"Sir Henry" is a Criminal

Hamburg, Germany
March 14, 2002
Hamburger Morgenpost

by Matthias Onken

Randmark once stood before a court in Denmark, where he was convicted and received a prison sentence for fraud and incitement to commit arson.

The jig is up. Henry Randmark, who made a fool out of the most important people of this city with his brazen lies, by which account he was everybody's darling in the finest circles, is a multiply convicted criminal. A felon who made a mockery of the cleaning man by portraying himself as a worthwhile graffiti remover. The MOPO now reveals that in the 1970s and 1980s, "Sir Henry" appeared in court repeatedly in Denmark. For fraud he received five and half years, and for incitement to commit arson he got four years in prison!

Confronted with the MOPO research, Henry Randmark opened his heart to his attorney. He said he had not wanted to make open statements as to his murky past. No surprise there. For almost 20 years he had diligently worked to erase the last vestiges of his checkered past. And he almost did it.

As late as Tuesday, Randmark had assured MOPO reporters in a follow-up interview that he did not want to tell "anything but the truth." But he struck out again, even if he really had wanted to tell the truth. His undoing came about as a result of statements from a fellow convict. MOPO found the man. Today the 59-year-old Soeren T. (name changed) let the cat out of the bag, "Randmark and I had a regular thing going. That was not the only time."

Back on September 23, 1981, Soeren T. sat on the defendant's bench beside Randmark, who was 56 years old then, in a Copenhagen city court. On the staff of Unilever, T. stole blank checks, among other things, from his company. After he and Randmark cashed in their first 731,680 Danish Kroner (approx 100,000 dollars), they wanted more. But Randmark, according to T., made a mistake in filling out one of the checks that tipped off the police. Busted. Five and a half years in prison for Randmark and four for his accomplice.

Randmark got out ahead of time due to heart problems. He moved to Hamburg, gave a false age, and founded his IPA company.

Back in the 1970s, Randmark stood before the judge for incitement to commit arson. He got four years for telling accomplices to burn down his glue factory. The business was almost bankrupt, said Soeren T., so "Randmark wanted the insurance."

Randmark never lived in America for any amount of time. He just visited friends in Florida and California [sorry, no cities mentioned] now and again. His friend back then said, "He had a three-room apartment in Copenhagen's Hellerup district, and his mother lived in a row house not far away." T. said he had met Randmark in a Copenhagen disco. Randmark had apparently fled Estonia to Scandanavia on a so-called "brown pass" after the war. His connections back then were unquestionably shady," T. recalls.

And why was he talking now? "When I now read what Randmark is telling people in Hamburg, I think about the people who have been taken in by his lies. He used them for his business. And that, for them, is a catastrophe."

"Sir Henry" appeared in his uniform publicly after all

More accusations against the false colonel "Sir Henry" thrown on the fire

Hamburg, Germany
March 15, 2002
Die Welt

A photograph has been recently uncovered that reveals that the Muenchhausen from Hamburg, even after he was caught red-handed, did not tell the whole truth. The picture was taken in 1996 in the Bismarck tomb in Friedrichsruh, as Randmark was receiving the Bismarck medal for cleaning the monument. The medal recipient appeared in his fake uniform, which he said he had never worn at all.

Randmark had previously admitted he had made up the whole thing about being a US war hero, but at the same time he consistently maintained that he had never appeared in public wearing his fake uniform. Even in his written confession of March 8, Randmark said that at no time had he put his pretend military career in the limelight. The picture contradicts him, and takes on an incriminating relevance. Because in the meantime the state attorney's office in Hamburg has initiated investigative proceedings for unauthorized wearing of a uniform, and Randmark potentially faces a fine or a jail term of up to one year.

"Sir Henry" said he had acquired the beautiful uniform in a shop in Soho while sightseeing in London. He paid 750 marks for it, he admitted to the "Hamburger Morgenpost." He also bragged to them that he had been decisive in forging the new coalition. Randmark said about Ronald Schill, "We're buddies. Once he asked me why I had called Rudolf Lange "rat catcher" and whether he wanted to win the election. I called up Lange and got the both of them together. Rudolf told me, "You better believe it, the coalition's going to work." The fake colonel said he now wants to tell all about the intimate details of high society in a book.


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