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May 21, 1999
Heise News

Visit http://www.heise.de and search their archive for the original article in German. For L. Ron Hubbard's policy on press relations, visit http://www.innernet.net/joecisar/thesis.htm. Here is a review in English of the Heise article on Amazon:

Amazon.com [1] put "A Piece of Blue Sky" by Jon Atack back on sale. This reverses a decision the internet book seller had made in February, which was based on the sale of the book being prohibited in Great Britain. Apparently in 1995 a British court decided that "Blue Sky" contained a slanderous statement. However, it is very unlikely that decision would ever be repeated in the USA. As Heise Online reported, " After Wired News [2] reported of the withdrawal of the book, a hail of protest came from internet news groups, particularly from the alt.religion.scientology forum." Amazon spokesman Bill Curry was reported to have said, <"On the basis of the information which we had in February, the decision we made seemed right to us. Happily, however, the actual information we have received in the past few days has caused us to take a second look."> As a result, Amazon will offer the book for sale, but exclude distribution in Great Britain.

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