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"Salus" organizer takes precaution

Exhibitors who present something that has nothing to do with the philosophy of the fair will no longer be accepted

Bozen, Italy
February 14, 2002
Dolomiten Online

Bozen (hof) - After yesterday's report by "Dolomiten" on the Scientology booth, Antonio Pasqualin, creator of the "Salus" Fair, immediately responded by making a minor adjustment so that next time the psycho-cult will not so easily be able to put on their exhibit.

In the next exhibition there will be a clause in the contract which enables the "Salus" organizers to close down exhibits that have nothing to do with the cultural reality and philosophy of the event. Antonio Pasqualin became aware of this method of procedure yesterday with the help of his attorney. If a clause like that is not included in the contract, such as is now the case, then it is rather difficult to say who cannot put up their display, explained Pasqualin.

The fair's creator stressed that his theme of good health/well-being basically has nothing to do with Scientology. He said the psycho-cult slipped into the "Salus" under the cover name of "Nuova Era" (New Era). His agency accepted their application and gave them a spot in the book section of the fair. While books indeed were sold, they consisted of cult propaganda. The Union for South Tyrol has since submitted an inquiry to the state assembly about the incident over the weekend.

This year's "Salus" was again a success, even though there were fewer visitors than last year, said Pasqualin. This year's visitor count came to about 20,000. On Friday and Sunday the numbers of visitors were greater than the corresponding day's figures of the previous year. He said Saturday's decrease compared to 2001 could be attributed to Fasching celebrations.

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