What to do NOW: 1) sign this petition to the Governor of California LINK 2) Send your own personal appeal to:

The Honorable Thomas B. Lindberg
State of Arizona Superior Court, Yavapai County
Yavapai County Courthouse
120 S. Cortez Street
Prescott, AZ 86303
Fax number: (928) 567-7724
3) LINK to this page with words FREE KEITH HENSON
4) POST your thoughts abut this to Blogs and forums.
5) Donate to Keiths legal costs

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Send the Judge a polite note telling him what you think of Scientology and what they have done to a good man

Here is contact info for the judge who Arel indicates will preside:

The Honorable Thomas B. Lindberg
State of Arizona Superior Court, Yavapai County
Yavapai County Courthouse
120 S. Cortez Street
Prescott, AZ 86303

Phone number: (928) 567-7722
Fax number: (928) 567-7724

My opinion would be that it's better to fax than phone, so there will be something in writing. Also, if the hearing is at 9:00, there may be no time to phone before then (depending on when the judge's office opens). Whereas faxes could be sent this evening and would be waiting for the judge in the morning.
Arel asks us to contact the press. I've done so and have had no success in getting them interested in this story, despite many attempts with both local (Arizona) press and national press, with radio-newspapers-television-online news services-blogs. The usual responses that I got were either: (1) This story doesn't have broad enough appeal; or (2) People already know that Scientology is a kooky cult that uses the legal system to harass critics -- there's nothing new here. Perhaps others can do better than I've done at getting the media involved.
Arizona Media - He will be here

Send Keith a letter telling him you are helping, help keep his spirits up

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office
Howard Keith Henson
255 E. Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ 86301

He will be there until at least next Monday afternoon (May 13), and possibly through at least the morning of May 18. Please write.

Remember your mail will be read by prison authorities. They can and do censor mail to and from inmates. Don't give them cause to do that. That doesn't mean you have to confine your remarks to the weather; just think about who is going to read what you write.

More later,

Email for Arel, Keith's Wife - arellu@gmail.com Telephone: Arel's phone numbers: (928) 445-4412 (323) (cell) 712-5492

Webmaster: 703-241-1498

Assorted notes of interest: Tom Klemesrud posted:

Keith was charged with FELONIES for picketing peacefully. He was convicted for one misdeamnor on false information proferred by (then DA Riverside) Robert K. Schwarz.

One way to rectify this is to implore Robert K. Schwarz (now) of the Idaho attorney general's office, to come clean and admit his role in the conspiracy and intentional frame up of Keith Henson by the high-ups, (the one's that Gerald Feffer was talking to) in the Riverside County, CA District Attorney's Office.

This story is not over.

"This is the way it begins."

-Wild Palms

Sent to the judge of Tuesday's hearing:
To the The Honorable Judge Arthur Markham
RE: Keith Henson
Your Honor, following amicus brief was sent to the Riverside trial of Keith Henson, and did not get entered into the record, nor was this seen by the jurors.

This brief speaks for itself .

On behalf of Mr Henson, he has committed no crime, despite what the State of California may have been fooled into claiming.

I would trust Mr. Henson with my child. He is no threat to anyone, outside of those who might profit from lies.

Sincerely, Arnaldo Lerma,
Lermanet.com Exposing the CON