could still cause the publishing company and its journalists grief today, is a prime example of the brutal, tactical procedures of individual, "special," long-term Scientologists like Helnwein and his wife, Renate, against their critics. In their own method of operations, interestingly enough, they work under nearly identical cover as does the American Scientology secret service, OSA, or the DSA in Germany: dispute all accusations and counter-attack the "slanderers."

The "Prinz" publishing company is only one of the many innocent Helnwein victims which have fatally crossed the Helnwein couple through publishing various troublesome truths concerning their membership, past and present, in Scientology.

Gottfried Helnwein becomes Austria's leading Scientologist - The ZKK in Vienna, 1974 - 1977

Now back to 1974 in Vienna, in the "Center for Art and Communication" ["Zentrum fuer Kunst und Kommunikation"] (ZKK), directed by Helnwein exclusively according to Hubbard directives. By April 1976, just fifteen months later, according the Center's own description in the ZKK's first official exhibition catalog, the following art "centers" existed in Vienna:

  1. on 5 Museum Str., the "private" residence and studio at the time of Helnwein and his live-in girlfriend Angelika - from 1978 on this was the address of the "Scientology Center Vienna - Association for Art and Applied Philosophy," with Herbert Lobner in the public relations department, who was previously a Scientology course supervisor in Helnwein's ZKK.
  2. on 8 Singer Str., the real headquarters of the ZKK
  3. on 118 Schoenbrunner Str. and,
  4. on 68 Thalia Str. several Scientologists lived in sort of a commune under one roof as staff who were employed in various functions in the ZKK and
  5. even one in New York City on 32 Green Street in Manhatten.
Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 77

ZKK President Gottfried Helnwein 1976
(photo: from "ZKK Catalog")

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 78

Gottfried Helnwein
"Cleared" by Scientology
( from "Profil" - April 2, 1975)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 79

Helnwein outed as a Scientologist

"Profil" magazine from April 2, 1975
The first press article in connection with Helnwein's Scientology activities in Austria was contained in the April 2, 1975 edition of "Profil," an Austrian news magazine, and was entitled "Scientology cures everything."

The author wrote: "... the disease in mode, Scientology, rages across Europe and makes people healthy. That now also includes Austrians. When shock painter Gottfried Helnwein and fantastic realist Dieter Schwertberger, enlightened by Scientology, were planning a "Center for Art and Communication," the only thing missing was a location and space. But when Helnwein and Schwertberger attain total freedom in Scientology's advanced grade VI on their march up the 8-step OT scale, they will no longer need location and space: because as "Operating Thetans" grade VI, they will be "at cause over the dynamics of the physical universe."

As the story went, the once drug- and alcohol-dependent Helnwein, who exchanged his own addiction for that of the "ragtag teachings of salvation", was now helping himself and his friends from the one-size-fits-all bottle....

"Scientology is here to save you." Helnwein let himself be saved. The building held a grand future for the "pre-clear," a permanent status in the "clear" training in the European Scientology headquarters, in Copenhagen at the time, and from then on one of the "most valuable people of this planet," as well as "100% free of complexes" (from the advertising text): he was an "optimal being" because not only does he have "perfect recall," but "all psychosomatic illnesses are gone and neither will they reappear" (Hubbard). On top of that, he belonged to an elite: at that time there were only 4,500 "clears" worldwide.

Helnwein dragged Faber (name changed), a chronic drinker, "to a low point of my existence" three years prior (1972) "down on Mariahilfer Street, where I always drank my last beer." In the building at 88a, "they first demanded 3,000 [Austrian] shillings and then did 'touch assists'": bodily contact with closed eyes... Faber cut the cord: he dropped Scientology, not the other way around.... After the introductory "communication course" which "teaches people to be influenced by staring exercises and a certain speech technique" and only cost 750 shillings, "they lured me and my wife to Copenhagen... and snagged us for another 50,000 shillings for 100 hours of auditing - thanks to Helnwein's introductory arrangements."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 80

The First Interview as a Scientologist - 1975

Several months later, in fall 1975, the then 27-year-old Helnwein gave his first, detailed interview about his years of experience with Scientology and his motivations for having finally become a Scientologist to a Scientology magazine by the name of "College," edition Nr. 12, published by the "Verein Dianetic College Stuttgart e.V.", with its office in Stuttgart, mission of the worldwide Church of Scientology California.

To the first question of how long he had been "in Scientology," he answered, "since 1972." Asked about his motivations, Helnwein responded, "I have always been interested in human behavior and thought. I wanted to find out where certain emotions and fears come from. Why do some people realize their own concepts of being creative while others make an effort to suffer through an average life, dependent and hemmed in? - I have always asked myself, what is the cause of this factor? Fear? It is almost never rationally founded, yet it is there - even very noticeable. Every person has experienced the most diverse fears, and these fears basically influence his life. Those were the questions which concerned me, you see, and so I came upon 'psychology' and looked for some explanation there. And I got involved with Zen and with Yoga, with Castaneda, Krishnamurti, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, etc. I tripped on acid and almost died from it - I was not very picky, you know, yes - and naturally I painted, too. It was an exciting time. Certainly it was very important for my development, but I never found an answer which put me at ease.

When a few friends of mine who were also painters began to study Scientology and were obviously fascinated by it, I grabbed my friend, Fritz Hechelman, in the summer of 1972 and drove with him to Munich to get a closer look at Scientology."

To the question of whether Scientology was something "only for artists," Helnwein gave the following answer: "But no! Scientology is really a science which is not just reserved for an elite. I have seen for myself how a child studied next to a scientist - the same subject.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 81

That is possible only because Scientology is so basic and has formulated the fundamental factors of human thought more precisely than has any other philosophy, religion or science before."

Asked about the "greatest use" he had gotten out of Scientology, Helnwein answered, "You may think this is an exaggeration, but Scientology has caused a consciousness explosion in me. I now have access to areas of my personality which were totally blocked before. I can concentrate much better on my work and get much more effective results, in much less time. My ability to differentiate has improved enormously, and, what fascinates me the most, I can really understand other people. I can assume the viewpoint of another and see the causes of other people's problems."

magazine of the Stuttgart Dianetic College, Nr. 12
"People study Scientology all over the World"

1975 - Helnwein's first interview as a Scientologist

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 82

College Interview:

Gottfried Helnwein

Painter GOTTFRIED HELNWEIN was born in 1948 in Vienna. In 1969 he was with Professor Hausner in the master school of the academy of fine arts in Vienna. One year later he received the local "master school award" and again one year later the "Kardinal Koenig" award. He became extremely well-known through numerous exhibitions and publications. ZDF broadcasting made a film of his work, which aired February 28, 1974. Title: HELNWEIN's VISION TEST. In the same year he was recognized with the "Theodor Koerner" award. Since July 1975, he, together with his wife, have been directing the "Center for Art and Communication" in Vienna. Helnwein's published works have appeared in "Hoer Zu," "Playboy," "Pardon," "Zeit Magzin," etc.

