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Picture of L Ron Hubbard sometime before his death in 1986 from a LOOK magazine article
"He legalized robbery, called it belief
...invented memories.....
then burned all the books"
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L Ron Hubbard - The KING of CONS! - Page Four

Hubbard started out as a con man in it for the money.

Hubbard said- -'I'd like to start a religion, That's where the money is"

However, I believe he ended up fooling people so well, that he started to believe that " there must be SOMETHING there" after a while, surrounded by converts, telling him how grand he was.

The most compelling evidence is research indicating that electricity in small doses will cause physiological changes in cell structure and response - the endorphin effect.

I don't think Hubbard knew this, I dont think anyone did at the time of Volney Matheson (first E-meter).. though I am certain that he knew the techniques of Priest John Wesley who decided that electricity would be a way to relieve the suffering of the poor, inexpensively. And I know he read Pavlov and knew that low level electricity through the front paws of a dog, could make the dog salivate in anticipation of a reward...

The historical precendent of the use of electricity to relieve pain traces to 153 AD - the use of a "black electric torpedo fish" to shock a man with gout, and it reportedly provided some relief.

"Scribonius Largus wrote in 153AD: "For any type of gout a live black torpedo should, when the pain begins, be placed under the feet. The patient must stand on a moist shore washed by the sea (note precautions to keep the torpedo alive) and he should stay like this until his whole foot and leg up to the knee is numb. This takes away present pain and prevents pain from coming on if it has not already arisen. In this way Anteros, a freedman of Tiberius, was cured. (Scribonius CLXII in Schechter 1971)."

Meanwhile, Hubbard devised an elaborate and complicated ruse based upon a mishmash of unattributed prior art and covert hypnosis which he called Scientology and was able to convince people to hold onto his innocent soup can electrodes for 2 and 1/2 hours at a sitting, while suspecting nothing.

When the FDA brought an action against Scientology in the late 1960's for their use of the E-meter as a device, Hubbard invoked Religious Cloaking!

Now that was clever!

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