4. The Goals of the SO

The goal continually propagated by Scientology is <a civilization without mental illness, without crime and without war, in which the able become successful and honest people have rights, (...).> [30] This intended "new civilization" is the social utopia of society that is entirely without conflict.

Individuals have to subordinate themselves to this goal. Those who engage the SO in a critical manner or oppose it are stigmatized as "mentally ill" or "criminal." The SO imagines itself to be in possession of the sole truth, therefore it perceives criticism, especially from outsiders, as an attack.

<In the tumult of battle, where will is put to the test and courage is learned and where one either dies or comes out triumphant, a real group is crafted in the arsenal of truth (...) A group that fights determinedly and unerringly through any consequences for what's right, and never quits the battle until they have won.> [31]

This expresses the concept of being in at "war":

<There are not good reporters. There are no good representatives of the government or of SP groups. [32] (...) SPs are in a state of war. Whether one now behaves nicely or rudely to them - any behavior simply means more war. Therefore counter their counteraction like a battle.> [33]


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4.1 Political power claim

<One fine day we will approach politics and will have to clean it up, since politics can only have been seduced into given the political controls to criminals. And when you have the answer to crime, then you have the answer to all politics. (...) They would only have to make sure that the people in the government had been cleared (...)> [34]

Nevertheless, the SO publicly contests following political goals. Instead, by providing alleged alternatives to therapy and social reforms, it is suggested that Scientology could revolutionize central social areas. Behind the allegedly non-political reform programs, though, achieving political power appears as an ultimate goal, along with a program which is not compatible with the value system of a democratic constitutional state. In a confidential HUBBARD policy letter distributed only to management, which was reissued under David MISCAVIGE, the following long-term "target" were set:

[image of English text]

HCO PL 16.2.69 IV - 2 -
Reiss. 24.9.87


The vital targets on which we must invest most of our time are:

T1. Depopularizing the enemy to a point of total obliteration.

T2. Taking over the control or allegiance of the heads or proprietors of all news media.

T3. Taking over the control or allegiance of key political figures.

T4. Taking over the control or allegiance of those who monitor international finance and shifting them to a less precarious finance standard.

T5. Generally revitalizing the societies in which we are operating.

T6. Winning overwhelming public support.

T7. Use all other similar groups as allies.

These of course, are very long-range targets. But it is what must be done to continue the longevity of our organizations.

Our only justification for doing these things is that Scientology is the only game where everyone wins.

The names and connections, at this time, of the bitterly opposing enemy are:

1. Psychiatry and psychology (not medicine).


[end image]

HUBBARD developed a "special zone plan" of deliberate infiltration to attain these targets, especially in political circles:

"And see this: a race is staggering along making difficulties for itself. Locate its leaders. Get a paid post as a secretary or officer of the staff of the leaders of that race. And by any means, audit them (...) And this: a nation or a state runs on the ability of its department heads, its governors, or any other leaders' It is easy to get posts in such areas (...) Don't bother to get elected. Get a job on the secretarial staff or the bodyguard, use any talent one has to get a place close in, go to work on the environment and make it function better. (...) Don't ask for permission. Just enter (...) If we were revolutionaries this HCO Bulletin would be a very dangerous document." [36]

In another policy letter, HUBBARD required achievement of <key positions,> <no matter how," and an <invasion into every area of activity.> [37]. The organization uses a double-strategy to win politicians and to influence legislation:

"ACTIONS (...) Bringing continuous pressure to bear on governments to create pro-Scientology legislation and to discourage anti-Scientology legislation or legislation of groups opposing Scientology. (...) The action of bringing about a pro-Scientology government consists of making a friend of the most highly placed government person one can reach, even placing Scientologists in domestic and clerical posts close to him (...)" [38]

Another policy letter reveals that besides just a constructive improvement of politics, an aggressive battle strategy and the control of media and politics are used to implement one's own goals:

"The object of the department is to broaden the impact of Scientology upon governments and other organizations and is to conduct itself so as to make the name and repute of Scientology better and more forceful. (...) In the face of danger from governments or courts, there are only two errors one can make: (a) do nothing and (b) defend. (...) [M]ake enough threat or clamor to cause the enemy to quail (...) If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace. (...) Don't ever defend. Always attack. Don't ever do nothing. Unexpected attacks in the rear of the enemy's front ranks work best. (...) The goal of the department is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. (...) Introvert such agencies." [39]

The state's security area is also scrutinized.

