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Georgia O'Keefe
artist, 1916

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Larry Brennan's Blog

Pattern of Lying to Smear ex-members and critics

Bugging of Auditing Rooms

Terminology FAQ Definitions for Scientology Lingo by ex-member Martin Hunt

A Day at Gold Base with David Miscavige

Quentin Hubbard Coroner Report, and background by Ex-Flag Cramming Officer Dennis Erlich

Secret Lives Transcript with images

Secrets Lives Transcript Text and link to Video

Fake war claims: Chris Owen's Ron The War "Hero"

Complete Navy War record of L Ron Hubbard, summary and images of Naval record file

Use of PC File data against it's enemies:
The Scientology Matrix

Zegel Tape transcript Ex member gives details

Conspiracy for Silence Use of Gag Agreements as the cost of doing business

1982 Clearwater Commission hearings 1000 pages of SWORN testimony by many ex-members, including L Ron Hubbard's son, Ron DeWolfe

Spanish Criminal Indictment with notes

The 8 Steps OUT of Scientology

Report from the day Hubbard invoked Religious Cloaking

Belgium Criminal Case news (Sept 2007)

Persecution of Ex-Members by Scientology

Some of the Sources from which Hubbard molded Scientology

Hubbard the master Stage Hypnotist - What do kangaroos and body thetans have in common?

Why I dont trust Scientologists

What A Scientologist faces who wants to leave The Scientology Matrix

Scientology's Real Secret - the E-meter

Hubbard caught lying on video Secret Lives snippet and divorce documents

Scientology's Private Army of Private Investigators

Major News Articles

Son of Scientology - An interview with Ron Dewolfe

Time Magazine

LA Times 6 Part Series

Washington Post

New York Times

Wall Street Journal

Warrior's Archive
Page by a co-worker I knew when I was 'in' scientology

The Very Strange Death of L Ron Hubbard the King of CONs

Aliens and Scientology LINK

arnie lerma tells how you can help expose scientology
Arnie Lerma explains how you can help expose Scientology


How great was Jeff Hawkins interview on KESQ with Nathan Baca? He covered all the bases, made the situation crystal clear, emphasized the abuse without sounding like he was exaggerating...I can't imagine a more damaging interview than this. THANKS JEFF!!!!

Protest at Scientology's International Headquarters 19 Jan 2009 by Doug Owens - 5 ex members interviewed including Andre Tabayoyan LINK

18 September 2008 Neil C Interview - An interview with yet another ex-member of Scientology LINK

September 8, 2008 Marc Headley in Germany speaks about Scientology Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Jason Behge speaks in Germany LINK

Graham Berry in Germany Part 1, Part 2, Part3, Part4, Part5


MH: There is a girl by the name of Stacy Moxon, or Stacy Meyers. That's a girl that worked at the INT base. They said she committed suicide [sic] . . . she was electrocuted to death in a high voltage transformer vault. Well, somebody told me that she left a note. So, it wasn't actually an accident. The [Church of Scientology] make it, basically saying that it was an accident, she went in to save a squirrel or something. [...] That's the way they played it off, as that she was that nature loving girl who wanted to make sure the squirrel wasn't hurt, and then she slipped on some oil... No, she went in there and she grabbed the vault, that's what happened.

DO: Why did that happen?

MH: She wasn't allowed to leave the property to go see her husband and her family. And she wasn't being allowed to go, she was basically being held captive there, like every other person at the INT base. But she was new to the INT base, and she has been only in there for a few months. And she was basically, "I can't take this anymore." And she even threatened and told other people that she was depressed, she was separate from her husband who worked in Los Angeles.

Her own father is one of the lead litigation attorneys for the church, Ken Moxon. And he still fights for the church, even though that happened to his daughter. And he he doesn't even know that there was a note. But he still fights for the church, his daughter is dead, because she wasn't allowed to go down and see them. [...]


Hear the whole show at Glosslip Radio - LINK

10 April 2008 - Kendra Wiseman, daughter of Bruce Wiseman, the President of Scientology's frontgroup CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) speaks out on radio about disconnection in Scientology LINK mp3

6 March - Jeff Hawkins speaks out about beatings at Gold Base in corporate scientology with David Miscavige LINK mp3

Astra Woodcraft radio interview in Los Angeles LINK mp3

Feb 21st Interview with Mike Henderson LINK mp3

Interview of Larry Brennan #3 with Bruce Hines - 31 Jan 2008
LINK to MP3 - Host Tom Smith, of WXYB, 1520 am
Hillsborough Community College, Indian Rocks Beach, Tampa, Florida, Tom Smith reports that his valve stem was cut this morning and then someone pulled a fire alarm at the station -

Interview #2 LINK mp3 and #1 LINK mp3 with Larry Brennan

Frankly Speaking host Frank Whalen interviews Arnie Lerma 21 Jan 2008 LINK

High ranking ex-member Larry Brennan discloses scientology corporate fraud 8 Nov 2007

LINK to WMF 13 Meg 55 min....... LINK to MP3 26 Meg
Transcript of show above HERE

Wow! I listened to this last night. It was a great description of the insidiousness of Organized Scientology (love that saying!) This is great to give to anyone as a primer to how the cult runs like a corrupt corporation and habitually lies. I would love to sit a celebrity scientologist down and make them listen to this, but they would probably just cover their ears and run screaming from the room. 'cheeky'

