The "Carto-A.R.S. connection" of January 15, 2005 is dedicated to two often forgotten categories of Holocaust victim, the 1) dissident intellectual and 2) anti-social person.


Lermanet note: According to the Carto couple, the coup d'etat at the IHR was as much a surprise to them as it was to everyone else. The year prior to the coup they had trusted IHR director Marcellus enough to hire on one of his rather strange acquaintances. This acquaintance's first proposal was that all the IHR books should be given to an outside company for accounting purposes. To agree with this, Carto would have had to vouch for the integrity of every member of an outside accounting company. He rejected this proposal, as it could have led to a gross betrayal of trust for subscribers.
Unaware, however, that this separate action might later help implicate him in embezzling funds from the IHR, Carto did trust Marcellus enough to authorize his IHR paycheck from the Farrell estate be sent directly to a mysterious organization called "FSO" in Clearwater, Florida.
The Cartos were shaken out of complacency one day in the IHR offices after the coup, when Marcellus' new hire pulled out and cocked what appeared to be a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, went into a Rambo-like combat stance, pointed the weapon at Mrs. Carto's forehead and told her to leave the office. She refused. In response the assailant quickly pivoted, pointed the weapon at Mr. Carto and told Mrs. Carto he would shoot her husband if she didn't leave. She then yielded.
The police were summoned, and the gunmen went upstairs to make a phone call, where he was when police arrived. They discovered the weapon was loaded, but charges did not ensue. This leads to the question of how do we really know what happened? Conversely, does the fact that there is no other proof mean this shock tactic, as described, never occurred?
In an effort to solve this predicament, Carto did the rational thing and sought out more information. When he found out his IHR director was a high-ranking Scientologist, he then wrote letters to see what else he could discover about his past ally. One of his contacts was L. Fletcher Prouty, who put Carto on the path that was to eventually lead him to A.R.S. (Internet news group alt.religion.scientology).

Alexandria, VA
Dec 16, 1993

Willis Carto
P.O. Box 28802
San Diego, CA 92198

Dear Willis,
Your opening sentence of your Dec 11 letter was entirely accurate. I consider myself a "friend" and I have had considerable experience as an outsider in the lore and people of the Church of Scientology. I am quite surprised by the rest of your story. All of my dealings ... actually only a few ... with Tom Marcellus have always been on the up and up and I have trusted him completely on the accounting for the sales of my book. The rest of your account is a surprise.
Now first of all, as soon as I read your letter, I called an old friend who used to be one of the true insiders, at the top of Scientology, and a man whom I trust and asked him to contact you. He is vastly knowledgeable, totally honest and intelligent. He can be the man you need for inside help. Furthermore, from my position of long experience, may I caution you on the possibility that you may have a "mole" planted on you under the disguise of helping. Tom will know how upset you are and he may pass the word to those people who are top experts in such intrigue. So be sure you deal only with people who are certified to you. The man I know is: VAUGHN YOUNG. His wife STACY is equally brilliant and reliable.
You are more than welcome to call me when you are in town, and we'll work out the time and place to meet. I'll be pleased to meet with you. I agree with you that this an important matter. Looking on the brighter side, I hope that you and yours have a pleasant Holiday Season.


L. Fletcher Prouty

NOTE: In the event you have not yet heard from VAUGHN his phone number in Corona del Mar is 714-xxx-xxxx. Best of luck. Use my name when you call.