<And now it comes to the point where you turn to the police chief -- it has to be the police department, because this is the department that is used to stop you. That has to be the first point of debarkation. Always the police. They are the place of corruption. They are the place where a revolution takes place. Always keep that in mind. So when you clean them up first, then you can prevent something very bad being conjured up.> [40]

The ideology and practice of the organization show that it intends to permeate society with its teachings and exercise power. Reports from functionaries, leading and otherwise, constantly indicate a combative stance and an uncompromising will to persevere. During an inter-regional SO rally in October 1999 in Hamburg, a speaker presumed there was limitations on the freedom of religion in Germany. He is reported to have said that the representatives of the German "apparatus of suppression" ("Unterdrueckungsapparates") could be assured that this time the battle would go in favor of Scientology. Where Scientologists had to take defeat lying down before, now their time had come. Naturally there was a time - the speaker was referring to National Socialism - in the 1930s when the state had won. But now in the 1990s Scientology would win. The high-ranking SO functionary Guillaume LESEVRE also imagines himself at "war" with Germany. Back in 1997, for instance, he sent the following newsletter to German Scientologists: "(...) there are many successes in the battle against suppression in Germany (...) But this is a war which will not be won without you (...) It is necessary, that you make your contribution in Germany, and the victory will be ours."


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4.2 Maximizing Profit: Means to an end

The SO combines commercial and political goals together. By marketing courses and books - called "Hard Sell" - as well as by acquisition of donations, the organization creates a foundation for its worldwide expansion. Behind every commercial transaction is steadfastly fixed the straightforward "standard finance policy," which requires the production of "more income." [42]

The "Scientology Organization" plainly combines political power with the accumulation of money, targeted lobbying and infiltration:

<The earthly measure of success is the amount of power, authority, people, wealth and possession that one controls. We are interested in success of this sort because it embodies the means of reaching out and accomplishing our mission.> [43]


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5. A dualistic Worldview

Like other totalitarian organizations, the "Scientology Organization" claims to be the one valid representative of society. It perceives itself as the one and only owner of political, religious and any other sort of philosophical "truths."

HUBBARD's teachings are hermetically sealed. Although the SO constantly maintains that HUBBARD's teachings are scientific, they were not developed on a basis of rational, open and scholarly discussion. HUBBARD frequently advanced unproven assertions. Parts of his ideology appear as knowledge gleaned from the most diverse disciplines which have been compiled into a new teaching. For example, his Dianetics procedures contain elements recognizably borrowed from psychology. At the same time HUBBARD, while vehemently condemning psychology, refers to the presumably unshakable truth of his own doctrine. In this way the system itself becomes the topic of discussion and criticism is even regarded as deviant conduct that warrants sanctions. In Scientology, contradictions in doctrine are ignored. One consequence of this is that the organization is unduly aggressive in its attitude toward dissidents and opponents, because the implementation of Scientology doctrine is made a matter of life and death:

<This here is not a game for us. The personal future of us all depends on going forward and not making any major mistakes. The question is not whether there is something else. There is nothing. Nobody can be half in and half out of Scientology. Scientologists are Scientologists, no matter what they do to earn their living. (...) If we fail, we are lost. It is not a matter of being killed. It is a matter of being killed and killed and killed, life after life, forever. (...) We have no time at all for doubt or wandering around aimlessly. The next time you hear someone moaning, 'I just don't know, moan, moan', then given him a slap in the face. We are the elite of the planet Earth (...)> [44]


44. L. Ron HUBBARD, policy letter "Organizational Attitude" in the policy collection "We are the only chance for humanity", 2001

5.1 The Scientology Worldview: A Conspiracy Theory

According to the Scientologist perspective, hidden behind the visible everyday occurrences of life is a reality of which the manipulated populace is not aware, a reality has been determined by a small, powerful group which decides the fate of the world:

<We in Dianetics and Scientology are dealing with a totalitarian conspiracy that uses "mental health" to keep people under control. (...) It began with war, whereby the opposition controlled all the press media and governments. (...) The opponent has all available PRO and intelligence techniques at his disposal to stop us, (...)> [46]

It is asserted that only the SO possesses the secret knowledge and the ability to break through political manipulations and to free the world.

