The Arrogant Friend

LaGrand execution brings protests in Germany

From: "Nuernberger Zeitung"
March 4, 1999

The strident outrage over the execution of Walter LaGrand is not free from hypocrisy. The reactions of German officials include complexes, feelings of guilt, and latent anti-Americanism mixed with genuine horror over the "repulsive celebration" (Justice Minister Herta Daeubler-Gmelin). Independent of that is also the question, although it is too late now, of whether the two brothers, who committed a bestial murder in 1982, were deserving of this.

But that is not the point at all, anymore. No more than is the moral justification of the death penalty, which allows people to decide about the life of another person. If one were to ask Germans about this theme, the feeling on this presumptuous, barbaric retaliation which is unworthy of a civilized state would probably be similar to that which it is in the USA. The discussion would probably never lead to a satisfactory result for all.

The gruesome deed in Florence, Arizona met general rejection in Germany on other grounds: the USA not only disregarded popular law and the requirement of the International Court in the Hague, but also brushed off the federal government, which interceded for the condemned men up to the chancellory level. However, that came very late. The reprisals of the FPD that the coalition had invited a heavy debt was not made any better by accusing their predecessors.

Characteristically, there were indications that the Kohl administration had done nothing before this. This was meant to show how servile behavior was for years to our American friends. Instead of relying on the legal path right from the start which was offered by the open violation of the Vienna Consular Accord by the US Justice Department, the Christian liberals chose discrete, diplomatic avenues which were entirely without consequence.

How wholeheartedly indifferently one in Washington reacts to this kind of helpless attempt is shown clearly in connection with the alleged German violations in the human rights issue. Despite any explanation from Bonn the US administration criticized the persecution of the Scientology sect and the deportation of the serial criminal "Mehmet" as unacceptable violations of said principles. The sense of priorities needed for the comparison of these to the above-mentioned execution of a German national speaks for itself.

The refusal to return the Stasi documents back to the new German states and the secret dealings of the US security officials in connection with the Oecalan abduction which had serious consequences for Germany make it completely clear what kind of consideration Washington thinks it has to take in regard to its Allies. If one treats his friends that way, soon they will be no more.


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