Citizens Against Corruption

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Joseph Cisar, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania,
MS Journalism
Barbara Graham, San Diego California,
Veteran, Computer Specialist
Arnaldo Lerma Arlington Virginia - Founder
Activist, was sued by Scientology in RTC vs Lerma for posting the Fishman Affidavit - the story of Xenu.. Mr Lerma  has been a consultant to advisors to the President of France and to members of Germany's parliament on the subject of Scientology.

Current projects include

Exposing L Ron Hubbard's fake Military History

Education of Public and Government Officials around the world

Send copies of the  "Ron  the War Zero" flyer
to your elected officials

Available in .rtf format for Word Processors or Web format

A CD Version of L Ron Hubbard's Navy file is available in uncompressed and uncropped format - 300+ Megabytes.  For more information call Arnie Lerma - Citizens Against Corruption -
703 241 1498 -

For more information about L Ron Hubbard's Scientology, Dianetics, Narconon, Criminon, Citizens Commission on Human Rights - CCHR, WISE, Volunteer 'Ministers'  and the constantly permutating front groups and other frauds, go to links page here