as reported by Thomas Gandow in the Newsgroup: alt.religion.scientology, on Wed, 05 Jun 2002 11:14:16 +0200,

We now can confirm following discussions with sources at the court that Robert S. Minton won the appeal which Scientology took of the judgement in his lawsuit against the cult in Berlin.

The judgement of the Berlin State court of March 27, 2001 Minton v. Scientology et al see: (amended June 16, 2002 to was totally confirmed and upheld in a decision given on May 24, with only slight changes in the reasoning, by the Berlin Kammergericht, the Appeal Court of the State in Berlin.

Report of Tilman Hausherr on the Appeal Court Hearing on May 24. is here:*&hl=de&lr=&scoring=d&

Now it is clear that by this judgement, the Black PR about Bob, which Scientology was spreading in Germany, including calling him a criminal, is false and defamatory and Scientology may not repeat any of it.

This is a total victory because Scientology additionally must pay all costs. Further appeals are not permitted.

Bob Minton came under heavy attack by the cult of Scientology in Germany when he became the first recipient of the Leipzig Human Rights Award of "The European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA."

Both myself and I know all the Committee members today express sincere congratulations to Bob Minton and his excellent legal team.


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Here is the report from Tilman Hausherr from 2002-05-24 11:36:43 PST

Today I attended the appeal trial in the case Minton v. Weber. It was like a time travel to the days where you know who were the good and the bad guys.

Pictures of the court:


The scientology attorney (Blümel) mentioned that Minton is now their kind of guy, so the whole trial would not be needed. Blümel said that there is a "no contact order" re: Minton. Minton's attorney (Eisenberg) said he had no such instructions, and would proceed as usual, so not to create an impression that he was betraying his client. He said he has an appointment on Monday with Minton.

The court refused to consider any USA info.

The parties discussed the possibility of a settlement. This did not go anywhere because of the costs. Someone suggested a confidential settlement. Blümel refused this, looking at me, and said "Because of the press". (Big , even of a scientologist)

Then they argued about the libel case, similarly to last year. The court mentioned that an organisation that prints 2000000 copies of something is required to do research. To me, it seemed that the clam cult had nothing against Minton in this case. I think Minton will win all or most of the case (no decision yet).


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