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Re: Physical restraints and violence in the last 10 years, Int RPF and Int Base

A month or so ago I wrote my opinion and asked people who have been at the Int Base to confirm what I thought was the case. 1)I wanted some evidence that dissaffection against DM was grounds for being sent to the dog house. This is confirmed with the info below. 2)I wanted to find out the extent of physical abuse, like hitting, etc., and below is the most shocking I have ever heard.

My opinion is that in the most recent years the punching, etc., stopped, and I think this is somewhat still true, in spite of the incidents below, which are from late 90's.

Below is a daming portrayal of unecessary violence and restraints in the late 90's at the Int Base and Int RPF. It captures an exact scenario, an exact predicament, this person below found themselves in.

Anyone else recently out of the Sea Org with any stories they wish me to post, please let me know. 412-260-1170 Chuck Beatty

Dear Chuck,

Well here is a long answer for you. You might want to edit names and such, .... I'll leave it up to your good judgement. ....

I began criticizing DM after I'd been removed from post in [.....] because I had [.....] and I was unable to get through the [...auditing...], and I was sent to the RPF shortly thereafter... so I do not know how a REGULAR base staffer was treated with regards to criticizing DM in exact particulars.

I can give you bits of info: I do know that in [...late 90's...] while I was at OGH [Old Gilman House, where troublesome staff temporarily berth until they get back in good graces, see this site: that a rule was implemented that individuals who had "spread Black PR" about DM would get placed at OGH to do mest work and get rollback/TRD [Truth Rundown auditing procedure the result of which one recants the "black propaganda" one has spread regarding well-intentioned individuals or groups].There were small posters [cardboard posters with hand-drawn slightly comical images] that were made up each week during this program (at one point there were 30 or more people at OGH doing MEST WORK and they worked on projects such as digging trenches all over the area to install an irrigation system, or transplanting large trees, potting large amounts of plants for future use on the property etc.). A typical poster said "BLACK PR BART WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE" and DEAD was circled. I found this to be very intimidating...

This group of 30 people apparantly "had not passed their weekly HCO meter checks" [HCO meter checks were done to pull strings on staff with bad indicators, like if a staff had a dirty needle on the check, that was bad news for them, they'd get investigated] and some of them had to get rollback and TRD handlings.

There was one person in particular who was at OGH who had been in RTRC and I had heard second hand from the Staff Security Off this person had criticized DM and had come up as a source of "BLACK PR" in RTRC. That person got their own special handling [later I met up with this person on the Int RPF, so that was the outcome of this person's fate]. At that time this person was not allowed to talk to or do work with others, but only allowed to do work on their own. This person somehow did get the opportunity to help another person then on the decks also, but even though the person appreciated the help, which was word clearing on religion apparantly, the isolated troublesome person was quickly separated again from contacting the others. One aspect of the story is that this troublesome person complained that the LRH calendars have removed Easter and Christmas from the LRH calendars, and this person complained about that.

OK... so more on me and "black PR". I said and wrote things about DM that I believed were NOT Black PR and I was given "TRD Steps" on the meter for these. I got mad and said, "How can I do TRD steps for something which I don't beleive is a lie?" I found this very challenging to my sanity actually... I said there MUST be a way to prove with evidence that something is false BEFORE one picks it out as BLACK PR. It seemed that anything "bad" about DM was considered "Black PR". That was what it seemd to me anyway. All of my criticisms of DM were in my "black PR cull" which is a compilation of things a person has written or said to be put throught the Truth Rundown steps. There was one day when I was getting an assist from one of the deckies at OGH who were there because they were routing out, they weren't part of the black PR Bart campaign. In this assist I actually did have a wild delusion about DM and I said it to her..... Why I made this up, I have no clue... except that I was in a lot of pain from having to do heavy MEST work at OGH without having gotten any physical therapy for my back problems and I also had a toothache and problems with my wisdom teeth causing pain and was not able to see the dentist. Possibly I felt that I was being denied medical and dental care because of DM's orders about me and so I had to attack him somehow or it was so stupid to be getting asists when what I needed was real medical help! I was maybe fighting back in a way that would get me the attention I needed?... Since it was a session, my assist auditor did not say anything about it. But later on not in session, she politely said she no longer wanted to exchange assists with me, that she no longer wanted to do MEST work with me and she frankly thought I was a "no change" and she thought it was not OK that I say anything bad about DM. They lauded him as being a very hard working man doing many things for Scientology a nd I had no right to complain about him. I also had her roomate and friend who was at OGH "getting correction" on her own seperate program come up to me and yell in my face "you are not my friend!!!" All the people on the "Black PR Bart" program were gone and so now I was working all on my own at OGH again.

