Court: Switzerland

Scientologists complaint rejected

Scientology no religion

Lausanne, Switzerland
December 19, 2001

Scientology, according to the Waadtland State Court, is no religion. Because of this fact, the judges rejected a complaint by Scientologists against three city council members for religious discrimination.

According to the canton court, a religion must be acknowledged and accepted as such. Embellishing itself with words like "church" or "religion" is not good enough to invoke the protection from religious discrimination. This was communicated by the City of Lausanne on Tuesday.

The judges found that in Scientology there is no relationship between people and God, or between people and a higher, holy principle. The services offered by Scientology have nothing to do with religion. With that the canton court suspended the legal proceedings that started with the Waadt Canton magistrate.

According to Scientology the three city council members incurred religious discrimination upon themselves. The Scientologists accused them of using negative publicity on posters.

In addition, Bernard Metraux, the city's police director, was accused of misuse of office. He had refused to rent a hall in a restaurant that belonged to the city, and he had restricted the Scientologists' use of public land. The City of Lausanne indicated that it was pleased with the decision of the Canton Court.

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