Mrs. Ursula Caberta is under Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) until such time as her statements can be proven in court. This is a summary of her statements, as taken from a court ruling downloaded from the German OSA web site at

Hamburg Administrative Court decision 6 VG 4953/2002
Scientology Church Germany and Scientology Church Hamburg
The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg,
represented by the Interior Agency's Office for Internal Administration and Planning
states that until a court has ruled on the topic, Mrs. Ursula Caberta, in the course of her official duties, may not utter or communicate words to the following effect:

1. "I always find it very interesting that when we are having a discussion, that in certain circles, when we are talking about terrorists, yesterday somebody even got arrested and now he's in England. Then someone said he had been spreading ideology, so the principal perpetrator is not the one who rides the airplane or throws the bomb, it's the one who spreads the ideology, and in this connection is regarded as particularly dangerous. How would this not apply to other groups? How would it not be the case, that spreading ideology, cynical ideology, whether in a mystery school now or spreading Scientology's cynical ideology, weren't exactly as reprehensible as in other regards?"

2. (About the book Child Dianetics): "So whenever Scientology claims that [its] children have a normal life, you can see in here that this is not exactly the case."

3. "So we always associated child labor with girls weaving carpets, but child labor is taking place in Europe under Scientology."

4. The "Kommission fuer Verstoesse der Psychiatrie gegen Menschenrechte" is a radical branch of Scientology that ostentatiously denounces misunderstandings, but then uses this in an attempt to lure people into the organization.

5. "In my opinion the organization in Hamburg is bankrupt."

6. Even though there is no hard data available, the membership (in Hamburg) has been decimated.