Lies and Treason

An Organization and its Secret Service

Peter Reichelt

Publisher: Verlag Brockmann und Reichelt GMBH, 1997 - Mannheim, Germany

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Peter Reichelt's German-language pages:

Table of Contents

Helnwein, Reichelt and Scientology11
Crusing the Nile together and the "1001 nights" Festival at Burgbrohl17
ARD report in BR - magazine "Report" - Two TV shows on the Helnwein Scandal on 21 Oct 1996 and 3 Feb 199718
The Beginning of a Friendship25
The Consulting Contract27
The Helnwein Group31
The Idols Project34
Idols for Scientology36
The "Faces" Photo Project44
Arno Becker44
Leni Riefenstahl meets L. Ron Hubbard - 196046
Reinhold Messner47
Ina Brockmann meets Gottfried Helnwein48
The End - 199451
Dietmar Schoenherr51
The Helnwein Family "in Scientology" ! 59
Helnwein turns Scientologist - 197159
The Zoetus Group59
Ulrich Gansert - 199763
Helnwein's 1st Scientology course graduation - 197266
Helnwein - Clear and OT I67
The falsified sworn testimony I73
The falsified sworn testimony II73
Scientologist - The ZKK in Vienna 1974 - 197776
Helnwein outed as Scientologist79
The first interview as a Scientologist - 197580
The Opening of the ZKK on April 1, 197685
The Scientology courses in the ZKK91
Renate Helnwein - 197691
Scientology Training in the ZKK - 197693
Renate Helnwein - ZKK Course Supervisor 197698
Renate Helnwein II - 1981106
The Scientology "ARC" Symbol in the ZKK Catalog 113
The Scientology Staff in the ZKK114
Jochen Wahl114
Gottfried Helnwein116
Angelika Blaskovich118
Fritz Hechelmann118
Robert Schoeller119
Fritz Fuhrmann120
Scientology in Germany praises Helnwein for his services - 1977120
The End of the first Helnwein Scientology "Art Center" - Vienna in Fall 1977122
Rudi Kruspel128
The "New" ZKK in Vienna - 1981129
Narconon - Chilocco USA I130
The relationship between Gottfried Helnwein, Hans Janitschek and Scientology President Heber Jentzsch132
Narconon - Chilocco II135
The OSA/DSA Letter of 1992137
An OSA man tells his story 141
Vienna 1980/1143
Gottfried Helnwein, Inc. in Vienna in 1981 and the problems with the tax authorities in Austria since 1994 145
The secret raid against Scientology in Austria - 1994148
The tax raids at Burgbrohl on Helnwein - 1995 and 1996150
The "IAF AG" in Vienna151
The "Stern" Outing - December 19, 1984160
The move to Burgbrohl - 1984, or Scientologists among themselves - Helnwein and Kempe161
Helnwein and Herold in Leipzig and on Ruegen - 1994 and 1995163
Klaus Kempe - The Real Estate Broker 169
The first success report from Burgbrohl170
"Take the cans" - Flag without End177
Robert Schoeller179
The Helnwein Knowledge Report - 1985179
The end of a relationship - thanks to Helnwein?180
Gudrun Derlin182
Helnwein's L-10 Course in Flag184
Bremen and Tobias Biancone (Leutenegger) - 1987 184
The Sub-Human186
Helmuth Bloebaum - Reiner Weber - Claudia Kauer - Edith Buechele189
The connection between Helnwein and the DSA/OSA intelligence agency189
The Helnwein Order194
Helnwein - The OSA-FSM and his contact to the OSA - 1993 195
Helnwein's Wish: Thomas Gottschalk should suffer longer195
Helnwein and the visit to Carl Barks - 1991197
Helnwein writes to Claudia Kauer / OSA Munich - 1993 198
The structure of OSA and the Helnwein connection202
The Scientology Artist205
The Ottmann judgment on Helnwein205
Courses in Clearwater207
"Source" magazine - 1982 to 1995207
Payments to Scientology - 1972 to 1997 209
The OT Levels217
Clear Certainty Rundown (CCRD) 219
Alternate Route to Clear (ARTC)220
Sunshine Rundown223
New OT1223
OT 2223
OT 3 225
New OT 4227
New OT 5228
New OT 6230
New OT 7230
New OT 8231
The Greenfield School in England234
The Sea Organization I235
Cyril Helnwein and Martin Ottmann in Flag - 1991237
The Clearwater Building240
Greenfield School II244
Friend in the House246
Case 1: Dr. Reinhold Misselbeck - Curator for Photography at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne247
Case 2: Dr. Thomas Werner - 1989 Director of the Federal Mail Museum in Frankfurt am Main248
The Helnwein Burgbrohl Celebrity Center - 1985249
Norbert Potthoff - 1995252
The Helnwein Scientology Recruitment Film - Burgbrohl 1986 260
Peter Schmitz - January 22, 1997263
The Scientology RPF corrections camp and Arthur Hubbard/Happy Valley273
Andre Tabayoyon 274
Mary Tabayoyon275
Forced Abortions in the "RPF" 276
Brainwashing and "Ethics Conditions"277
Robert Vaughn Young280
Gilman Hot Springs281
The "Happy Valley" Camp282
Vicky Aznaran on David Miscavige283
Stacy Brooks Young 284
Arthur Hubbard in Burgbrohl and as prisoner in the "RPF" corrections camp284
The Model for the ORF286
Tom Cruise and his friend David Miscavige at "Gold"292
Operation "Paper Chase," or how I made more money from money294
Two murder contracts from "Scientology USA" to Garry Scarff298
Cynthia Kisser299
Ford Greene302
The Sea Org304
The Sea Org "Mission" of the "OSA" man Will Duckhorn at Burgbrohl - 1991314
Kurt Fliegerbauer - Scientology and the Expansion into the East316
Mario Herold318
Helnwein in Court - 1991 to 1997319
The Persecution of Journalists325
Renate Helnwein is OT 8 - 1988 328
A Synopsis of all the Helnwein Legal Proceedings329
Patrons are cohorts in deed 360
"Religious" Apartheid 1996 in Germany - The IAS Machine which Helnwein defends361
The Helnwein and Barks Exhibition in Mainz - 1995378
A German (Sect) Minister in Mainz also believed the Helnwein lies - 1995379
The OSA World Headquarters in Los Angeles385
The "Hollywood Guaranty Building" - OSA's main office385
Garry Scarff and the Murder Contracts II 386
The OSA Headquarters in Hollywood404
Celebrity Center International in Hollywood405
The Helnwein Interview in "Celebrity" Scientology magazine - 1989410
"OT 5" Gottfried Helnwein - 1989412
Helnwein in Berlin425
Helnwein's Scientology Membership Application - 1987426
The 8 Million Members - Lie 426
Helnwein in the Viennese "NEWS" - October 1996 426
The ARD "Report" broadcast of February 3, 1997 431
The Alfred Biolek case436
The Nazi Judge440
The Waki Zoellner Interview on February 17, 1997443


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Peter Reichelt

Peter Reichelt, born in Mannheim in 1958, University of Law in Mannheim, long-standing student and co-worker of concert impresario Klaus Hoffmeister, independent journalist, author, art promoter and publisher; works as television producer and script writer for companies which have included ORF and the ARD; contributes and does research for companies including Spiegel, Stern, Focus, Facts, FAZ as well as Stern TV, Spiegel TV and Report. Currently working in Los Angeles.

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