[person tells story of a delusive event they know now they invented] was confusing. This quite possibly was a real example of delusion where I was making something up to attack him [DM] again because I was getting realy sick of being at OGH...and I had gotten [some condition] and was losing weight rapidly..... And... it worked. I got offloaded with a little trip out to Big Bear with some other SO members looking after me to do a destim program to resolve the physical situation... and my final routing out sec check I had the OSA auditor speak to me very sternly during the session and say "YOU KNOW THIS WASN'T TRUE" and she demanded an overt I'd committed before I said it. I said that I was not surviving well at OGH and that the auditing I was given was too difficult and over my head and very out-tech and this was why I said it, because I was being forced by auditor and my CS to committ out-tech wihich is an overt. My OSA auditor would not accpet this answer, she plied me with more questions. I began crying and I said that well, [and made up another potential delusion to give the auditor an answer]. My auditor was very interested in this and acknowledged this and said my needle was floating. I argued with her that, how would you be able to use the meter to tell if I'm lying or not if it floats when I tell a lie too? She had no answer for this.... I figured personally that the emeter cannot be used to evolve the truth, it only reads on conviction perhaps.

I was so convinced after this auditing that I might be gay that I told me family after I got out of the SO that this might be the case. they were so understanding about it, that I lost my fear of being in such a state as a human being and I actually found that I wasnt' really gay. I have also contacted the female staffer I imagined having an affair with since and she laughed and thougth it was funny that I thought this had happend and I realized that it was just no way because most of the time we were together we just talked about guys!!! It was just under the pressure and the challenge to my own answers to the questions that I'd get delusional. The treatment I got at OGH made me delusional!!!


I blew the Int RPF at the Ranch. I ran over the hills, not sure which compass direction (not along the creek) and I got to a small dirt road. The dog, Lady had followed me probably to protect me. But she pointed me out to the Security Guard who came driving down the dirt road looking for me. I was exhausted from all the running and I had not eaten breakfast. He offered me an orange and we sat on the tail gate of the truck and chatted while I ate the orange and caught my breath. there was no physical contact here. R.... (a top Int Base Security Guard) wanted to know where I was going and why. I said I wanted to visit my family and that my letter to the HAS Gold saying I wanted to route out wasn't getting answered so therefore, I had a right to blow because the LRH policies were not being followed. R... said that I could get this sorted out and he would call U..., the Secrutiy Chf and we could talk. I was driven back to the Ranch, I said I was NOT going back to the RPF site until I got some answers about why my letters were not getting answered. R... [note: this Security Guard R... himself blew the Sea Org some time later] said that it was just to meet U... [Security Chief, who is the boss of all the Int Base and the Int Ranch Security Guards] there at the Security office at the Int Ranch, and I wasn't going back to the part of the Int Ranch where the Int RPF was. I then saw U... and he said his office at the Ranch was being used for a session for a kid (it was actually) and he had to drive me to a room at the RPF Site. I said NO, that I was not wanting to go back to the RPF and I was having doubts about even remaining in Scientology. U... then said, that it was just to talk in the room. We got to the room and he basically said that I was declared a Suppressive Person again. I ran out of the room. I was really upset. I was screaming "I am not BAD!!!!" and I was crying, "I am not BAD" and I walked towards the gate to get off the RPF site again. T... W... [Int RPFer] stopped me and grabbed me physically. I tried to strangle him to get him to let go of me. Someone else intervened and I fell on the ground on my back kicking and screaming. My friend J... showed up and she apparently had gotten OK to take me for a walk. The guys let go of me and J... and I went for a long walk and smoked cigarettes and chatted. I did not want to get my friend J... in trouble so I did not try to run away while I was with her. But I also knew that it was either have a nice peacful walk with J... and chill out or go back to getting tackled... I chose the former. My twin T... got in trouble for my having blown and she had to do the RPFs RPF and very heavy MEST WORK. J... said that I had some OUT INT on my last auditing and that I was going to get some INT RD auditing. I did get some and I decided to try to do the program.