[handwritten: Nov - Dec 1993, The Quill]

Robert Young PO Box 233 Corona del Mar 92625

1. How is leadership selected?
2 much are they paid? Secret assets of church/their's?
3. Could top leadership have failed to know of the plot/IHR?
4. name of intelligence head?
5. Describe intelligence organization.
6. How'd they get tax exemption?
7. Cult worth $400 million(!) What does that include? Total worth?
8. Supermarket
9. Ornate Clearwater hotel
10. How do they punish enemies? Physical? Killing?
11. They accumulate dossier on everyone
12. Do they control people thru their brainwashhing tactics?
13. Can SPT reprint your article(s)?
14. What will is likely 2 b the S counter-plan to get me/IHR?
15. "Maximum force" doctrine (not part of doctrine)
16. need quotes fm Hubbard re perjury, deceit, treachery.
17. Court cases & decisions.
18. All scientology org's are under one corporate shell, right? What is its name? Who are its directors?
19. "Truth" LRH: "What is true for you is me."
Send Young St. Pete reprint.
D.C. prosecutor: Raymond Ban own

[handwritten RVY notes:] 1)
1. Heber is a mouth piece - PR man
Pres CSI - "Mother church"
- no really
Four seniors above him.
He's not in on scam.
2. Miscavige - 4 or 5 notches above.
He is top man. No one challenges him.

Young in prison camp in Hemet. Now closed.
RPF Rehabilitation Project Force Have one in LA now.
14 months. Others spent 4-5 years.
Paid $5 a week. No days off. Construction work.
He escaped at night. Young out 4 years.
Now a children's education camp designed to capture/control family.

3. LRH
1. De-popularize the enemy to the point of total obliteration.
2. Take over media.
3. Take over political figures.
4. Take over international finance.

[handwritten RVY notes:] 2)
After they went to jail in 1980 they restructured.
'82 Authors Services Inc (ASI) ran all Scientology.
after raid, '87.
Bowles & Moxon - Scn lawyers

When exemption came out, no IRS office could comment.
Only 1 person could comment, he didn't.
Part of agreement is SEALED! NO COMMENT!
All 130 orgs got exemption!
St. Pete Times got some files & did story.
Weakness of atty: they don't believe.
Think they deal w/ another atty only.
If any official sub-rosa [illegible] it shows up through the atty's.

[handwritten RVY notes:] 3)
DM chrmn/board Religious Technology Center (RTC).
Cal. non-profit corp.
They own all trademarks.
DM a tough Philly man. Strong well built lots of energy. No education. At 12 was in England. Prob not finish High School
Married. No charisma. Holds it together by terror - screaming. Brutal streak (like LRH). Recently assumed position of Inspector General. RTC is Sea Org. DM a workaholic. His incentive is power.
Under I.G. (Deputy Insp. gen.)
CSI - Church of Sc. Int'l.
130-140 corp's.
Intell. area. FBI raided them 1977 in D.C. & LA.
Breaking into gov't offices to steal doc's.
LRH order: Pay slow.
Guardian Office renamed OSA.

Weak point in D.M.
Noisy investigation.
--> Philly!!! <--

SPOTLIGHT January 17, 1994 -5

Scientologists Convicted of Fraud,

Members of the Church of Scientology, sparing no expense for their defense, were nevertheless convicted of fraud in Switzerland