COLLEGE: Since when have you been in Scientology?
HELNWEIN: Since 1972.
COLLEGE: What was your reason for studying Scientology?
HELNWEIN: I have always been interested in human behavior and thought. I wanted to find out where certain emotions and fears come from. Why do some people realize their own concepts of being creative while others make an effort to suffer through an average life, dependent and hemmed in? - I have always asked myself, what is the cause of the "fear" factor? It is almost never rationally founded, yet it is there - even very noticeable. Every person has experienced the most diverse fears, and these fears basically influence his life. Those were the questions which concerned me, you see, and so I came upon 'psychology' and looked for some explanation there. And I got involved with Zen and with Yoga, with Castaneda, Krishnamurti, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, etc. I tripped on acid

and almost died from it - I was not very picky, you know, yes - and naturally I painted, too. It was an exciting time. Certainly it was very important for my development, but I never found an answer which put me at ease. When a few friends of mine who were also painters began to study Scientology and were obviously fascinated by it, I grabbed my friend, Fritz Hechelman, in the summer of 1972 and drove with him to Munich to get a closer look at Scientology."
COLLEGE: Some think Scientology is only for artists. What do you think of that?
HELNWEIN: But no! Scientology is really a science which is not just reserved for an elite. I have seen for myself how a child studied next to a scientist - the same subject. That is possible only because Scientology is so basic and has formulated the fundamental factors of human thought more precisely than has any other philosophy, religion or science before."
COLLEGE: What, in your opinion, is the greatest use which you have gotten from Scientology?

Scientologist Helnwein being interviewed - 1975

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 83

As to whether he would have gotten just as far without Scientology, as the question from "College" went, Helnwein responded, "No! - Naturally I have gone my own way and have my own personal learning processes and experiences, nevertheless I have - and that is the only alternative - quite ruthlessly built upon the experiences of others. I believe any human progress is possible only when you take in the experiences and discoveries of others. In the areas of natural science, humankind has been very consistent. The area of philosophy and psychology, that is, the area of human thought, was private opinion and contradictory, subjective theories were followed which made no claim at all to being provable or even applicable. There was no technology. Look and see that Scientology is a breakthrough into the 21st century. A gigantic revolution of the human mind."

"College": "What does Scientology promise you in the future?"

Helnwein responded: "Scientology is one of the first genuine alternatives to drugs, insane asylums, electroshocks, psycho-torture, criminality, etc. If this planet ever has a real chance for a future without oppression, mental illness and war, then that is now, through the ingenious accomplishments of the American nuclear physicist, L. Ron Hubbard. If anybody has earned the Nobel Peace Prize, then it is this man. I promise myself a lot from Scientology, because I still have a ridiculous amount to learn - I have only just begun.

Final question from "College" to Helnwein: Why do you think it takes some people so long to understand just a little bit of Scientology?

Helnwein's answer: "That is an interesting question. Look, I myself was enthused about the subject from the start, and I thought that is exactly what I had been looking for. That is all you need to repeat, the subject itself is good enough - that will convince them: of course it has not been that simple. - Why? - Probably social prejudices are so deeply rooted in many people that logical arguments are simply not accessible for them. It is improbably difficult to tear down civil mistrust of something which is new and has not been recommended or prescribed by established institutions."

College: "You have taken this step. We wish you much success along your way." Helnwein: "Thank your."

And Helnwein has continued unswervingly "along his way."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 84

Center Vienna 1, Singer Str. 8 tel. 52 22 43

Cover picture of the 1st catalog of Helnwein's Center for Art and Communication, which was opened on April 1, 1976
(from: "ZKK Catalog 1976")

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 85

The ZKK Opening on April 1, 1976

The official opening of his Scientology "Center for Art and Communication" ["Zentrums fuer Kunst und Kommunikation"' took place April 1, 1976 amid much fanfare from the Austrian, and especially the Viennese, media. The Viennese press, well-known for being critical, nearly outdid itself in trying to do justice to this artistic event. The "Neue Kronen Zeitung" newspaper had written an advance notice on March 18, 1976: "A new hit for Vienna's cultural life. From Ambros to Roncalli." The "Kurier" wrote on April 2, 1976, "Community and art as aids in life - in the ZKK poster, a man is lying on the street. His head is bandaged. A small child accommodates him by offering to help him up. 'Come on, I'll help you,' the child appears to be saying. This scene is symbolic of the views and goals of the ZKK, an art club that was founded back in 1974, and is just now, after long trials and preparation, making itself heard: they want to help individuals out of isolation, do away with the emergency state of lacking communication into the way of mutually produced and experienced art, and take art itself away from the annoying cliques. The poster was made from an idea of the Viennese painter, Gottfried Helnwein. Several years ago, he, himself, and his colleagues Fritz Hechelmann and "DS" Schwertberger formed the primary cell of the ZKK, at whose head are Helnwein, graphic artist and musician Anton Griebaum and restauranteuress Angelika Blaskovich. ... An imposing amount of time, money ... space ... and idealism were adapted for the purposes of the club. 400 square meters had to be managed ... In the nearby centers (Museum, Schoenbrunner and Thalia Streets) a three month campaign program had to be worked out: from April 1 to June 28 events would take place on 22 Singer Str., which, of course is accessible only to members (annual donation 150 shillings) ... Outside the events, children's painting courses and study courses to increase retention and learning ability are planned. ... "

The Scientology pre-Celebrity Center, "ZKK" in Vienna, one could also describe it as a Scientology mission, had good contact with Scientology's German-speaking headquarters in Munich, thanks to artists influenced by Hubbard, such as Helnwein and his friends and their many visits there for training purposes since 1972. At that time, Austrian Kurt Weiland was the local "Director of Public Relations" there, and along with that he was also the secret service chief of the Guardian Office (GO) for Scientology in Germany. In 1984 this became covert operations for

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 86

The Helnwein Center on the 2nd floor
(from: "ZKK Catalog 1976")

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 87

the "OSA" department, re-named the "DSA" in Germany, and still exists today in Munich as the central coordinating location for DSA for the German-speaking world. Today, Kurt Weiland is the highest director of the Scientologists' international secret service "OSA International," and also one of the five highest functionaries inside the organization worldwide. The friendly, personal relationship between Weiland and Helnwein has existed since these early years.

