$cientology Press Release LIES

Washington Post's Reliable Source coverage that started it all HERE -
Scientology's Funny Photos

Link to worldwide media coverage about this site

Image below is from what was Scientology's picture #3, called the Long Shot Angle which was at:

The moment of the discovery was documented live on Internet relay Chat Channel #Scientology-lies now running on undernet [ irc server ]

The original 8 meg jpg, was too big for me to web, being 24 meg uncompressed as a .bmp here is small version to show you where the blow-ups were taken from

and here is image 1 area, left to right, note people duplicated, note hair drawn on man head below upper square, note "headless" man right hand square, standing next to twin who still has head...

Below is closer shot lightened just a bit so you can see

The man they painted hair on 'by mistake' and the MAN with NO HEAD as printed in the Washington Post


In other sections of this not yet shown, [ it takes a while of looking at these to see the goofy stuff ] There are also balcony shots that are weird, the rear rows behind aisle there is a splice mark visible, the rear section, and balconies, a man is draw in with smoke coming from his cigarette, there is a water stain, and scratch marks, as if this was blown up into a big photo and then hand painted, but they ran out of time... and didn't think we'd notice...

please look at the original pics very carefully, and email alerma@bellatlantic.net picture sets like the above at under 100k size please. And PLEASE get these huge originals before the cult pulls them off the site.

{note 4 jan 99 the images there have been BLURRED, so dont bother)

We are finding that minorities were replicated and inserted at various locations, some appear twice.. there was a lot of work done on these all with intent to paint a picture of something that was not there. Sort of like Scientology's promised state of super duper mental powers, called the state of OT...

Here is another section of image located by irc nick Ethercat: note pattern of shirt, gold blouse, and hand

PROOF - $cientologyLIES!


And also, seems that the CROSSED OUT part of the CROSS of the Satan used by Satanist Alestair Crowley is getting bigger every year, compare with the one hanging on the front of your local borg indoctrination facility [ if the Ferengi were to breed with the Borg you'd have Scientology, apologies to all ferengi everywhere ]

Left - this is a 'church?', it looks more like a scene from TV Miniseries "Wild Palms" or worse.

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Happy New Millenium $cientology , well done starting the Millenium out with such transparent LIES!

Thank you OSA internet operative nick "wgert" for the "secret" tip delivered to my friend elizabeth,

And thank David Miscavige for yelling "I want every seat filled"

And to the poor Sea org graphics guys that tried to comply... we delayed mentioning this publically so that you could escape for your Millenium Liberty [ time off is called "liberty" in military organizations and in Scientology ,] before the dwarf found out you made him look like a LIAR and a FOOL and sent you to the gulags of $cientology - The RPF.

Arnie Lerma

Ex Sea Organization Officer

For you guys still under the influence [ of Scientology Mind Control] : I think it is significant that LRH [ L Ron Hubbard] has been pushed to one side to be replaced with the crossed out satanic cross

Justice Latey said that the tactics used by Hubbard and his helpers are "grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen".


UPDATE: January 1st 2000 1300 hrs

Freedommag.org has pulled the two 'wide shots' off their website. The numbering of the thumbnails there still says 2 and 4 which is proof there was a 1 and 3, must be one of those MEN without HEADS in charge of this fiasco...The pulling of these wide shots is an admission of guilt.

So now readers around the world are starting to look at the close in shots 2 & 4

and what did a savvy reader in Australia found in one of the images still webbed

by $cientology more LIES

in the upper right, there also two guys with same face and someone drew a shadow..

$cientology, is this the BEST that the "the most ethical group on the planet" can do?

Keep sending in those pics folks!

arnie lerma

UPDATE ; 18:50 hrs january 1, 2000

freedommag.org has changes the pics numbering to one and two, this page is getting too big, so additional LIES in the pics at $cientology, that they still have webbed will be placed on a new page

Go here for new page { there is MORE}

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