ZURICH, Switzerland-A Swiss appeals court on December 29, 1993 upheld the conviction of four leaders of the Church of Scientology on charges of fraud.
The case stems from a 1991 ruling against church members who bilked an unnamed mentally handicapped woman out of $10,000 for courses, books and cassettes, which were of no help to the woman.
Scientologists were said to have promised the woman their "evaluation and auditing" exercises would help her resolve personal problems.
The church members are said to have retained 16 of the most expensive lawyers in Switzerland-costing an estimated $6.5 million -- to defend them. The Scientologists' main defense was the argument that a person who was not capable of making up her own mind could not be duped.
The church may appeal to the European Court of Strasbourg, according to legal observers in Switzerland, who view the move as a face-saving measure.
The convict ion represents a major setback for the Church of Scientology, which has made Switzerland its European headquarters. The church is thought to have benefited greatly from the leniency of Zurich authorities toward all manner of religious sects, according to a best-selling author.
It now appears this ultra-tolerance is ending. Scientologists are believed to blame Interpol for its recent spate of court losses. The Zurich conviction is the latest in a string of costly decisions to plague the church worldwide in recent years.
• Another onerous case ended in defeat for the church in the Vaud canton of Switzerland where the court found in favor of Reader's Digest when the magazine was sued by the church for defamation.
The court found an article critical of the Scientologists was not defamatory but truthful.
• In 1989 a California court ordered the church to pay $2.5 million to a former member.
• In 1990 a French physician was ordered to stop practicing after referring patients to the Church of Scientology. Author Paul Ranc has compiled a list of similar convictions into a book, Scientology: a Dangerous Sect. It is a best-seller in Europe.
The church claims Ranc is an Interpol undercover agent and has placed him at the top of its "enemy list," according to a source familiar with the church.
Ranc denies the charge. He has been called an expert researcher by various legal parties involved in cases against Scientologists throughout Switzerland.
Ranc demonstrated how the Zurich authorities have shown great leniency toward the Scientologists compared to other countries in Europe and the United States.
For example, Ranc has documented how a Paris court convicted Church of Scientology founder Ron Hubbard to four years in jail without parole and fined him. A U.S. federal court convicted and jailed nine top Scientology operators for criminal racketeering. A pair of British Scientologists were extradited from England to stand trial in the United States for similar charges and were similarly convicted.
Then, late last year, the IRS ruled that Scientology is a real church and is entitled to tax exemption.

P.O. Box 28802 San Diego 92198

FEB 13 1994

Dear Bob: [handwritten: Young]

Here is the data I promised you from Paul Ranc who has written an attack on Scientology in Switzerland.
Would you be interested in writing an article for The SPOTLIGHT regarding the mysterious nature of the granting of the tax exemption? We did one article and I'll enclose a copy of it. Since then we haven't mentioned it. Will also enclose a copy of another Sci. article Jan 17.
We'd like to have a b&w picture of yourself, too, to run with the article. Also, do you have a pic of Miscavage (sp?) and Jentsch? If you want to write the article, it should be 1,000 words max. Shorter is fine. Our fee would be $400.
I've also added you to the freebee list for The SPOTLIGHT. With the terrible weather, it may be delayed. I've also asked them to send you the last 3 issues.
I greatly enjoyed our conversation and thank you for the information and look forward to other encounters of that kind.


Willis A. Carto

[From various other scraps, it appears that Young may have dropped a few names to Carto, such as F.A.C.T. and alt.religion.scientology. -- Lermanet.]

Epilogue from Lermanet

Full Circle

One of the people from alt.religion.scientology that Carto contacted was Arnaldo "Arnie" Lerma. Although Lerma himself never really believed Carto was sympathetic to the Nazi cause, the flyers from Scientology front groups like "Americans against neo-Nazism" and other Scientology Black PR to that effect have been energetically distributed. More involved in helping Scientologists find religious freedom, Lerma has not been able to look into each of these libelous allegations leveled against him and his friends. Lucky for him, Totalitarians and Revisionists are in essence in direct opposition to each other. In short, Totalitarianism is the enforcement of truth (history) through authoritarian and terroristic means. Revisionism is the discovery of truth by challenging authority in public debate. It is unlikely that revisionism, in the sense of the word used by revisionists, was practiced under Hitler.

The Fuehrer Principle

What is history if not an account of what happened according to the winners? This supports the concept that our leaders are right. Nevertheless, take a look at your boss, or if you are not gainfully employed, at the opinion leaders on alt.religion.scientology. Did those people get where they are today by doing a better job than anyone else, or by appealing to baser instinct? The Fuehrer Principle leans more towards the former answer.

But then that pesky little light bulb goes on in someone's head.


To effectively counteract the solidification of the Fuehrer Principle, it is necessary to follow certain rules. As lawyers well know, what can be proved depends greatly upon what rules are used. Therefore there is a never-ending battle over rules.