Event in the ZKK - April 1976
(from: "ZKK Catalog 1976")

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 88

These good contacts made it possible for Helnwein and his team of artists from the ZKK to include an art exhibition with the works of the "Center for Art and Communication" from Vienna in the festivities celebrating the 5 years of existence of the Scientology Church in Germany, Easter 1976, on the evening of April 16, 1976, in the Munich theater at 8 p.m. before a broad (Scientology) public. The first great success for Helnwein and his ZKK. On this anniversary weekend, a special guest of honor welcomed at the event in Munich was Diana Hubbard-Howich, L. Ron Hubbard's daughter.

Helnwein in Vienna in front of his exhibition poster
(from: "ZKK Catalog 1976")

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 89

Helnwein in the ZKK - 1976
(photo: H.P.Steiden archive)

On May 13, 1976, only six weeks later, Austrian news magazine determined that there had been a "mutual cross-fertilization": "We intended," Center dynamo Gottfried Helnwein, in a mixture of idealistic, wishful thinking and solemn taking of inventory, defined the artistic and human difficulties in communication, the meaning and purpose of his establishment, "to overcome the isolation in which artists and the public find themselves. ... The only thing missing in Vienna was that somebody go there and do something." Helnwein went there and did something. The slim painter, born 1948 ... reminisced about his own joyful times at the academy in 1974 and his founding in November 1974 of the primary cell of the ZKK with his colleagues in painting, "DS" Schwertberger and Fritz Hechelmann. The trio of painters rented a place on Museum Street, attracted more artists, primarily painters at first (Manfred Deix, Franz Zadrazil, Jochen Wahl), then including more musicians and other communications-dependent activists. The as yet unsubsidized "independent work community with the goal of bringing about art and communications projects" then adopted early this year, for the purpose of having a broader effect upon the public, the vacant spaces at the "Pelzhaus" and has, since April 1976, been presenting a multimedia program with exhibitions ... communication and study courses .... So many have shown up actively working that "the program has already been scheduled for the fall" .... "One should experience things without having to immediately evaluate them," declared Helnwein. Not without skeptical, optimistically hopeful curiosity as to what effect would come of the first communication test program at the end of July: "We will see for ourselves what happens then."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 90

Helnwein in the ZKK - 1976
(photo: Gansert archive

Former Austrian Federal Chancellor Bruno Kreisky in the ZKK 1976
(photo: H.P. Steiden archive

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 91

The Scientology Courses in the ZKK

Then the following started happening in the ZKK headquarters of Gottfried Helnwein - besides him Toni Griebaum and Angelika Blaskovich were also responsible for the organizational center - on 8 Singer Str. in Vienna:

Several Hubbard Scientology courses, like the "Course for Elementary Communication - Copyright by L. Ron Hubbard 1975" were being taught to the "students" who had been gotten, or would it be better to say "caught," right off the street. Helnwein was able to come up with these study packets "with the kind permission of the Frankfurt College of Applied Philosophy, Inc." A similar-sounding association with its seat in Hamburg had the following association goal as of 1973: "... Conducting courses and training for free personality development by use of practical application of the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard in accordance with the codes and directives which have been developed by L. Ron Hubbard to assure the application of standardized processes and to guarantee the expansion of Scientology and Dianetics..." On March 23, 1986, this association changed its name to "Scientology Church Hamburg, Inc." (!).

In the course documents of Helnwein's ZKK in Vienna, his students had conduct prescribed for them which included the following: "...Do not mix Scientology or Dianetics with other practices! Scientology is a very comprehensive area. ...While you are taking a course, do not engage in other practices, e.g., psychoanalysis, psychiatric treatment, ... Scientology is not something secret. In Scientology it is important that the students participate in the course and understand all materials, because that is the only way in which the best results will be achieved...".

Renate Helnwein - 1976

In winter 1975 he made the acquaintance of the 22-year-old psychiatric nurse and trained Scientologist who, in the months previous, had been training as an "auditor" (confidential interrogator), Renate Buhre, who was transferred down from the Scientology Center in Copenhagen to the Helnwein Mission in Vienna. A short time later she became his wife and mother of his three children, Mercedes, Ali and Amadeus; the oldest son Cyril comes from her first marriage.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 92

Starting March 1976 she became a supervisor who was trained in the Hubbard teachings and she instructed the "students" in the Scientology courses in the ZKK course rooms. In 1989, Renate Helnwein gave some good reasons for the events of that time, though they rather diverged from reality.

In October 1989, Cosmopolitan magazine related in its story "Helnwein, Wife and Resistance," the initial period of their relationship from Renate's perspective: "How she sits down, pushes the chair back, pours the coffee and pushes her long brown-blond hair back, fluttering her eyelashes. But above all how she talks: loud, enthusiastic, aiming for effect, yet very naturally. Renate Helnwein faces her visitors with an aggressive charm, as if she wanted to defeat them by the stroke of a hand alone. She managed that with Gottfried. In 1976, when the native of Heilbronn had just gotten back from a trip to Asia with her new-found self-knowledge and she read about Helnwein's Center for Art and Communication in a magazine, she spontaneously burned all her bridges and travelled straight down to Vienna. It happened as it had to happen: she conquered Gottfried in a flash with her rather Mediterranean impetuousness. Whether romance came into play, the lust for adventure or the unconditional feminine will to satisfy a man - she will not say. Was it at least love at first sight? She does not want to reflect upon that for very long, either, and abbreviates the story of her approach to the sentence: 'We had done a ridiculous amount of work together, and then I had my first child.'"