Larry Brennan's radio interview #2 Jan 10 2008 -brennan2.mp3

Ex-members Tory Christman and Michael Pattinson and Journalist Kim Masters on CNN - Video

March 29th 2006- A Must Hear Interview: Frankly Speaking Radio Show - Arnie, Tommy Gorman, Gerry Armstrong

"OH my gawd,, you were very spot on.." an Ex-Scientology Sea Organization Member

"a terrific presentation. Very full and complete, unhurried, not too complicated for the ordinary person to easily understand, and absolutely devastating for scientology." An ex-Scientology "OT5"


Part 1 - Arnie Lerma on KHOW Denver Hour 1 & 1/2 hours MP3
Part 2 - Michael Tilse on KHOW Denver 2nd hour MP3

Part 1 - Michael Tilse WSPD 1st Hour Mp3
Part 2 - Michael Tilse WSPD 2nd Hour Mp3

27 year member, Michael Tilse goes live on the air in Katie Holmes hometown of Toledo Ohio, June 17th 2005. This file is in TWO parts, the ending section regarding charles manson was ADDED july 7th so the files are 100% complete now..


More Michael Tilse on the radio - this is from a show on KTRH Radio - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 ( mp3)

Arnie Lerma, Creed Pearson and Ida Camburn, some very supportive and astute listeners and a scientologist named "martha" whom Creed thought might be Marie Gale, whose son committed suicide, and whose deceased Husband used to work with me when I was in Scientology, called in to a 3 hour radio show on the Frank Whalen show, Wednesday, June 21st - currently split into 3 - 1 hour parts including commercials.. PART ONE --- PART TWO ---- PART THREE

30 year ex member Tory Christman speaks at the California, CFI-West
(Center for Inquiry) for the Skeptics Society in March, 2005:

Picture of my friend and Ex-Scientologist Tory Bezazian - maiden name Tory Christman from page 258 of What Is Scientology, this image is (c) by Scientology

Tory Speaks Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Media Articles on Tory HERE, HERE, visit Tory's website HERE

Arnie Lerma (this ex-scientologist-webmaster for a 2000 appearance on the O'reilly Show on Fox News - 5 Megabytes Real Media

Arnie Lerma on Fox News O'Reilly show summer 2000

NEW to the WEB Arnie Lerma on the Jim Bohannon show on Westwood One - Jim Bohannon took over the #1 radio slot of Larry King when he moved to CNN. I explained some about the WMA 7Meg 33 Minutes MP3 12 Meg

1997 - a 1 hour radio show with Arnie Lerma on Roger Friedenburg's show in the Pacific Northwest - many interesting call ins during this late nite show WMA 101 minutes MP3

Cartoon, showing sheep walking off a cliff... various captions including - Scientology is the answer..

Image of Ex-scientologist Stacy Young, from an interview on CBS 60 Minutes about  Scientology's takeover of the Cult Awareness Network

Listen to Stacy Young, above in Ex-Members Panel Discussion

Also see Transcript of CBS 60 Minutes program on Scientology's Takeover of the Cult Awareness Network.. Transcript with Images HERE

Mind Control Comparisons
Comparisons of techniques used in various cults
with Hana Eltringham Whitfield D/Commodore in the early 70's in Scientology
doing the Scientology comparisons... illuminating,,,
Transcript Available HERE
Part 1 Part 2
Print articles about Hana HERE, HERE,

Jolly West lectures on "Cult Phenomenon - Mental Health, Legal and Religious Implications"

Editors note: I strongly recommend listening to Dr West's lecture, (scroll down for link) instead of merely reading this transcript. The subject matter is complex and detailed, and the nuances of human speech help convey the entire meaning far better than just the patterns of glowing phosphor dots on your computer screen... Arnaldo Lerma

Audio lecture part ONE - Part TWO

From a conference held in Los Angeles California, and observed jointly by the Department of Continuing Education and Health Sciences of the UCLA extension; by the NeuroPsychiatric Institute which is this facility and by the Southern California Psychiatric Society.

A series of lectures from various anti-cult conferences:

Obstacles to Recovery - Mental Health Panel - Blaming the Victim
panelists at a 1985 cult conference discuss "blaming the victim."
Speakers include: Madeline Tobias, Bill Goldberg and Lorna Goldberg.

Often, the trauma experienced by recovering cult members is a combination of the trauma, the type of care they receive or the type of "victim blaming" they receive when they re emerge. The apathy, the sense of being disconnected from society - of being blamed - is like allowing a broken bone to go unset.
Part One Part Two

Communicating to a Cult Member - Dr Michael Langone
Insightful tips and techniques for more effective communication with a member of a cult.
Recommended for families trying to reach that lost loved one.
One Part - 40 minutes

Louis Jolly West Phd
explains the SECRET of how the Scientology's RPF brainwashes you:
Sleep Deprivation.....Part1 ...Part2

Dr Margaret Singer PhD, who wrote the book on mind control and thought reform, from the 15th Cult Awareness Network, CAN Convention, ( Note the Cult Awareness network was later taken over by Scientology...this tape is from the 'REAL' CAN )

Real Audio Format - Part 1 3.2 Meg Part 2 1.2 Meg

Title: Coping with Post Cult Trauma

Do not blame the Victim, Essential listening for any ex-cult member, and for therapists, counselors and clergy who seek better results counseling ex-cult members.

Tape Recording in Real Media Format Part 1 Part 2

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