One set of rules used both by lawyers or cults are called "negative publicity" or, correspondingly, "black PR." Nazis, for instance, tend more towards black PR in dealing with their enemies. Revisionists lean more toward exposing truth via acceptable means. The reasoning is that the more resistance there is to change, the more a spectacle there is. This has more of a tendency to muddy the water than it does to get a new version of history accepted.

For various reasons, the revision of history is a very powerful tool, no matter who desires to use it.

German neo-Nazis

Like any other group of individuals, some revisionists turn out to be self-serving and subsequently pursue a destructive course. A couple of renowned revisionists went to Germany in November, 1991, and presented their material in such an unprofessional manner that the government subsequently leveled charges against their German sponsor, Gunther Deckert, for, among other things, insulting the memory of the dead. Exposing the truth by insulting the deceased is not acceptable in most parts of the world, and thus would never legitimately serve the inherent purpose of revisionism -- to revise history. Therefore, no matter how famous these revisionists were, they were not pursuing the goal of revisionism.

Worse yet, their irresponsible behavior subsequently led to the sullying of the concept of revisionism itself, which paradoxically diminishes the capability of the average citizen to resist the Fuehrer Principle.

The Scientology Holohoax Challenge

In an early State Department report about Germany's alleged persecution of Scientology, a reference was made to the technology statement* as the "sect filter." Actually, nobody in Germany, outside of the Scientologists, called the technology statement a "sect filter." Some revisionists-in-spirit apparently contacted the State Department about this, as a subsequent State Department report stated that the "sect filter" was a misnomer, that it should really be called a "Scientology filter." Thus history was revised to a small degree. This occurred because it was done in an acceptable manner, with no need to insult anyone or their deceased relatives.

* A "technology statement" can be used in Germany the same way an agreement not to use "sweatshop" for suppliers in the USA can, and the idea is similar. If a supplier agrees not to operate using the technology of (Scientology founder) L. Ron Hubbard, the buyer knows the goods received were not manufactured on unpaid overtime in accordance with Hubbard's stringent work policies (which demands unpaid overtime under certain conditions). Perhaps "technology statements" would be help stem the flow of Scientology "volunteer ministers" to world disaster scenes?

There are many other mistakes in the history of Scientology, some of them deliberately insinuated into government reports. In other words, Scientology is doing now exactly what it accused the government of doing back in "Operation Snow White." If no opposition is met, this "religious minority" with over 50 years of experience in collecting data will turn into a religious elite and have their say about what is history and what is not.

Look at what showed up in these old files:

Helga Schimd spokeswoman for the Germany Embassy here, said that it was true the government decided against sponsoring his performance because Chick "advertised" he is a Scientologist. But the government never said he could not perform in BadenWuerttemberg, she emphasized, only that the state would not sponsor [i.e., pay for -- Lermanet editor] his performance. "[His management] made it sound like there was a general ban on him," she said. "That's ridiculous."
Chick answers "Governments have no business in sticking their noses into what they think is religion:"

Almost every mention on the Internet of the government not subsidizing Scientologists to perform in Germany is portrayed as an official German government ban on Scientologists performing in Germany. The reality of the situation is that Chick has always been able to perform in Germany any time he wants.

Yet even today the contextual impression is that Chick Corea is making daring incursions into Germany to give surprise performances, thus foiling the music-hating authoritarian successors of the Nazis. In reality, besides being a great musician, Chick is a faux hero pulling publicity stunts to make more money for himself and his Hubbardist cronies.

If you read that carefully, a little light should have come on, the one that will illuminate the massive extent of Scientology's Holohoax. That is the challenge -- to further expose Scientology's Holocaust Hoax in Germany. If you would rather help Germans with research and encouragement than Scientologists with apathy and infighting, this is a chance to re-write history. If the prospect of publicity appalls you, remember that the names of the people who changed the State Department report need never be known. If the prospect of publicity appeals to you, then you would have the right to brag.

There is no reason to be ashamed for not accepting the challenge of revising cult history. The rich, the audacious, and the courageous have all missed it, so if you back down, nobody can blame you. While someone may thank you eventually, the longer you wait, the more history will stack the odds against you.