HUBBARD's ideology contains the essential elements of a conspiracy theory. Scientology stylizes psychiatry as the enemy of humanity. According to HUBBARD, mankind is in a dramatic state of political and social decline. The allegedly manipulated society of the western world, which is supposedly <on drugs> and <controlled by the mass media> [47] is in a state of paralysis: the Nazi legacy is said to have survived intact as psychiatrists who have established a <dominion of fear> by means of "mind control" techniques and Gestapo-like methods; behind psychiatric clinics are hidden the annihilations camps tolerated by the state, which HUBBARD compared to Auschwitz [48]:

<A secret police financed by the state arrests anyone they [49] don't like. The state finances their death camps for freethinkers. (...) Germany and other countries have already bowed completely and used them to control entire populations.> [50]

According to HUBBARD, governments, including legitimate democratic ones, are <political marionettes> [51] of the real rulers, who have gained extensive control through blackmail and bribery of politicians, and who influence elections and the legislation [52]. The "Scientology Organization" tries, in the framework of this conspiracy theory thinking, to equate the democratic system with totalitarian systems and to denounce the system as inherently corrupt:

<The system, the establishment, the government - call it what you want - is something that has accumulated entire decades of self-serving self-justice. (...) The properties and the resources of the state in a 'democracy,' which is steered by parties, become a bounty which is won in an election held hat fixed periods of time. Political victory offers the opportunity to enjoy material advantages for a fixed period. The system is a whore, whose favor is won by a new candidate through popular elections. (...) Whether one has a monarchy or an aristocracy, an oligarchy, a republic or a military dictatorship, the model remains the same.> [53]

Members of this <secret, worldwide network> [54] include an alleged <weapons cartel>, pharmaceutical companies, drug dealers and intelligence agencies, who supposedly work for the "conspirators." In the background of this scenario though, HUBBARD places a small group from "higher financial circles" [55], who also direct psychiatry and hold the reins of power. The idea is to survive the <tyranny of the government, a suppressive economic system, inadequate law and the all-encompassing terror of psychiatry>. The SO describes the removal of this alleged circumstance as <the real Crusade of Scientologists all over the world> [56]. This reveals that processes like "auditing" are not at all meant solely as individual instances of therapy for the spiritual "freeing" of the person, as the organization asserts in public. Instead, the SO management sees itself on a political mission, and uses "auditing" as a socio-political means to liberate an allegedly enslaved populace.


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5.2 Politics from the Scientologists' point of view

Scientology, with regards to the themes of psychiatry and state, reveals itself to be a rigid system in which daily events or political developments are evaluated only according to the Scientology system of definitions. Besides that, it is evident that ordinary Scientologists as well as high-ranking functionaries, on the basis of HUBBARD's concepts, have uncritically accepted:

- A high-ranking representative of the "Church of Scientology International" believes he discovered the <true background> of the Kosovo conflict when he asserted in a speech that the <criminal psychiatrists> had been the true <instigators> of Hitler's German occupation of Yugoslavia. He said the subsequent mass murders in the Balkans had occurred <according to psychiatric race theories>. The most recent Kosovo War was only a recirculation of psychiatric indoctrination. [57] In this way the functionary made the attempt to alter meaning in the assessment of Nazi crimes: he talked about "psychiatric race theories," not Nazi race theories. In another speech the functionary compared psychiatrists and their supposed "strawmen" with terrorists. [58]

- On the occasion of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA, David MISCAVIGE reformulated a political claim to sole representation and asserted that only the Scientologists could stop the <economic and social collapse>. In an urgent appeal he demanded worldwide expansion. At the same time he held psychiatry, as a declared <archenemy>, responsible for the terrorist attacks of 11 September:

<That was done by putting them [the attackers] on drugs and hypnotizing them (...) this is all the stock-in-trade of psychiatrists. Those are not assumptions. Those are facts. And if you still have doubts, then look at the fact that the right hand man of the primary suspect - Osama bin Laden - is a psychiatrist.> [59]

- In November 2001, a functionary of the SO-auxiliary KVPM organization (Kommission fuer Verstoesse der Psychiatrie gegen Menschenrechte - Commission for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights, the German version of the CCHR, Citizens Commission for Human Rights) supported an appeal on the Internet against use of troops in Afghanistan, wherein he recognizably oriented himself to MISCAVIGE's statements and presented the same sort of position in detail for the KVPM.

