Spanish sect commissioner stabbed during investigation

Valencia, Spain
December 15, 2000
"News" (Switzerland)

Valencia - A sect expert of the Spanish Bishop's conference was stabbed during an attack, presumably by adherents of an obscure satanic cult. The priest has been involved in researching existing sects in Spain for eight years.

The 42-year-old priest Priscilio Ruiz Picazo was attacked on Friday in the vicinity of Valencia, according to press reports, as he was on his way to a man who wanted out of the sect.

The assailants stabbed him in the back and escaped without being recognized. But the clergyman's condition is not life-threatening, the doctors said.

Ruiz Picazo also started the country's first church foundation to take care of sect victims. It is said that there are 15 different sects in the Valencia area alone.

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