"But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was. But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed. If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain."
-- Epistle of James, Chapter 1, verses 22-26

That's doer of the work, not just doer of the word.

Further research on the
Critic - Revisionist Connection

Willis Carto's role model is the American historian after which "The Barnes Review" is named. Their web site not only questions rightness in time of war, but the part devoted to Scientology is unflattering criticism. "BEST WITNESS The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism" by Michael Collins Piper, can be ordered on-line or there is a toll-free number. They ship from California. Critics of Scientology who read the book may recognize some parallels.

associates revisionists with Nazis - associates psychiatrists with Nazis
"Never Forget""Never Again"
"Jew-baiter" "anti-cult"
traveling Holocaust exhibitstraveling Hubbard exhibits

While these analogies may not be perfectly valid, most notably in terms of violence inflicted, other parallels can be drawn. For instance, the Internet "bigot pages" used by the two groups as rogues' galleries in the late 90s had an uncanny resemblance to each other. Also from the late 90s, it is not out of the question that some of the activists who picketed Carto's home were to be seen at other California home pickets as well.

Note: The fact that the JDL and CCHR may have acted irresponsibly does not necessarily reflect the entire sub-cultures they claim to represent -- any more than a few neo-Nazis reflect acceptable revisionism.

Latest update: A webbed version of "Best Witness" (510k) has just become available.


Responsible copy and distribution of the Scientology Holohoax challenge is encouraged. Translation into German is requested.

Washington Times, 10/22/93
Stuttgart snub leaves pianist still smarting

Chick Corea's performance last night at Wolf Trap was sold out. But even if there had been plenty of seats left, it would have been a warmer reception than he got in Germany.
The legendary jazz pianist was supposed to play in Stuttgart as part of the entertainment at the World Championship of Athletics until the state government of Baden-Wuerttemberg withdrew its sponsorship of his performance because he's a Scientologist
A letter written by Dr. Markus Bleistein, speaker of the House in Baden-Wuerttemberg, to the Helsinki Commission in response to inquiries has been translated by the Church of Scientology and circulated.
The translated letter reads in part, "The contract negotiations were broken off once it was learned that Mr. Corea was a member of the Church of Scientology. Because of the position of the government regarding Scientology, the contract with Mr. Corea is invalid." The government's position is that Scientology is a sect rather than a religion.
Helga Schimd spokeswoman for the Germany Embassy here, said that it was true the government decided against sponsoring his performance because Chick "advertised" he is a Scientologist. But the government never said he could not perform in BadenWuerttemberg, she emphasized, only that the state would not sponsor [i.e., pay for -- Lermanet editor] his performance.
"[His management] made it sound like there was a general ban on him," she said. "That's ridiculous."

Chick answers "Governments have no business in sticking their noses into what they think is religion:'
Talking by phone on his way here for last night's show, he said he was not entirely surprised by the government's decision, although he has been performing-in Germany for more than 20 years and has never met with official resistance before.
"I knew that the German government was discriminating against Scientologists for years, although I never expected it to come up on music lines " he said. "I've found Germans are especially fond of the piano, so it was kind of a drag."
He dismisses the German contention that he advertises his faith. He says the government is referring to his inclusion of the late L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the church, among the acknowledgments on every record he has made since 1971, and his discussion - when asked about it during interviews - of his faith.
Although the performance was canceled back in June, there's still fallout.
B.B. King is touring Germany this month and next, but his personal manager announced he would not play Stuttgart out of solidarity with Chick.
Earlier this month, Bill Cosby sent a letter to the president of Germany, reading in part: "The action taken by the German government is unacceptable, but given your country's sordid past, not at ail surprising."
And members of Congress, recognizing a sympathetic cause when they see one, have voiced their support. Rep. Steny Hoyer, Maryland Democrat; Sen. Dennis DeConcini, Arizona Democrat; Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat; and several others have signed letters to either the German government or the German Embassy here, asking for an explanation.

