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Picture of a scowling L Ron Hubbard right after he had been caught lying about how many wives he had on a BBC Documentary - Link to page 4 of L Ron Hubbard's Tour of Lerma's webpages
"He legalized robbery, called it belief
...invented memories.....
then burned all the books"
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L Ron Hubbard - The KING of CONS! - Page Three

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If scientology were an auto manufacturer

They would build huge, impressive manufacturing facilities.

They would train people for years and years on how to build their cars.

They would sell expensive courses on how to drive the new car.

They would award pretty, impressive, golden certificates of completion of the various courses in how to drive or build their car.

Anyone completing any step of the driving, or operation or maintenance training for the new cars would always be asked to write a "success story" which was printed in the glossy brochures touting the new car.

Those waiting for their cars were persuaded that the fate of the world would hinge upon building their cars.

They would open lots of sales offices all over the world to sell their wonderful cars.

They would publish detailed long and lengthy manuals about how the car was built.

When activists posted these manuals anonymously, They would say they were forgeries.

When activists tried to publish portions of these manuals, to authenticate them as being the real deal, and to show you how silly they were, they would be sued with Trade secret and copyright claims.

They would take advance deposits for delivery of their cars.

They would show you glitzy illustrations of their cars printed in glossy magazines.

They would have mass meetings of their car buyers

Anyone that doubted that they were "really" making cars would be expelled.

Families would be broken up when one would try and explain these facts to the other.

Everyone waiting for their car eventually died, many who perhaps would not wait, died under mysterious circumstance.

Those seeking to litigate because they didn't get a car were 'ruined utterly if possible' by a roomful of lawyers and/or silence by gag agreement and an army of sometimes sleazy private investigators.

Anyone warning the public that they never deliver cars would be silenced.

They would organize those that had ordered their cars into pressure groups, to sell more cars to targeted market segments.

When the government tried to expose the car manufacturer, they would re-organize their sales offices into a Religion of Car Buyers. Claiming there was a constitutional right for folks to believe their cars were going to be delivered.

Anyone trying to publicize any of the points in this article would be "de-popularized" or "dead agented" or framed for crimes to discredit them.

Groups and Indviduals that sprang up to expose this fraud would be infiltrated and set to bickering with each other.

When web pages sprang up all over the Internet exposing this fraud those waiting for their cars were told that "it's all lies"

including THIS message.

A selection from Chapter 13 of Eric Hoffer's 9The True Believer:

" "Things which are not" are indeed mightier than "things that are." 10 In all ages men have fought most desperately for beautiful cities yet to be built and gardens yet to be planted. Satan did not digress to tell all he knew when he said: "All that a man hath will he give for his life." 11All he hath - yes. But he sooner dies than yield aught12 of that which he hath not yet. "

9: Eric Hoffer's The True Believer was published in 1951, President Dwight Eisenhower told his associates to read it, and I'm telling YOU to read it
10 I Corinthians 1:28
11 Job 2:4
12 Aught is a Middle English word for "Anything" as used by Shakespeare

Some original documents that support L Ron Hubbard's character as con man HERE

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"I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak"

"Of the few innocent pleasures left....

the jamming of commonsense

down the throats of fools

is perhaps the keenest."

Thomas Huxley

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