Four Russian adherents of the Aum cult sentenced

Vladivostock, Russia
January 23, 2002 Netzeitung

In Russia four adherents of the Japanese Aum cult have received multiple year prison sentences. They had planned several terrorist attacks. In the port city of Vladivostock, four members of the banned Aum cult were sentenced on Wednesday. The judge believed he had enough proof that the men were planning multiple terrorist attacks in Japan. They wanted to force the release of their cult leader there, Shoko Asahara, who has been in prison since May 1995, reported NTW (NTB?) The FSB, the Russian federal police, arrested them in the summer of 2000, during which time large quantities of weapons and explosives were also confiscated. Three of those convicted received prison terms of eight, six and a half, and four years. The fourth defendant received three years suspended. During the course of the trial, the men had made extensive admissions of guilt, and were relieved to hear of their mild sentences.

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