9/15/96 NYT

The Test of German Tolerance

It is virtually impossible these days to take a stroll along Hamburg's Steindamm thoroughfare without being accosted by men who offer an introduction to Scientology with all the breeziness of a used Chevy dealer.
The men occupy a street corner outside a five-story building that proclaims itself, in German, to be a branch of the Church of Scientology. Inside, others peddle the works of L. Ron Hubbard - the American science fiction writer who founded the organization in Los Angeles in 1954 - and try to get people to sign up for the self-improvement courses with which Scientology lures its adherents.
In the United States, the attempt to solicit converts might be interpreted as no more than small-time trading in the marketplace of ideas, idiosyncratic maybe, but just as entitled to constitutional protection as expressions of any other belief.
Yet, in Germany, the presence since 1970 of Scientology's pushy proselytizers has finally built up into a climactic clash of ideas and perceptions that has not only drawn human rights criticism from Washington but also raised a perplexing question: how does the nation that devised the Holocaust define the very notion of tolerance?
In recent months, German officials have urged that Scientology - whose stated aim is "to bring an individual to an understanding of himself and his life as a spiritual being"'- be banned or, at least, placed under covert surveillance.
Tom Cruise and Chick Corea
This summer, members of the youth wing of Chancellor Helmut Kohl's Christian Democrats demonstrated against the screening of the movie "Mission Impossible" because its star, Tom Cruise, is a Scientologist. For the same reason, Chick Corea, the American jazz pianist, was barred from performing at a state-sponsored concert in the conservative and deeply Catholic state of Bavaria.
The children of Scientologists have been prevented from attending some kindergartens. Bavarian authorities, moreover, have threatened to bar Mr. Hubbard's followers - who are already excluded from membership in some of Germany's leading political parties - from holding jobs in public service. A court in Stuttgart recently upheld a decision by the state-owned Postbank to close down accounts held by Scientologists.
And unlike in the United States, where Scientology's tax-exempt status was retained . after a challenge in Germany the highest administrative and labor courts have ruled that Scientology does not qualify for tax breaks as a church, a charity or a religion because its aims and activities are merely commercial. It is seen by the government as a crude cover for profit-making at the expense of the weak and the gullible.
Many Germans would go much further in their assessments.
"This is a political movement," said Ursula Caberta, a head of a small but influential unit set up by local authorities here to oppose Scientology's advance. "Its aim is to conquer the world."
Indeed, Scientology's opponents have been so effective, Mrs. Caberta said, that Scientology "is no longer gaining ground" in Germany. Even Gisela Hackenjos, a spokeswoman at the Scientology building on Steindamm, acknowledged that "things have not been going too well" for its claimed 30,000 German followers because publicity and legal campaigns have inhibited recruitment.
So why all the fuss?
The response to that question is about the only thing that Scientology's adherents and its opponents agree on: It is all about-Germany's past.
Strains of Fascism
The opponents set strains of fascism in Scientology. "In Germany, we have had bad experiences with people who want to rule the world," Mrs. Caberta said. Hans Peter Bartels, an official in the Schleswig-Holstein state government who monitors the activities of sects, said, "Scientology is a power-machine."
What is just as troubling, though, is that the crackdown on Scientologists itself evokes uncomfortable memories of the Third Reich. "The Germans learned nothing from the Second World War," said Mrs, Hackenjos. As the Scientologists set it, they are a persecuted religious minority. Indeed, that charge is among the German human rights abuses that Scientologists have laid before a panel of the United Nations.
And Scientologists aren't the only ones complaining. According to the newspaper columnist Josef Joffe, statements like "Chase Chick Corea from the stage! Boycott Tom Cruise! Don't buy from the Scientologists," evoke Nazi Germany's exhortations to avoid Jewish-owned stores. "That is something we really did not want to hear again." The debate over Scientology has peculiar and ambiguous roots, not only in the Hitler era but also in the post-war definition of democracy.
The constitution on which West Germany was built after World War II provided not only for the protection of religious freedoms but also for a so-called "defensible democracy" that would be robust enough to prevent certain political and social movements from gaining ground.
Defensible Democracy
In other words, as the weekly newspaper Die Zeit put it: "Everyone can think and believe what they like. Everyone may publicly acknowledge their religion - or their non-religious view of the world. But as soon as the individual is driven by belief into the public sphere, there are rules."
And many of those rules forbid behavior that looks as if it may impair the freedom of others. A large part of Germany's ostensible complaint against Scientology - with its stated aim of creating a whole world of adherents - is based on the assessment that Scientology is a coercive and totalitarian movement with a far more sinister political agenda than Christianity's harvesting of souls. For all that, when German officials talk of Scientology's purported clandestine campaign to penetrate business and politics, it is difficult not to recall that comparable arguments were once made to vilify Jews.
"What we do not need," said Mr. Joffe, the newspaper commentator, "is more laws and a thought police that, tomorrow, will be turned against us."