In order to keep her Scientology past a secret, she wisely withheld important facts. According to statements from a former Viennese ZKK staff member, Renate Helnwein was trained as a Scientologist in Scientology's European headquarters in Copenhagen. Then, after learning that Gottfried was going to open and direct a Scientology art center in Vienna, she transferred there as course supervisor. Since her first child, which came into the world a year after her arrival to Vienna, did not come from Gottfried and he himself at this time was almost married to ZKK leading member Angelika Blaskovich, this intensive relationship with Gottfried would have had to have taken place right after the birth of her son Cyril.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 93

Scientology Training in the ZKK - 1976

The case of ex-Scientologist H. P. Steiden from Vienna:

A book distributed by Viennese publishing house "Edition S", "Einsteins falsche Erben" ["Einstein's false legacy"] by Heinrich P. Steiden and Cristine Hamernik, which was newly published in completely revised form in 1997, describes the Viennese man, Steiden, today an ex-member of Scientology, who became a Scientologist with Gottfried Helnwein's help in 1976, and how he got into the Scientology Organization through Helnwein's ZKK, was "caught" and tied up in it for over ten years, along with his personal experiences with people who included ZKK course supervisor, Renate Buhre, Helnwein's wife-to-be:

The Steiden Report

"It was in the winter of 1975/1976 when (the then 27 year old) Viennese man Heinrich P. Steiden came into contact with the Austrian branch of Scientology. At first, the writer found something completely positive in this group, the Center for Art and Communication - one of the many Scientology sub-organizations: he was talked into taking his first course, the communications course developed by Hubbard. Then he got intensively involved with the Hubbard writings, with the Dianetics book and the volumes on 'Self-Analysis' and 'The Science of Survival.' Despite long visits out of the country, the contact with the ZKK did not let up. A new Hubbard disciple was born.' Thanks to Gottfried and Renate Helnwein.

'My joining the sect was - as was my departure - surely not symptomatic. From my first, casual contacts with the Hubbard disciples up to my psychic and physical separation from Scientology there was an interval of about ten years. A period in which I had not only took on much Hubbardism, but also defended and actively supported this organization.

I made my first contact with the Hubbard disciples through the 'Profil Art Director' at the time, Bernhard Paul, graphic artist and later, founder and director of the Roncalli Circus. He told me about Scientology and about his stay in Denmark (at the Scientology headquarters in Copenhagen). Also the Viennese author Peter von Tramin, who died much too early, had made mention to me several years before of his Scientology experiences.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 94

Several weeks later - shortly before Christmas 1975 - I coincidentally learned about the 'Center for Art & Communication.' A group of artists around Gottfried Helnwein had conjured up a gallery with an adjoining meeting hall in Vienna at the time. Really funny and creative people would meet on Singer Street, at the corner of Liliengasse. Concerts, exhibitions and readings were intermixed with various seminars. I felt good with this group - and was caught before I was really aware of it.

The painter Helnwein, the ex-drummer of the 'Neuwirthschen Extremschrammeln,' graphic artist Toni Griebaum and the university-trained restauranteuress Angelika Blaskovich relied mainly on the Communication Course during this Scientology pioneering period. And so I took a three-part course, too. A donation of 500 shillings per seminar segment and - as I recall - 250 shillings for the course material was mandatory.

What was the reason that I felt so good there? What was the reason that I could suddenly move into a community, a group of people without restriction or problems? Today, after a long trail of self-experience and a deliberate sorting out of my past, I'll try to give an answer: a part of the cause certainly lied in my own childhood. Born as an unanticipated 'latecomer' - my sister is seven years older than I - in a time in which children were not a matter of choice, I grew up well protected in a trusted, small-town family. In a family which outlived the Nazi tyranny in the 'Reich' - in Berlin and Wittenberg - and had to experience the fear of fleeing and the loss of possessions in the last days of the war. In a family which was in a permanent 'political identity crisis' after 1945. In a microcosm full of resentment against anything new.

Since my adolescence I have been through many years of severe identity crisis. For years I thought of myself as looking for something, somebody who had no sense of self-worth and who was suicidal.

At that time I was arguing with my parents almost daily - especially with my mother. I sought ideals which I found neither in her world nor in my make-believe world. My relations with people ended just as quickly as they had started, and I had almost no friends at the time. And when I had personal or professional problems, I would try to suppress them rather than solve them.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 95

When I was then overwhelmed by a problem and knocked flat, a phase of self-pity would follow, the great depression. A condition which I - seemingly - consolidated over the years. I got involved with various psychological 'schools' and took 'self-discovery' seminars, which included 'encounter training.' Consequence - apparent success - I thought. My professional and also my private self-actualization had taken its course. Until 1975. Until bigger problems, then my overly sensitive inferiority complex and my self-pity appeared again.

At a hearing of the German Parliamentary Committee for Women and Children on Wednesday, October 9, 1991, in Bonn, Dr. Ralf Abel, as an expert, described very precisely the type which is susceptible to, for instance, Scientology. In that testimony, the attorney also brought up my problem at the time: 'It is not the fallen out and flipped out people who have big problems with themselves and their surroundings, but it is just those who, in a certain phase of life, have the feeling of potentially not having all the success which they have dreamt of, who have partner problems or other problems with their environment.' In another part of his testimony, the German attorney touched me deeply when he said: 'When you conceive of what it is that Scientology promises, then you will see that it is the ability to handle anything. You can supposedly even handle MEST. That is to say, matter, energy, space and time; I cannot think of what else remains to be handled, perhaps politics is an extension of that. That is what everybody would really like to know, probably even every political representative and manager, so that one has a grasp on the entire thing.'

Anyway, on April 6, 1976, 5 days after the cultural center was 'officially' opened, I decided, immediately after having taken the OCA survey, to start with the Communication Course. This test, the 'Oxford Capacity Analysis,' is a free personality test and has been used for years as an important recruitment tool by this sect. This test is a part of their 'religion' for the Scientologists. For Hubbard, the path to spiritual salvation and liberation begins with a certain Id-orientation, which nevertheless grows from the Id to an orientation which is all-encompassing and eternal, which is also inside the person himself. The personality test sits on the lowest step of the path to salvation and development in that it first orients the person to himself and his

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 96

Scientology Training in the ZKK under the management of Gottfried Helnwein
His wife-to-be Renate functioned as 'auditor' - 1976

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 97

problems are shown to himself in accordance with his own attitude and insight.

