Application for liquidation/bankruptcy against Scientologist Fliegerbauer

Zwickau, Germany
March 11, 2002
Freie Presse

Kurt Fliegerbauer and his Schloss Osterstein Management company are in financial difficulty. The Zwickau City Tax Office has filed an insolvency application for unpaid taxes against the enterprise. The application is currently being reviewed, said a spokeswoman from the insolvency department at the Chemnitz municipal court in response to a question from "Freie Presse." Werner Goller, the chief of the Zwickau tax office, invoked the tax right to privacy and made no comment.

All the more information to get from Fliegerbauer. He said that it was a matter of about 250,000 Eurodollars that he owed in taxes, in the form of corporate and value-added taxes. He said things went awry financially because he had uncollected claims in the millions and the investments he had been promised hadn't yet happened. As soon as the investment money was deposited in the company bank account, he would pay off his debts, probably this week. "My business is not over-indebted. The situation is not dramatic. I'm not going to let myself be put off by an insolvency application," confidently asserted the businessman, who is regarded as one of the biggest construction investors in Zwickau and as one of the most influential Scientologists in the German real estate market.

He said the work on his construction sites in Zwickau will continue without interruption. "The crews and the companies don't have to worry about their money." He said he'll take care of his business in the inner city, where business and residential buildings are going up, before he leaves in about two months headed towards Munich. He cannot yet say what is going to happen with Schloss Osterstein GmbH and its approximately 20 employees. Fliegerbauer's financial problems came to light at the end of last year. Back then he applied at the city office for a late payment of commercial taxes in the amount of about 1.3 Euros. "I pay my taxes," he said back then to the "Freie Presse." He concedes, however, that he is now and has been up to his ears in debt with the City of Zwickau.

Kurt Fliegerbauer has been active in the Zwickau real estate market since 1992. The building renovator has worked on almost 300 buildings in Zwickau, and has done business of 300 million Euros with more than 500 investors. Fliegerbauer has consistently denied that his Schloss Osterstein Management company was ever involved with the cult, "My business has nothing to do with Scientology."

Von Rainer Raech

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