The Supreme Court decides against granting tax exemption to taxpayers for Scientology expenditures, payments for auditing being held not comparable to charitable contributions.
USA - 8 August 1991
The California courts in 1981 had ordered three Scientologists to repay the amounts they had deducted as charitable contributions, on their tax returns, for their Scientology courses. In 1988, the Federal Court of the 9th California district upheld the decision of 1981 on appeal. On 8 August 1991 the Supreme Court confirmed the two prior judgments.
Taken from Bulles, No. 35, third quarter of 1992, and from the Almanach Protestant et Annuaire des Églises romandes, 1994 edition. Appendix II
List of Associations Controlled by Scientology
Organizations of the Church of Scientology
[Ten organizations are listed with their addresses, eight in France and two in Switzerland.]

[this is a very poor fax copy. Part of page 1 is listed here, but much is illegible.]
PURPOSE: Tc train a staff member pm how to sign up and start a on a paid service and sell books.
DRILL: The coach mocks up being a new person that needs te be enlightened. ruin found and signed W P for a basic Division 6 service and sold book.,,. This patter is done with TRs 0 -4 in and tri alignment HCO PLDISSEMiNATIOIN The patter is not done rotely. The Public Registrar uses the following patter:
1. Have the (coach) to be regged sit down from you. Then introduce yourself and briefly get in comm with the person. (R efs - (Refs ED 125 FCDC. FEB 23, 1959 TO INTERVIEW PEOPLE)
2. T hen ask the person the following:
"What do you do best in life start things, change things, or stop things?" "Oh. Now, vvhat do you do least well in life, start things, change things, or stop things?"
(To yourself, translate the start into be, change do - stop have. For example, if the person said ho did least well ai changing things, ask "What -have you wanted to DO (change) that you haven't been able ta do?" or if it's start ask: " What have you wanted to BE (start) that you haven't been able to BE?"
[illegible section]
Get mort specifics on his ruin if necessary and confirmed as something that is ruining his life. Get his ruin. Then ask:) (Note, On occasion one will find a perron Who is relatively successful in bis life and does lut come up with a major ruin immediately. He can still bc hardsold and 8-Ced onto service by finding out his purpose/something he would like to change but hasn't been able to (ruin) and paralleling that impulse with a service which will give him some tech to apply to that condition.




Scientology Granted Exemption

The Church of Scientology has won some influential friends in the ADL and the Establishment, and in return has received its long-coveted tax-exempt status.