In doing that, the personality test fulfills a real mission on the beginning of the path to finding truth. First it is supposed to give the person his first sense of his path to salvation, a path of self-liberation, hope and improvement. What name it has makes no difference - whether 'Oxford Capacity Analysis,' 'Oxford Personality Test,' 'ARC Personality Test,' 'Oxford Capacity Analysis Personality Test, 'Standard Oxford Capacity Analysis' or even 'ARC Ability Test' - the 200 questions, whether in German or in English, are always the same. For example, question number 6 goes: 'Do you now and then get a muscular twitch for no apparent reason?' Or question 191: 'Does life appear vague and somewhat unreal to you?' Questions whose answers, if you review the test thoroughly, have little or nothing to do with the psychic constitution of the subject person. Nevertheless a diagram is made out of it which is extraordinarily helpful in selling the potential customer a course. The evaluation, I have done it very often, is done with a template and the results are recorded on a graph. This chart is divided into positive and negative areas with a type of zero-line. This form is furthermore divided into ten 'opposing pairs': stable and unstable, happy and deprived, calm and nervous, secure and insecure, active and inactive, energetic and restricted, responsible and irresponsible, correctly assessing and critical, understanding and lack of agreement, and capable of communication and withdrawn. In the test results, the curves lie mostly under the zero line - in the negative area. That is how mine was.

My 'public registrar,' or any Scientologist whose assignment is to get people into the Mission, explained the test results to me and asked, 'Do you want to improve yourself?' A question which most people would only answer by saying 'yes.' And whoever answers it with 'yes' almost always signs up very quickly for a course, usually for a communication course. That is how it was with me, too. My curve was far under the 0-line in almost all areas. And that is how I was feeling at the time, too: unstable, deprived, nervous, overly critical and withdrawn. Nothing seemed better - in a great environment and with these new friends - than beginning the communication course.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 98

Renate Helnwein - the Course Supervisor in the ZKK 1976

After the customary mountain of paperwork - it happens in a sect, too - and an admission check with the e-meter, I was introduced to my course supervisor. My course supervisor, we'll call her Renate, warmly welcomed me and led me into the course room. That is where I received the instructions from Renate to discuss the course with nobody while I was taking it and to address any questions or problems I had only to her, the course supervisor. Statements which I was to hear repeatedly in the ZKK and also later, in the Mission. Then the course times were fixed and a target - a goal - for completion was set.

Renate Helnwein in the ZKK in Vienna (from: 'ZKK Catalog 1976'

Armed with the scriptures, a thick dictionary, the collection of technical words from Ron and the 'demo kit,' a little basket with various objects like toy figures, clam shells, balls, etc., I found a seat at one of the large tables and began to study the theoretical portion of the communication course. After studying the first section I was checked out by Renate - tested - and I had to answer various questions with the assistance of the demo kit - one of the Hubbard learning methods which - allegedly - leads to a better understanding by the one being taught. I also practiced 'word-clearing.' That means that every word which you cannot define in the sense of the guru (see 'redefinition')

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 99

has to be looked up, read and defined in the dictionary or - if it is one of Hubbard's coined words - the Scientology technical dictionary. Then the student has to build sentences with this word. And do that until the course supervisor says 'OK, that's it!'

'Demonstrations' and 'word clearing' are part of a study technology which can also be found to be used in various Scientology affiliate and licensed organizations, like the learning and tutoring institution in Vienna, 'Knowledge and Ability.' According to Hubbard, it is misunderstood words that lead to obstacles and learning difficulties.

But back to the Communication Course: the practical exercises begin with 'OT-TR 0,' an exercise in which two people sit facing each other with their eyes closed for an hour at a time without letting themselves be disturbed. In the second training exercise, 'TR 0' - also called 'confronting' - two people also sit facing each other for an hour at a time and look at each other's eyes. The purpose of this training exercise is described in an HCO Bulletin of 16 August 1971, which has already been revised and reissued multiple times: to train the student to confront only with auditing or with nothing. The whole idea is to make the student able to be comfortable in a position one meter from a preclear, to BE there and to do nothing else than to BE there. Any flinch, fidget, giggle or speech will be 'flunked' and rated as an error. Passing is accomplished only by one who has gotten a major, stable win.

Next on the course program is 'TR 0-Bullbaiting,' a TR 0 exercise with teasing. In this training the 'Coach' may say and do anything - but may not leave his chair - and the student just sits there entirely at ease. An exercise which frequently caused some excitement in the course. A ZKK staff member, we will call him Fritz, specially coached female students in a form which often led them to tears. On one evening, I had already progressed along in my TRs somewhat, Fritz was practicing 'TR 0 - Bullbaiting' with a young, extremely attractive woman. He increased his instigation and began to unbutton the woman's blouse. She accepted that calmly. Then the coach's fingers wandered further down to her skirt. She continued to let him fumble around. The buttons of her skirt were also quickly undone. Then the palm of her hand landed squarely on Fritz' face. A resounding slap ended this training exercise. The primly efficient woman serenely buttoned up her blouse

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 100

for Communication

Part 1

Produced with the kind permission of the Frankfurt College for Applied Philosophy, Inc., by the Center for Art and Communication (R).

All rights including the use as teaching materials reserved. Reproduction, including extracts, is not permitted.

Copyright (c) by L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology is an applied religious philosophy.

Center for Art and Communication

Scan of original German document

Helnwein and the "Seminar for Communication" in the ZKK 1976
(from: instructional materials)

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 101

and skirt, packed her things together and departed - still without saying a word - the rooms on Singer Street. Many years later, after I had already gotten myself out of the sect, I met the woman and we spoke about the time in the ZKK. Then she explained to me, 'At that moment I knew that I did not need anything like that. I found myself at that moment. I knew when I slapped Fritz that I would not let myself be oppressed by anybody anymore, that I would not be needing Hubbard, psychologists or anything like that. Besides that, it was the first time I slapped anyone.'

In more TRs, one learns to give orders, to acknowledge, to ask questions and to not let oneself be thrown off balance. I learned - as I look back on it today - really very little about communication, but much about squeezing viciously and lying perfectly, how one manipulates his environment. Yet this communication course certainly gave me one thing: my feeling of self-worth - viewed subjectively - was basically improved and I supplanted - in keeping with the Hubbard policies - all psychic problems for the next few years. I also noticed the changes in my behavior from my environment. There was - seemingly - visible success. I had taken the 'Oxford Capacity Analysis' again after the course, and I was shown that I had improved my ability to communicate - documented in black on white.

