More legal defeats for Caberta

Munich, Germany
February 8, 2002 (German OSA)

Corruption scandal remains a central theme in lawsuit for damages in U.S. court

Judge orders over 5,000 dollars compensation renewed deposition in Florida

Senate employee's objection rejected

(Hamburg/Tampa) The Tampa (Florida) District Court has imposed expenses in the amount of 5,249.50 dollars upon "Scientology" commissioner Ursula Caberta, which she is to pay as compensation for uncooperative behavior in a lawsuit filed against her. According to another order from the judge, the Senate employee must no later than 25 February appear in another deposition in Florida. The presiding judge of the district court, James, D. Whittemore, rejected the objection filed by Caberta's attorneys.

In a discrimination and compensation lawsuit filed by a German Scientology member in the USA (continued) ...

Comment from Joe Cisar


Ms. Caberta's objection is that she cannot be personally sued for doing the job which she was assigned to do, in the same sense a policeman cannot be sued for carrying out the law. There is another complication in that she is doing her job in a country entirely different from that over which Judge Whittemore has any legal jurisdiction.

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