What is Sectology?

Sectology is the study of sects. It also includes the study of Scientology. The unofficial language of sectology is Russian. Alexander L. Dvorkin, Ph.D., is the modern father of sectology. Several years ago he successfully defended himself against a monster law suit file by an alliance of sects, including Scientology, in Russia.

How does Sectology Work?

A quick message to all from Gerry
I particpiated in a 3 day conference in Nizhny Novgorod, which at least 250 people attended, and which I believe was very successful. I also gave 3 television interviews, one of which aired while I was in Russia and the other two will be in the next couple of weeks. In addition to the conference, I gave two other talks to university classes and a talk to the parishioners of an Orthodox Church in Moscow. Andreas kindly posted some photos taken outside the Nizhny Novgorod conference to a.b.s. and I'll provide a few comments:

In the beginning, before there was Sectology, there were sectologists.

L to R, GA, Protopriest Alexander Novopashin from Novosibirsk (do a search and check out his site), Professor Alexander Dvorkin;

Sectologists came from all over the world to the home of Sectology - Russia.

Father Alexander Novopashin, GA, TG, Priest Vladimir Zaytsev from Ekaterinburg (also check site), Protopriest Dmitri Smirnov from Moscow, Prof. Dvorkin.

Then one day, some anti-sectologists arrived on the scene. One of them tried to smile, but could not quite do it.

Three Scientologists with Russian ""Freedom"" hate mag, and picket signs with quotes from the $cientology "creed."

One of the sectologists noticed the newcomers.

Father Dmitri and a man from the Nizhny Novgorod government engaging a Russian Scientologist wearing a Dianetic$ t-shirt.

Perhaps in an effort to cheer up the dour anti-sectologist, he invited his fellow sectologists over to have their picture taken with him.

Four happy wogs (R) and a somber Scientologist.

But the dour anti-sectologist just got dourer and looked like he was going to report the whole thing to his superiors, despite attempts to liven up the situation.

Wogs (R) ever more at cause.

The ice finally broke as one of the anti-sectologists was properly "hatted" as a WOG [tm].

Father Dmitri converting this Scientologist. Or getting him in serious ethics trouble.

Good humor then filled the air, and even the dour anti-sectologist could not keep out of the picture.

Conversion complete, the wogs (R) rejoice.

Father Alexander joins the truly pan-denominational wogworld (R).

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