I was already so entangled in Scientology thinking that I continued believing that I was really doing well. Therefore I had also planned to take the 'path over the bridge' to OT as quickly as possible. This condition lasted almost 5 years to the month, from June to July 1981.

In the meanwhile I had married, my first daughter had already been born, and I had to go back home to Vienna - from Munich, where I had been working for almost three years. But because I did not immediately find an acceptable job, once again I snapped and there was a serious crisis. And once again I sought my salvation - ever the believing Hubbard disciple - in a Mission.

The Center for Art and Communication on Singer Street had closed its portals since the last time I was there. Some of the former ZKK members worked in a new Mission on Rotgasse. So I once again met my 'brothers and sisters in faith' vis a vis from Lugeck, where the Viennese Mission had rented several floors.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 102


Welcome to this course!

In this course you will learn facts of knowledge for the purpose of being able to practically apply them.

In studying the evaluation of facts of knowledge is a provision for understanding. You must evaluate the facts of knowledge for yourself.

One must have something to do with the facts of knowledge before one can adopt them. In studying you are dealing with second-hand knowledge.

When you look directly at an object (first-hand knowledge), then this experience far surpasses the experience which your are able to gain in reading a description of this object (second-hand knowledge).

Pursue a goal during the course!

Ask yourself what goal you intend to achieve with this course. Do not go any further until you have answered this question.

While working through the material, you should ask yourself the following:

"Can I practically apply these facts of knowledge? Do they broaden my understanding of life, thinking, people, organizations, etc.? How do these fundamentals relate to daily life and to what extent do they concern me? How can I apply these facts of knowledge once I have adopted them?

If you are to learn application in hindsight, then you must set aside and clear up everything that you do not comprehend.

Success lies in the application!

This volume contains the written course material. Please enter your name and date on the checklist. This checklist shows the course program which the student is to follow. Work your way through the items in their exact sequence. Only check off when you are sure that you have understood the data and you are able to apply it, or when you master the matching exercise.

It is best to first go through an item to get an overview of it and clear up any kind of misunderstanding. Then one gets more deeply involved with it and understands the applicability of the basic elements

(c) by L. Ron Hubbard 1973

Scan of original German document

The Helnwein Center "teaches" Scientology
(from: ZKK course materials 1976

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 103



To drill the student to be able to ask a question newly again and again in a new time interval without altering it. This question should not be mixed up with other questions. The student is to learn never to ask a new question before he has gotten an answer to the one which was asked. He should acknowledge every answer to his question.

INSTRUCTIONS, which will be used in the drill;

The student uses either "do fish swim?" or "do birds fly?".


The student and his trainer sit facing each other a comfortable distance apart.


A time interval is ended when the student receives an answer to his question and acknowledges it. The student may not vary his original question. Although this may be the same question, it should be asked each time as though it were for the first time.

The student must learn to ask a question, get an answer to it and acknowledge it within an interval of time.

If the student should not succeed in getting an answer to his question or be able to repeat the exact question, or if he should be distracted from the cycle by the trainer, he receives a "flunk."


The trainer uses "Start" and "That's it" exactly as in the previous training exercises. The trainer does not absolutely have to answer the student's question. He can also imitate a hesitation or make comments in order to throw the student off track. By and large, however, the trainer should answer the question and only now and then try to distract the student to "Q and A" or throw him off track.

(c) by L. Ron Hubbard 1973

Scan of original German document

The Helnwein Center "teaches" Scientology
(from: ZKK course materials 1976

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 104


Student: "Do fish swim?"
Trainer: "Yes."
Student: "Good."
Student: "Do fish swim?"
Trainer: "Aren't you hungry?"
Student: "Yes."
Trainer: "Flunk."

If the question is not answered, the student must say in a friendly manner: "I repeat the question," and repeat it as often as is needed to get an answer.

The student uses only the question, the acknowledgment and the repetition when this is necessary. Doing something else means a Flunk, e.g., saying unnecessarily, "I repeat the question," a weak question, a weak acknowledgment, a "Q and A" (as in the above example), misemotion or confusion in studying, too long a hesitation before he asks the next question, a choppy or premature acknowledgment, omitting an acknowledgment along with an obvious hesitation in acknowledgment.

Nothing that the trainer says, outside of the answer to the question, as well as "Start," "Flunk" or "That's it," may influence the student. When the trainer makes a comment that has nothing to do with the question, then the student simply says: "I repeat the question" and then asks it once again.

"Start," "Flunk," "That's it" or one of the acknowledgments ("Good," "Fine," "Okay," or "Thank you") may not be used to confuse or trap the student. Anything else is permitted. In this exercise the trainer may try to leave his chair. If he succeeds, that is a Flunk. The student may use his hands to prevent the trainer from leaving his chair. In case the student does something besides that, that means a Flunk and the trainer must handle.

The trainer should not make any statements relating to himself like: "I just had a realization." All the trainer's diversionary comments should relate to the student and serve to throw him off track so that he loses control of the exercise or that which he is trying to do.

The student's assignment is to execute a communication in spite of anything else that happens, whereby he makes use only of the question, the repetition of the question and the acknowledgment.

(c) by L. Ron Hubbard 1973

Scan of original German document

The Helnwein Center "teaches" Scientology
(from: ZKK course materials 1976

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 106

After an OCA test I took - as someone who was re-joining - another communication course which allegedly had been newly worked out. This course differed from the three-part course only in that it did not have all the TRs and basically cost more than before - a manifestation symptomatic of this organization. I accepted it anyway. Since I was not so good with money, I was baited with courses which - according to the Scientology promises - could be of use professionally. For instance with a PR course.

Since my state of mind did not improve essentially, I had to go to the PTS/SP course. That is a course in which one learns to recognize and handle so-called 'potential trouble sources' and 'suppress persons' in one's environment. That is because these people - according to Guru Hubbard - are to blame for things not going well. Only when these people are discovered - they also include all critics of Dianetics and Scientology - and one separates oneself from them, can a Preclear finally rise up. Then the path to Clear status is unblocked at last.

This course was then followed - by special order of the 'Ethics Section' - , of course, by an Ethics Course. However Scientology ethics has only very little in common with the definition of this word in a theological-philosophical reference work. Ethics in general is understood as 'morality.' But Hubbard redefined this term so that the purpose of ethics for Hubbard disciples was to remove counter-intentions from the environment. After that has been achieved, then ethics has the purpose to remove other intentions from the environment.