ater on, I think in June, I got upset about something and I wanted to just take a walk. I felt kind of trapped. I got up early around 6AM and I figured I'd take a long walk and then come back . I just needed some space. I was already declared, so what difference did it make? I got past the main gate of the RPF site and M..., the Int Ranch Secruity guard showed up and tried to talk me out of taking a walk. Then the RPF I/C and RPF Bosun showed up and they tackled me and stuffed me into M... C...'s [Int Ranch Security Guard's] car, I tried hitting the RPF I/C and said that this was illegal and I was gong to sue the Church, it violates my basic human rights, and the Int RPF I/C said, "you can sue me..." He grabbed my hands and held them down while he was sitting on me in the car. I was totally pinned in. I asked him to please let go of my hands because he was cutting of my circulation and he said he would if I stopped hitting him. He then let go of me. M... C... [Int Ranch Security Guard] told me that if I EVER feel like I need to go for a walk or am having any problems, I could come and talk to him personally to get it sorted out. I said OK. I was brought back to the site. I again tried to do my RPF program and I got very depressed when my I found out my husband and sister had not gotten my Christmas presents, and my husband [an Int Base staffer in good graces doing fine on his post at the Int Base] wasn't allowed to write me letters and the RPF FOs had changed to where there was now NO 2D time anymore, not even if a gold arm band is achieved. I felt my marriage was in great danger, that if I did actually do my program that I would not have my husband waiting for me and I coudln't recover him by showing I was doing the program by getting 2D time with my gold arm band. I got in trouble for complaining about the buddy system [at the Int RPF during the late 90's a system was implemented where no Int RPF was trusted to go anywhere by themselves, and had to have another Int RPFer go with them, so this was unofficially known as the "buddy system"] and I got taken off my job as the D/Tools IC and brought to the MAAs office for an interview. In there I said that the recent RPF FO changes were suppressive and that whoever changed the LRH approved FOs was a Suppressive and I refused to do a Squirrel RPF Program.

Apparently it was DM who had these changed... I didn't know this,but... anyway, while I was in M...'s [Int RPF MAA's] office, I noticed in his pending basket that all my letters out were still there. He'd been stopping my comms!!! all year!! I demanded to go see M... C... [Int Ranch Security Guard, the Int Ranch had only 1 single Security Guard on duty at a time, and 1 sleeping]. M... [Int RPF MAA] wouldn't let me and he blocked the door. I got mad and punched him in the face, he grabbed my hand and slammed in on the desk and broke my hand (I may have broken it punching him, but when he smashed it on the desk, it definately broke it and made the bone unable to set properly. I still have a slight problem with my right hand) and then he shoved me backwards a couple times into the shelving behind me brusing my back and ribs. Then he stuffed me into a chair and held onto my wrists very tightly and wouldn't let me move out of the chair. Then the RPF Bosun and RPF I/C and C... B... [RPFer who was about to become my new twin], showed up. I was declared a Suppressive Person again and C...B... was instructed to read references about Suppressives to me while M... [RPF MAA] kept me in the room. Finally M... let me go. But whenever I went for the door, I was jumped on and shoved back into my chair. M... T... [Int RPF MAA] used to be a professinal bouncer in Australia.... he seemd to enjoy physically abusing a small women... I was brought food and I threw it at them and refused to eat. This went on until sunset. finally the guys left the room and K... showed up, holding the RPF Qual IC and she told me that I needed to get a shower and get some sleep. I refused and said I was not going to eat or sleep until I could talk to M... C... [Int Ranch Security Guard] because M... C... said I could talk to him anytime I needed help. And I didn't care if I died. I said I wasn't going to do the program unless the RPF FOs got changed back again to just FPRD and with 2D time. K... [RPF Qual I/C] said, that if I ate something and got some sleep it didn't mean I was in agreement with the program. I could still eat and sleep and keep my stand. I said OK and I was escorted to the shower and to my room. There were three people posted outside my door to guard me. I listened very carefully and there was a point where I felt that all three had moved away from the door to smoke a cigarette or maybe go to the bathroom and I (having gotten under my covers fully dressed and with my shoes on) bolted out the door and I ran up the creek bed so fast no one could catch me.

I made it to my aunts house where Ken Hoden and my sister (gosh she finally got to talk to me!) came to sweet talk me back to OGH. That was [late 90's].. At OGH, I jumped the fence at OGH by placing a ladder by the fence and very carefully stepping over the ultra barrier [razor sharp wire] and dropping down. I did not get very far when the security guard came and pursued me with a truck. I actually wasn't trying to blow this time, I just wanted to take a walk so I told that to the Security Guard and they allowed me to take a long walk with a Security guard escorting me. When I was done with my walk I got driven back to OGH.

There were three other instances where I went for a walk or left and I was followed by security guards and spoken to and given many promises that my problems would get resolved. I did not have anymore physical tackling, just being closely followed on foot or by truck and the person stopping in front of me and telling me to stop. I didn't want to get tacked again, so the person standing in front of me and ordering me to stop kind of was a threat to me. Whether he would have actually tackled me if I did not stop, I don't know because I would stop and talk.

Those are my physical tackling and being restrained stories. I suppose the men involved in harassing me all felt they were doing this for "the greatest good" and did not respect the laws of the United States.

Dear .....,

In your opinion, at the Int Base, did people in general get away with criticizing DM openly. Or did someone criticizing DM get one in trouble, minimally with an MAA talking to one, or one getting a rollback? Or did an RTC staffer come defend DM and threaten Gold staff who appeared mutinous to DM?

I also would like to hear about the physical restraints you mentioned one time. When you blew, from the Int RPF, the 2nd time, is that the time someone tackled you, or did you get tackled at the Int Base, while living at OGH?

Best, Chuck

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