- A Scientologist from Baden-Wurttemberg described his worldview on the Internet as follows, "An important thing I found out through Scientology is that things are not as they appear to be at first glance. Governments and their systems, media and their reports ... etc. are part of a carefully laid out illusion machine which lead the majority of the population astray." [60]

- A petition [61] taken by Scientologists in 2001 and directed at the Baden-Wurttemberg state assembly presumed in a polemic and demagogic manner that the state government had "neutralized" the "sect problem." The selection of words was obviously meant to suggest a close intellectual proximity between the constitutional agency and the National-socialist rule by force.


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6. The "cleared State"

The "Scientology Organization" plans to "clear" the state, indeed the entire world. As a rule it does not specify what it means by this. Even Scientologists more often than not have diffuse concepts for a basis. The scope of a "cleared" state, however, was very clearly formulated in a Scientology magazine in 1992 ("Ziel: Die Schweiz ist das erste geklaerte Land auf den Planeten"). In it the following goals were set:

"(...) Thousands of auditors of all grades (Dianetics up to Class VIII) auditing the Swiss population and bringing them up the Bridge. (...) In the area of Training and Education: (...) LRH [62] Technology will be applied on all levels: schools, vocational schools, high schools, teaching schools, universities, continuing education classes (inside and outside companies). (...) In the area of the Business World: (...) WISE has become the strongest security organization [Schutzorganisation] for ethics and business expansion. (...) In the area of Law: Policies and judicial orders by LRH are acknowledged and applied. Criminal law will be regulated through the application of LRH policies by WISE. (...) In the area of Finances: Switzerland is the first country without income taxes. The sales tax has been introduced. Good production will be rewarded by the state. the LRH policies on finances will be acknowledged and applied on all levels." [63]

It follows that the "clearing" of a state means the permeation of the state presence in accordance with HUBBARD's teachings and the application of his directives in the legal and justice systems. These sort of concepts are not limited to Switzerland. The SO has consistently stated their goal as wanting to exert their own rules over state and society:

<If we demonstrate a higher measure of order in ourselves and in our organization than in the society into which we are expanding, then through that alone society will yield to us. If there is a better law, easier recourse to injustice and a higher sense of order in our groups, then people will yield to us, because they find greater security and certainty in us than in the madhouse that is the 'the outside world.' This world will yield to us so fast and in our direction to the degree that we reach a superior culture. We must - every one of us - uphold only our laws under the HCO code of ethics and their individual implementation and to that degree we will expand as the greatest influence in society. (...) THE WHOLENESS OF STRENGTH IS ORDERED PROGRESS.> [64]

The reason given for this was the allegedly lawless state of society:

<It is this lawless and unordered state in the society around us which makes it hard for us to work. In the short-term we will be even stronger. (...) If we have a superior legal code and a superior legal system that brings real justice to people, then we will expand through society quite easily and everyone will win. (...)>

<But if you look at it, you will see that the 'power' of 'society' and the 'state' is simulated and comes from the effort to be powerful where there is really a lack of power for you. Our situation is the exact opposite. We possess the power of truth and we as a group are capable of strength, (...)>

<You say, 'That is adventuresome! An administration ruling the government with Scientology?' Now, I only know that it would cause trouble if we didn't do it.> [65]

Finally, the following vision stands behind the concept of the "cleared" society:

<And in the central organization, I'm now looking only a little bit into the future, there will be a political officer there. You want to know what happens when you've cleared everyone in this environment? The only thing for which this center can be used is a political center. From the point in time they've done all that, you are the government.> [66]

It is therefore essential to confront the Scientology system with the values of Basic Law.


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