Without my being aware of it, I was being firmly integrated into Scientology's 'money production' program. Not only was I immediately being registered for the recommended 'services of the church,' I was also promoted to FSM (Field Staff Member). As an active Scientologist who took seriously his guru's mission - clearing the planet - and who tried to bring all his friends and acquaintances into the Mission, I began to yield profits for the 'church.' Even the family was supposed to have their place with Hubbard. This was demonstrated for me by two Scientologists who had brought their whole family, son-in-law and daughter-in-law included, into the science fiction religion. My marriage, my relationship to my family and to my parents-in-law slid into a serious crisis. But for me everything was clear: it was the PTSs around me, the Potential Trouble Sources, who were to blame for everything. I was confirmed in my outlook by the Ethics Department chief.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 106

The solution to the problem from the Scientology view: I had to bring my wife - and later certainly also my two daughters - into Scientology as quickly as possible.

That was an undertaking, though, which brought me only limited success. My wife even went to an ethics session with me on the theme of 'Our Second Dynamic - our Marriage,' and began a course on ARC, about Affinity, Reality and Communication. But when the suggestion was made to her that she should pay several hundred thousand shillings for training and auditing, she turned away from 'The Way to Happiness.' And when a staff member still asked her to take out a loan - for herself and also for me - of about a half million shillings, then she had had enough of L. Ron Hubbard and his disciples once and for all. Although I was not in agreement with this method of procedure, holding long meeting with staff members about our financial problems, I nevertheless remained loyal to the Hubbard ideas and did not want to be distracted from the clear-cut 'way over the bridge.'

Renate Helnwein II - 1981

Never say never. Together with my former course supervisor, Renate - she had now been married to Helnwein the painter for several years, was the mother of several children and manager of the renowned photo-realist - I managed to get my wife into the Mission once again: to an auditing session. Our second child was on its way, and Renate told us that all engrams which had been fixed on the time track by the first birth could be erased through 'birth auditing.' Renate also described for her, from her own experience, how easy the birth of her children had been after she had received this auditing. After this session, however, my wife, Eva, never entered a Mission or 'church' again.

In the meantime I was set on taking my next step. I sweated all my sins - in the 'Purification Rundown' - out of my body and soul for almost two months. About 12,000 shillings (about $1,500) poorer, and stuffed with an overdose of various vitamins and minerals, I sat for four hours everyday in a - only 60 degrees Celsius (140 F) - warm room. In contrast to my usual sauna visits this 'religious cure' occurred with swimming trunks, as demanded by Hubbard's rules.

This rundown was praised as the true source of vitality: Ron's newest breakthrough, like a cleansing river of clear spring water,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 107

the way to new vitality, energy and full, optimum case gain. L. Ron Hubbard said, 'The main purpose of the Purification Rundown consists of removing drugs and poisonous substances which have accumulated in the body.' If one takes a look at the success stories which gush out of it, that is what it really does. Quite aside from the physical revival which one experiences from the Purification Rundown if it is carried out perfectly, according to the rules, there is the side-effect that the consequences of future radiation effects are decreased. And in an HCO Bulletin of 3 January 1980, it gets even thicker. There the science fiction author publicly proclaims that 'only Scientologists' will be able to continue their activities after an atomic war. Hubbard: 'Bombarded with the radiation of radioactive fallout from atomic power plants and less protected by the atmosphere, people today have more of a tendency to fall victim to an atomic war. The cumulative effects of radiation have created in them the conditions necessary for a rapid death in case of heavy radioactive fallout. That leads us to the perspective that probably those who have completely and factually done the Purification Rundown will survive - in contrast to others who were not so fortunate. Also they will know how they can recover from new effects of radiation - continued use of niacin (one of the vitamin B derivatives discovered in the '50s in the States) over a short period of time. And, of course, some auditing.' I believed in Hubbard, but reading that brought on the first doubts of Scientology's sensibility in me.

After having finally been able to come up with a 'win' from the Purification Rundown, and having graduated from this agony amid much applause, as is customary with every course graduation in the Mission, I had already been talked into taking the next step.

After finishing each course one has to take an e-meter check and write a success report to Hubbard. In the meantime it is spread through the Mission like a wildfire that another person has graduated a course. Everybody congratulates you - and in your own self-made microcosm you seem to yourself to be a magnificent, capable person who has taken another step towards a happy life. Then you get the coveted graduation diploma. In front of the assembled group, the course supervisor congratulates the graduate and hands over his course diploma. A piece of paper which has no value at all, yet each person's feeling of self-worth is increased essentially with this diploma.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 108

For a mere 12,000 shillings I got 'Book 1 - Auditing,' that is the older form of auditing which was still done without the e-meter (a kind of lie detector), that means without the aid of a technical device. As the guru revealed in his Bulletins - after many limitation, revisions and re-implementations - in the late '70s, one could also become a 'clear' in this way.

With a good night's sleep, as had been prescribed for me the previous day, I entered the 'auditing room.' Yet an uneasy feeling crept over me. After all, I was to make sort of a life confession here in front of a perfect stranger. A confession of all the fears and negative images which had accumulated on my 'time track,' which still had to be led before the spiritual eye and scrutinized long enough for them to disappear. My auditor welcomed me with the usual 'Scientology hospitality' and asked me to sit down on the sofa. He sat down vis-a-vis at a small table and took several sheets of paper out of his briefcase. Then, by asking me questions, he sent me on a sort of time trip on my timetrack. During this time I experienced some things which I really had not wanted to. I fell into a state in which my environment appeared unreal to me, in - as a psychiatrist later on explained to me - an hypnotic state. Sobbing and crying I helplessly did everything my auditor asked of me. Over and over again I had to call back imaginary pictures. Over and over again I had to answer how I felt in doing that, what I noticed, what I smelled.

For almost a week I got audited every day for two to two and a half hours. For a week I turned my innermost being out and simply revealed my most secret thoughts - which I really never had wanted to confide to a strange person. Thoughts which were properly recorded in detail and today are being kept in a supposedly locked safe by Scientology.

Today, when I think back to the jottings down during my auditing sessions, I get this suspicion that my personal statements, my confessional secrets, are perhaps not quite so protected as is claimed by sect managers. Former members are persecuted worldwide, and intimate details of these former members are revealed to the public. For it is written in the Hubbard rules: a person who has been put back into the ethics condition of enemy is regarded as fair game: one may deprive them of possessions or harm them in any way without being punished by Scientologists.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 109

Co-Art International

The Center for Art and Communication strives in cooperation with Co-Art International for the following goals:

Through the application of the technology of the philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard, we intend to develop the artistic abilities in people to their full potential, because the creative ability of a person is his most valuable.

