Sect invitation has city seal on the envelope

Frankfurter Rundschau
Frankfurt, Germany
March 16, 1999

"This is a disgrace": After the FR [this newspaper's] editorial staff of the local section received an invitation to an exhibition by the "Scientology" sect, the envelope of which bore the seal of the department of schools ("City of Frankfurt am Main - The City Council - City Councilor Jutta Ebeling - Department of Schools, Education" and so on, including the return address, the department, according to Ebeling spokesman Michael Damian would consider "taking legal steps in case of a repeat occurrence." "The city school office," said Damian, "has nothing, absolutely nothing at all in common with the extremely unprofessional organization of Scientology."

As reported, the sect intends to to hold an exhibit starting Friday on the tour boat "Crest of Frankfurt," and is presently advertising its operation city-wide with computer plug-in boards and personally addressed invitations. A spokeswoman said that she could not explain how the invitation to the FR arrived in an envelope which bore the stamp of the school department - she said the sect had sent other cards to the editorial staff.

"Speechless" in the meantime, spokesman Damian thinks there may have been a counterfeit. "This must be manipulation," he presumes, "We are horrified." pms

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