BY MARTIN MANN Informed sources allege that the Church of Scientology has made a deal with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to get favored tax treatment from the IRS.
Scientology has since 1953 tried to achieve tax exemption and deductibility for its widespread activities. But the IRS had until recently refused to accommodate them. All this changed on October 12, when the IRS finally capitulated to pressures from the powerful Zionist lobby to grant Scientologists their desired exemption. Included in the exemption were 150 church-owned corporations, which the IRS ruled were charitable, (See SCIENTOLOGY, Page 3)

Scientology Forms Alliances

(Continued From Page 1) religious organizations.
This ended 40 years of an extraordinarily bitter battle between the two, which grew so intense that church founder L. Ron Hubbard incorporated hatred of the IRS into official doctrine.
What happened to cause the IRS to change its position? Was it a change in Scientology? No, the organization was granted equality with Christian churches because its leaders decided to make an about-face, stop their members' fighting against the IRS and become part of the Establishment.
So much so, in fact, that the Scientologists are said to have turned over to the IRS the names of hundreds of former members of the organization who had dropped out because they were either wiped out financially by the exorbitant colts of courses they must take to progress through the ranks of the church, or who had become disaffected with its teachings. Now, the tax exemption will allow [break in text]

[handwritten at top of page: NM "not on file" Nov 12, 1993]

Los Angeles California 90026
6 Nov 1993

The Editor Spotlight

Dear Sir
I was deeply hurt and amazed to read your totally uncalled for attack on Scientology on your front page of your November 1 edition.
I am sorry I had always regarded you as friends and fellow seekers after the truth. The vindictive and carpingly critical article was that of an enemy who has had to concede defeat. Is this reporter Martin Mann a psychiatrist or psychologist by any chance or employed by the C.I.A. secretly to create trouble between us?.
Mann's inane babbling about the Zionist lobby demonstrates paranoia at its extreme. He is so far from the truth, that it is obvious he cannot have truth. Wherever did you dredge him and his "sources" up from?. Factually, my church used the F.O.I act to obtain data and the truth of IRS attacks on Scientology. Behind it all lies the bitter frustration of psychiatric enemies of society thwarted of their prey - you and me. The infamous "Siberia" bill had passed the house and was well on its way to passing the Senate when L.Ron Hubbard and friends struck a blow for sane society by exposing this master plan of madness. Their front legal expert, one Charlotte Murphy, was pushing the bill through that would have given psychiatrists arbitrary power to remove anyone they didn't like to Alaska. When the bill collapsed Murphy found a new home in guess where - the legal department of the IRS - where she vented her group's hatred of religion very covertly and specifically against Scientology. My question is how come you and your "smart" sources didn't know this?.
Our incredible victory for spiritual mankind was achieved by truth, persistence and caring, not by hating anyone and certainly not via some supposedly all powerful group that Mann is psychotic about. Not that we set out to make enemies like you do, but we had to handle this pretty much by ourselves, by exposing the criminal element of the IRS and at the same time locating the decent people there of whom there are many.
So what is it that Mann doesn't want to be found out?. Is he a covert member of CAN a hate group organised to destroy Religion and backed by CIA funded psychiatrists?. You might take a look.
In the meantime, either publish a front page apology for the lies you condoned, or forthwith cancel my subscription and return any outstanding balance. If you choose to stand by Mann and refuse to enter a "win win" frame of mind, I have no option but to believe that anything you oppose must be good. You would then have demonstrated your true anti social colours. What a shame that I and my numerous friends believed you before.

R[xxx] D[xxx].

Final Note from Lermanet
Human Rights & Religious Freedom correspondent

Diversity in Scientology is especially apparent in the unwitting groups the organization has formed alliances with - IHR and other intellectual dissidents, Jews, Blacks, Catholics, various industries, such as telecommunications, employment, management, healing and mental health. The coup de grâce, of course, would be the cooperation Scientology has received from its hypercritics! Add to that the other groups Scientology hasn't formed alliances with, but still counts as allies nonetheless (like CAN, the IRS, U.S. State Department), and you can see quite a bit more of the planet's territory has already been covered. In less than 50 years we'll all be castigated as revisionists.

Special Thanks ...

... to Gleepy, the Suppressive Chicken who suspected fowl play.