We promote the elevation of our society's cultural level by increasing the awareness of the artist of his responsibility for the future of humanity, and enabling him to perceive and bear this responsibility.

"Art is a word which summarizes the QUALITY OF COMMUNICATION. It therefore follows the laws of communication."

L. Ron Hubbard
(Art Series 1)

Scan of original German document

Helnwein and his Scientology goal, 1976
(from: "ZKK Prospekt 1976")

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 110

Finale in the ZKK - 1977
(from: "ZKK Katalog 1977")

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 111

They may be tricked, sued, lied to or destroyed.

After that week my course supervisor was waiting for me and told me that it was finally time for me to begin my HQS course. A course which would make me a 'Hubbard Qualified Scientologist' upon graduation. I wanted to have some peace and take a break. But he pressed me so urgently that I began it on the same day - almost robot-like.

Soon I was spending more time with Scientology than with my family. I simply did not want to accept any discussion about my actions in the Mission, so I told my wife that she did not understand anything about what I was doing there. Using the emphatic method which I had learned in the Comm Course, I made it clear to those around me that I needed all of what Scientology was providing me with for my life.

So the difficulties were pre-programmed, but that made no difference to me. I was a Scientology programmed robot!

I interrupted my studies for several months for professional reasons. At that time I was working as a PR man in a Scientology managed advertising agency. But the staff of the Viennese Mission and also my boss began to put pressure on me. They all urged me to finish my HQS course as quickly as possible, so that I finally took up my study again which would make me into a qualified Scientologist.

Right about the 17th of April 1986 I had a crucial experience: I was able to see with my own eyes how a course participant who wanted to leave Scientology was treated. I overheard a discussion among staff members who were talking about how they would get rid of this 'SP,' this opponent. I was a witness to how one used a bulletin which - allegedly - had been cancelled by Hubbard. The instruction goes: 'At the moment you have unmistakably identified the suppressor, a quick solution to the problem will occur to you on the spot under the circumstances. Unfortunately it is illegal.'

This nocturnal experience - it took place shortly after 10 p.m. - made me stubborn. All of a sudden - after a long time - I was using my own mind. I began to study various course documents - this time with other eyes - and, in doing that, discovered things which I did not like at all. Things with which I could not identify. The scales fell from my eyes. I recognized a fascistoid system in Scientology which strove for world domination. This pseudo-

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 112

religious congregation which wanted to 'clear' humanity to save it from - alleged - ruination was trying to gain control everywhere - in business and politics, in art and culture. Suddenly I understood sharpest critic of Scientology - who had died barely six months before. I understood the criticism by the Evangelical sect commissioner, Reverend Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack, of this science fiction religion. Several years prior he had explained on TV: 'Groups like Scientology are just as much a burden as are drugs, terrorism and wild-eyed political fanatics. Delusional systems have a terrible side to them - they are infectious. The duties of a democratic citizen are important to protect yourselves and to protect others.'

My insecurity had grown enormously. My picture of the world had collapsed. Long, in-depth discussions which I was able to have about this problem with a really good friend helped me determine my standing. It very quickly brought me to making a clear decision: I had to get out of that system. And I took the plunge.

The Hubbard 'recovery machinery' slowly began to work: in the first several months after my departure the telephone rang very often. Various Scientology disciples first tried to get me back into the Mission by telephone and then by writing me. They wanted to talk with me, clear up misunderstandings, arrange ethics sessions and do everything conceivable to make me into an active Scientologist again. Nevertheless I stuck with my decision and refused any contact. Supported by my family and a friend, I was finally able to solve my psychic problems. In retrospect, this time was very important for me. 'Errare humanum est' - this self-recognition was the key for a - today stable - worldview. I really and finally disentangled myself from this radical science fiction religion only a little more than three years ago (1989). The decisive factor in this last and final break for me was when I discovered Scientology's connection to rightwing radical groups in the former federal republic - for example the intellectual proximity to revisionist CODE magazine.

There is still some confusion today, although I have threatened to sue the Director of the 'Press and Legal Department of the Scientology Church, Austria' (also called DSA - Department for Special Affairs, the national representative of the American Scientology secret service in Los Angeles, OSA - Office of Special Affairs), Sandra Krenn,

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 113

if I find any more letters in my post office box demanding that I finally finish my HQS course. Apparently communication does not work on this sectarian Moloch like its guru Hubbard wrote down in his Bulletins and Letters.'

So much for ex-Scientologist Heinrich P. Steiden in his excellent book, "Einsteins Falsche Erben" from 1992 about his experiences in one of the first existing Scientology "Celebrity Centers" in the world under the management of Gottfried Helnwein in Vienna in the 1970s. Altogether Steiden threw away over 12 years of his life, including breaks, to the Scientology Organization.

The Scientology "ARC" Symbol in the ZKK Catalog

In a prominent spot, the back cover, of the very first ZKK art exhibition catalog of March 1976, with Gottfried Helnwein and his bandaged face lying near the gutter on the street on the cover, there are nothing but three, free-standing letters on a white background. That is a direct reference to the ARC triangle invented by L. Ron Hubbard, and serves, in Scientology circles, as one of the ways in which head guru Hubbard is thanked for his teachings. Another way of doing this is just to draw the triangle without the ominous letters "ARC." For outsiders, this is a form of giving thanks in signing off, such as "much ARC for you, yours..." at the end of a personal letter between Scientologists, without meaning and, above all, not definable. It is part of the Hubbard secret speech.

Hubbard wrote of it: "In Scientology a connection of great importance has been discovered. It has to do with the ARC triangle. A good understanding of the connections in this triangle lets one understand life much better and enables one to apply this knowledge practically. The ARC triangle is the basis of all interpersonal relationships. It is the common denominator in all activities in life. The first angle of the triangle is called Affinity ... The second angle ... is Reality ... The third angle of the triangle is Communication. ... Affinity, reality and communication form the basis of the Scientology emotional scale, which makes evaluation of human behavior possible. ... The simplest Scientology definition of communication is "cause - distance - effect." A, R and C give understanding..."

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